A Las Vegas destination wedding for your LGBTQ event is just the ticket!

beautiful-lesbian-wedding-in-vegasWeddings can be stressful to plan.  They can be stressful if you’re planning one in your own hometown.  They can be even more stressful if you’re planning a same-sex destination wedding far away from where you live.  Las Vegas has the reputation for the “quickie” wedding, and that’s OK if you’re wanting to get it done and get on with the party, but there are lots of locations and venues in this city that are super-LGBTQ friendly, delightful and really wonderful places to hold your very special ceremony.

Everyone on the team at Invitations by R Squared has their favorites in every area of life, and that includes the destination wedding stationery offered in our store.  One of the big favorites are the fabulous Las Vegas destination wedding Save the Date cards and invitations over heregay-las-vegas-wedding

Our team has checked every nook and cranny of the internet to put together some great tips for our LGBT couples planning a Las Vegas wedding to make the planning of your special even a little bit easier.

Holiday wedding in Vegas?  Doable.  Looking for exclusivity?  Much more of a challenge.  Dates like Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day may be a super easy way to remember the date, if you’re a person who needs reminding, but Vegas is literally flooded with tourists during the holidays.  Furthermore, you won’t be the only couple – same-sex or straight – getting married.  There will be lots.  If you have always dreamed of a Christmas wedding, and you have your heart lesbian-couple-at-their-vegas-destination-weddingset on Vegas, be sure you plan well ahead.

If you have the ability to plan well in advance, and your guest list if fairly large, you may wish to think about one of the many and fabulous hotel wedding chapels.  Most of the hotels in Vegas have everything you’ll need right there – vendors, amazing food, planners, coordinators, photographers, and – of course – outstanding accommodations for you and all of your guests along with tons of activities all around you.  You and your guests will save some of that wedding budget on transportation to and from the hotel, and there will be no risk of anyone getting lost and missing any part of your fabulous destination celebration.  If you’re planning this far in advance, the minute you settle on a hotel venue, send your Save the handsome-gay-couple-at-their-vegas-destination-weddingDate cards with the hotel, transportation and all other important information well ahead of time so your guests can plan for things like airfare and vacation time.

Are you a pair of off-beat lesbian brides, or a couple of super-cool dudes with alternative ideas and, possibly, a dark sense of humor?  A couple that wants a wedding that has never been done and will be entirely inimitable?  Have an idea for an unusual wedding?  Las Vegas is your place!!  There are so many amazing planners and coordinators, one of them will be able to help you create the unique wedding of your dreams.  Check here for a list of Vegas wedding planners.  gorgeous-venue-for-a-vegas-same-sex-destination-weddingDon’t think your idea is too bizarre or outside the box!  Be bold!  Ask the questions, even if they seem crazy!

It goes without saying that Las Vegas is located in the desert.  You can have an outdoor wedding in Vegas; there are lots of beautiful natural locations, but you will need to be mindful of timing.  Deserts are hot and hot starts in May in Las Vegas.  All of the things surrounding a wedding – hair and makeup, formal attire, wedding cakes – are rather heat sensitive.   Standing around while a guest or loved one talks about how cute you guys were in high school can take a toll on that gorgeous dress and your perfect makeup.  You can look towards spring or fall, or even shifting to a nighttime event.  A nighttime wedding in Las Vegas is always magical.adorable-lesbian-couple-at-their-vegas-destination-wedding

Nevada’s marriage license laws are some of the easiest to navigate in the country.  You will still need the marriage application, which you can download from their website here.  Print it, fill it out and bring it with you.  You have to submit your application in person anyway.

If you’re planning your destination wedding on a budget, you can enjoy a really decent savings by planning off-season.  Find a few vendors you like, check with the planners at a couple of the hotels you like and find out what time of the year features the lowest rates.

just-married-gay-couple-vegas destination-weddingSince Las Vegas has the reputation for offering weddings on the fly, it would only stand to reason that wedding dress rentals can be found at reasonable prices.  If the dress – or more to the point – the expense of the dress is a factor, securing a rental dress helps you avoid a hassle or a huge expense.

If your choice of a venue and the accompanying wedding package doesn’t include cake, or the cake is a big deal, as it is for some couples, you can easily secure something more extravagant and unique by contacting Jean Philippe here, or Carlo’s Bakery here.  Either of them will be totally willing to work with whichever hotel planner or coordinator you have chosen, at prices that won’t bust the budget.

All couples want to be stunning and feel fantastic and beautiful on their special day.lesbian-vegas-destination-wedding  All of the hotels offering wedding packages also offer spa services or salons that can provide all the hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures and more – everything you need – for your big day.  If the budget is a little tight, there are wonderful salons just off The Strip that will provide the same services at a great price.  Be sure to book your time with them well in advance.

Since Invitations by R Squared loves love, we can only be thrilled about your upcoming Vegas destination wedding ceremony!  For those of you looking for some inspiration, be sure to visit out gay-vegas-destination-weddingPinterest boards over here.  We’re so happy for your upcoming ceremony and the joy and love we know is a part of your lives together.  Congratulations!

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