2016 Destination Wedding Trends: Cake!

A fun, Florida beach wedding photo shoot at sunset. Invitations by R Squared loves love, and – of course – all things related to the ultimate expression of love – WEDDINGS! Our brides frequently find themselves in a quandary when choosing cakes for their destination weddings as it is sometimes a challenge in sourcing a stellar baker from a long distance. This year, we thought to give them a helping hand by bringing out the predicted trends in wedding cake for 2016. Our team checked in with wedding planners and wedding cake artists from all over to find out what is hot for the coming year.

The former trend of the towering wedding cake, popular for the last five years or so, has been lowered to four or five tiers for the coming year. One trend that we are seeing is a multi-layered cake, with each layer boasting spectacular wedding decoration as an eye-popping focal point at your reception, with specialty lighting to show them off. Our team viewed cakes that really are quite breathtaking in bringing that initial Wow Factor when guests enter the room.

When working with a cake designer at a distant, destination wedding location, communication is key in makinAn elegant array of tasty wedding cakes.g sure that you and your partner get the cake of your dreams for your special day. Pinterest has been a wonderful tool for today’s smart, savvy brides to use in their planning, whether they are marrying at home or away. You can visit the boards assembled by the team at Invitations by R Squared right here.

Looking ahead to some of the most prominent wedding cake trends for the coming year, we still find that the four- or five-tier cake is in high demand. Here are some additional wedding cake trends to inspire you in planning for your destination wedding:

Metallics. With edible shimmering Metallic highlights in wedding cake decoration is very on-trend for 2016.frostings that are elegantly subtle but still catch the light, cakes have taken on a new and elegant glow. Even without a glittery frosting, wedding cakes are also getting wrapped up with shimmery ribbon or a shimmery fondant border around the base of each layer, for a stellar shine. And a sparkling focal point, such as an heirloom antique brooch, affixed to the front of one tier is a trend we will see continue as a top wedding cake trend in 2016.

Texture. Complex frosting treatmentsAn elegant, highly textured wedding cake is on trend. along the length of the cake adds a delicate, romantic look to a wedding cake, and this is one of the top trends in wedding cake design for 2016, as reported to our team by top wedding cake bakers as the wedding cake trend to watch. Texture can also be presented by an intricate pattern in fondant layers and ‘ribbons’ overlaying the cake frosting, and lace patterns to match the lace on the bride’s gown is also an enduring wedding cake trend that we won’t see changing in the foreseeable future. Pleats, lattice, and herringbone patterns in icing and fondant designs also rule the top wedding cake trends lists, and following the top fashion runway looks, geometric patterns also bring texture to wedding cakes.

Naked cakes. Again, check in at Pinterest to see this look. A layered cake is Simple, yet elegant, naked wedding cake.presented without an outside layer of frosting, highlighting the tiers and fillings inside. This is a top trend for couples who are bringing a rustic elegance to their wedding style. Think a cowboy-themed, rustic-chic destination wedding in Montana or Wyoming, fabulous Save the Date cards and wedding invitations like these, and a cake that will be talked about for years.

Multiple cakes. In place of a single tall tiered cake, many of our destination wedding couples are opting for multiple smaller wedding cakes on display together, for a highly unique display of beautifully-designed cakes. You and Multiple flavors give wedding guest multiple choices in wedding cake.your cake artists can design cakes in multiple flavors and filling combinations, if you prefer not to present just one flavor for your wedding cake. Guests also love choosing their favorite flavors via multiple wedding cakes.

Trendy flavors. Coconut chai tea latte is just one of the most popular top trends in wedding cake flavors, closely followed by the beach destination wedding favorite of key lime wedding cakes (absolutely perfect for that romantic sunset destination wedding on a beach in Florida!) Caramel apple may be your wedding cake flavor of choice for your cake when planning out that rustic Western destination wedding (or for one of your multiple wedding cakes). And lavender as well as other herbal tastes abound in creative cakes. Another trend we’re seeing in uniquely flavored wedding cakes is the use of organic fruits purchased at local farmer’s markets, and flavored buttercream fillings. Of course, classic vanilla and lemon wedding cakeAdorable ring bearers at a Western themed wedding.s will always be on trend, but the top trend we’ve found in wedding cakes for 2016 will be your favorite flavor combinations. Keep your favorite flavors in mind for your wedding dessert bar as well.

Invitations by R Squared is always thrilled to hear of a new engagement, honored to be a part of the choosing and the planning of the destination wedding stationery, and just over-the-moon happy to know that love continues to grow with each and every very special wedding day!

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