Bloomin’ Hot Wedding Trends for 2019

wedding trends

All of us at Invitations by R Squared love everything wedding, and we especially love discovering and delivering to you the hot wedding trends for the coming year. 

Still in the planning stages of your 2019 wedding? 

For some of you lovely brides, grooms and couples, your wedding planning is probably well under way.

Most of the wedding trends that will pop up over the next 12 months have been in the works for months.  Which means the wedding planning professionals we regularly communicate with were over-the-moon happy to tell us what to expect from 2019 weddings.

wedding trends

First, we’re going to look at florals. 

We reached out to over a dozen wedding stylists, many of whom specialize in destination weddings, to hear their predictions for what floral trends are set to be ‘in bloom’ for brides and grooms to be, planning their big day in 2019.  

From wedding trends that remain ever popular to new quirky concepts; delicate floral wearables to bold and beautiful, read on to learn what’s hot in wedding florals for 2019.

With a rise in whimsical weddings, trends this year seem to have been focused on creating a unique and alluring experience, packed with creativity and flair. Big, bold designs – filled with personality and enough of a visual impact to seriously wow guests – are top of the hit list in 2019.

Romance – A theme that stands the test of time and is set to remain a top choice in 2019 is soft romance. 

Think bold, moody and jewel tone colors coupled with fun highlights of color and classic metallics. 

wedding trends

Style-makers and influencers tell us that many floral decors will be showing soft pink, open scented garden roses with selected seasonal flowers. 

An all-white color palette is a theme of choice for many tying the knot and is set to be the inspiration behind many wedding themes next year. 

Bright, simple and versatile, choose greenery details that will visually impress – think silver Eucalyptus, Citrus or Olive foliage to add that subtle wow factor.

Bring Nature In – While soft, muted blush and vintage pastels will be an eternally popular wedding color scheme and will remain a popular choice.

Loose and natural hand-tied bouquets where foliage and grasses are as, if not more important as the flowers, will continue to be a much-loved look in 2019.

Soft and flowing foliage’s, such as Eucalyptus, Olivewood and wild grasses, coupled with small and delicate white and pale green blooms, as well as pure white open roses will be a stunning trend growing big in 2019. 

wedding trends

Bridal Flower Crowns – They’re in, they’re out. They’re gone, they’re back.

This is a trend that has been heavily vacillating on both sides of the fence this year. 

Floral wearables that are subtle and delicate are already proving to be a huge hit on the wedding scene across the globe.

Some of us are totally over the flower crown, but some of us find them to be one of our favorites. Especially for those brides rocking the Boho-Chic wedding theme. 

Floral hair crowns with flowers entwined throughout the hairpieces, elegant cuff wrist corsages – looking like a flower bangle, and the fresh flower garters and anklets are going to be hot looks for 2019. 

For a winter wedding, branch out and entwine twigs and berries with your crisp winter blooms to create a rustic, forest feel.

wedding trends

There are endless possibilities when it comes to floral wearables, so get ready to fall in love with these stunning flower adornments as they are moving from the runways to brides, all over the world.

Jewels Tones – We have seen a strong rise in the use of jewel-tone colors in interiors and fashion, so predict this trend will start to inspire wedding flowers. 

Earlier this week, Pantone declared Living Coral to be 2019’s color of the year. 

We had been predicting either a ruby-red or brilliant yellow, but cestla vie.  You can read more about Living Coral, and the rest of the 2019 color palate from Pantone here.

Flowers also will be rich in color,think Ruby-red, Sapphire-blue, Quartz-purple and Magenta-pink. Emerald-green will be there represented by large, dark green exotic leaves – inspiration coming from the rising #Insta trend for green houseplants in our homes.

wedding trends

Bouquets will be filled with a mix of locally grown flowers as well as the most exotic imported flowers, such as the South African Protea flower, which will add a pop of status to the arrangement.

Bold Colors – Colors are going to be bold and bright and will take a starring role in everything from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses.

Reds, pinks, and even oranges are going to be big in 2019.  It has been said that orange could be the new pink, and look – they’ve given us Living Coral!

Purple was huge in 2018. ‘Ultraviolet’ was Pantone’s color of the year for 2018.

The trend of bringing the outdoors INDOORS was big in 2018 and will definitely be sticking around for 2019, with plenty of greenery.

Green or emerald will be a coveted color for 2019.

Unique Dresses – Wedding dresses with pockets will be a big trend – no more brides losing things at their venues!

wedding trends

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent royal weddings, you’ll know that sleeves are a big trend.

Useful for winter barn weddings and winter destination weddings at tons of venues around this time of year!

Another thing you might have noticed from the royal weddings is the bride and groom slipping into something more comfortable for the evening, making it easier to hit the dance floor!

Wedding Tech – Drones are still a hot trend! Which is good, as destination weddings will have loads of stunning scenery for great shots.

A new wedding trend we’re excited for is projection mapping. This is where you use projectors to transform a room in anyway you choose. Winter weddings will generally offer plenty of blank wall space for this.

Unplugged Ceremonies – Ceremonies in 2019 will be super intimate, as brides and grooms will ask their guests to leave their phones and cameras at the door. Every single person at the ceremony will be right there, in the moment.

wedding trends

Table Décor – Chrome,glitter and silver will replace the gold and rose gold colors of 2018. You can add silver into your flowers – green goes amazing with silver.

Another trend for 2019 is low floral displays for both the aisle and tables, replacing huge displays where nobody can see each other!

Wild flowers and boho-inspired arrangements are growing in popularity in the wake of the royal wedding.

Guest Entertainment – Video-booths are replacing photo-booths – when you have a video-booth, guests can record a video message for you to keep in an electronic and alternative guest book.

Couples are looking for tarot card readers, glitter bars, walking magicians, and singalongs around pianos!

Best piece of advice for couples planning their wedding flowers? 

wedding trends

Be original!

Work with a florist  who can resonate with the couple’s vision and can express their personalities through the florals.

The only limit is your imagination!

When planning a wedding, look at the space you’re going to be working in and consider adding one or two key statement arrangements. From there, you can decorate other areas more modestly, while still leaving a lasting impression in your guests’ memories.

Also, when meeting with florists, have an idea of the budget you’re looking to spend and be open with your supplier.

So, that was just a tiny taste of what to expect from 2019! We can’t wait!

We know that planning can be stressful, and sometimes you might think you’ll never find just the right thing.  Let us help.  Feel free to come to us with your questions.  Fran is ready to chat with you about all your wedding stationery ideas. 

wedding trends

Be sure to check out our curated collections of wedding images.  Feel free to wander through the images we’ve assembled to keep the inspiration flowing. 

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Your Best Day Ever is going to be magical, amazing, and all together memorable. 

Congratulations on your Happily Ever After. 

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