Calling all 2020 brides, grooms and wedding couples! We have the wedding trends you want!

wedding trendsWe found some of the most fabulous wedding trends in the mapped universe for you!

Most of us never really liked shopping in the trendy stores for whatever style is in that month, for the reason that most of us are more quality over quantity people.

In our experience, things that are earmarked as “trends” are styles and ideas that are mass-marketed (meaning, everyone is going to have them and they’re not special anymore), cheaply made, and will likely generate a response from you in just a few short months or years wondering “why on earth did I do that?”

When it comes to your wedding, we firmly wedding trendsbelieve in quality over quantity and we never want someone to look back on their wedding and think “Why did I choose THAT for my wedding?”

So, all that to say, you can feel confident that when we write about the trends we’ve seen, they’re more general style and wedding stationery movements that will have lasting power and you’re not likely to regret choosing any one of them for one of the most important days of your life.

wedding trendsWe’re also mostly concerned about trends that play into your wedding flowers or overall event design. With that said, here are some of the “trends” that we are seeing a lot of, or would like to see more of, which we think would be a beautiful addition to your 2020 wedding!  Don’t forget to include your Save the Date cards and wedding invitations when considering color choices.

Color of the Year: Living Coral! – Yes, we’re surprising ourselves when we say this, seeing as coral – and just about any shade or coral – wedding trendshas always been right at the bottom of all of our lists.

But we’re seeing more and more of it being tucked in as an accent color at weddings, bringing a shot of vibrancy that many of our couples seem to be craving.

Even more surprising, we’re finding that we don’t hate it…but actually kind of like it!

We personally like to see coral used as an accent, as we often find it too aggressive as a focal color. It pairs beautifully with blue, red, yellow, green, and anything in the lavender to violet range.

Wedding Color of the Year Runner Up: Mauve – This is hardly surprising. We’re moving into wedding trendsa slightly deeper, moodier take on the most popular tone of the last few years, blush.

But like blush, mauve can be interpreted in more than one way.

It can read pinker, more purple/lavender, or more taupe-like depending on what direction you want to take it – we personally see mauve more as a muddy purple tone, but we also know a lot of folks who see it pinker.

So, just be sure to have some picture or color swatch representation to wedding trendsmake sure that all of your aesthetic destination wedding vendors are on the same page when it comes to understanding your wishes for mauve.

Mauve pairs well with an analogous color palette, which means a grouping of 3 colors that sit right beside each on the color wheel. So, shades of pinks, purples, and peaches, as an example, would allow mauve to be the perfect base color.

Don’t Miss Trend: Touches of the Tropics – If you follow any large-name floral and wedding designers on Instagram, we’re wedding trendsconfident that you’ll have noticed one of the more recent trends that we’re saying you can’t miss: a touch of the tropics.

We’re talking a dramatic usage of large palm leaves, ferns (both natural and bleached), and tropical flowers like anthuriums or orchids. Now, you don’t need to go all the way with a rainforest-inspired wedding (though we’re definitely not knocking that!) and you can easily work a tropical accent into a garden-inspired design.

You can also reflect this trend at a super exotic beach destination wedding!  Choices abound in everything from table settings to wedding gowns.

What’s Trending in Table Decor? Floral wedding trendsCenterpieces! – We’re pretty pleased to see a return to more floral-heavy centerpieces in the coming year.

We’re seeing fewer and fewer requests for garlands, which we have to say we’re happy about – as much as garlands are gorgeous, they get pretty repetitive for the florists.

My clients are typically asking for arrangements that are low to the table, as opposed to tall ones, and sometimes asking for styles in which you can’t even see the vase. Of course, just be prepared that a floral arrangement will have a price tag on it.

…And Colored Candles – We love to see more couples adding depth to their tablescapes with the use of colored candles.

A subtle taupe elevates the sense of elegance in a space, a petal pink emphasizes femininity, a warm toffee adds richness, a charcoal grey feels chic and big-city. See what we mean?

So much depth can be brought to your overall reception design with the simple tweak that is a colored candle. These are always going to be more expensive than your typical white candle, but we think it’s a worthwhile investment.

So, there you have it: Some of our favorite “trends” for the 2020 wedding season!

There are tons of things to consider when planning your wedding event. 

Sometimes it can get overwhelming.  We know.  And we’re here to help.  Get in touch with us here, and we’ll make sure you get some time to chat with Fran.  She’s amazing and a huge talent as an artist.  You’re going to love her.

We’ve also put together some super inspiring collections of wedding images, sure to keep you motivated and moving forward. 

Your day is going to be awesome – filled with love, romance, and the promise of a fabulous new adventure!


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