Choosing trend-forward wedding invitations

In case you haven’t heard, engagement season has wedding invitationsofficially begun.  Which means that it soon will be time to choose wedding invitations.

More and more brides- and grooms-to-be are starting to plan a wedding for 2019.  And that means wedding invitations!

If you happen to be part of this camp, then congratulations! Your Best Day Ever and happily-ever-after is on the horizon!

But as you are likely well aware, there’s a ton of work that needs to get done between now and your big day.

For starters, you must choose a date and a location, book a venue, order invitations, and commit to a myriad of vendors. However, before you accidentally choose a constricting color scheme, be sure to read the advice we’ve compiled below.

Know that we are totally here for you to help with whatever area we can lend our expertise.  Get in touch with us here (or find us on Facebook!) and we’ll get some time to talk with Fran.  She’s so awesome!  You are in the best possible care with Fran helping you navigate the wedding invitation scene. 

wedding invitationsWe got together with our community of wedding planning professionals to see what’s hot, what’s trending, and what they are seeing as practical application for choosing Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, and all the other wedding stationery you’re going to need for the big day.

We heard a lot about what is NOT hot, too.  We’ve included a few of these. 

Flower Walls and Ceilings – These are just done, out, finished.

Rose Gold Everything – We actually love this color, but too much is just … too much.  A touch here and a touch there – that works.  But this look can be done to death pretty easily.  Be mindful.

Photo Booths – Photo booths had their moment. A hand-painted mural or an archway trimmed with garlands are opportunities for guests to take great pictures that don’t involve saying ‘cheese.’

Twinkle Lights – Unless you’re having a holiday-inspired December wedding, leave the twinkle lights for Christmas. There are so many elegant ways to light your reception, from soft washes of light to string lights with market bulbs, to beautiful hanging lanterns or chandeliers.

Naked Cakes – What started out as a rustic wedding trend is now popping up everywhere. But naked wedding invitationscakes, in our opinion, have had their day and are far too casual and unfinished for most wedding receptions.

As unabashed frosting lovers, we think that the lack of frosting also causes the cake to dry out more quickly, leaving guests with a less-than-ideal dessert at the end of an otherwise great night.

Mixed Fonts – When it comes to wedding stationery, it’s time to go back to the classic wedding invitation with one font style.  No more mixing. Simplicity rules in 2019.

“No Flower” Weddings – We’re delighted that 2018’s choice is Ultra Violet and seriously hope that no one will ever consider ‘no flower’ weddings again. The brighter and bolder, the better!

Digital Invites – The times are, indeed, changing, but brides and grooms alike should bring back traditional stationery wedding invitation. Digital invites are so impersonal. And when your big day comes and goes, you will have your stationery to look back on. Plus, who doesn’t like to open non-junk mail? 

Blush and Neutral Color Tones – It’s more about merging the traditional with the unexpected pops of color. 

wedding invitationsConstricting Color Palettes – Instead of a single-color palette carried through an entire wedding, think of the celebration as a series of acts, each with its own look and its own colors. Take the guests on a journey and reveal a new look at each step. This can also be a great opportunity to let your own look change throughout the night. 

Matchy-Matchy – Avoid trying to match every aspect of your wedding day. There should be a flow but a matchy-matchy look is passé.

After all, in an image-driven world.  When choosing wedding invitations, it’s easy to get swept up in a trend of the moment without even realizing it.

So …

We bet you’re wondering what IS hot for weddings and wedding invitations for 2019, right?

Skip the white or ecru wedding invitations and opt for something more colorful. A bold and moody palette has evolved in wedding paper with deep plum, dark navy and even black taking center stage.

Jewel tones are a perfect choice for fall and winter weddings. Keep the look wedding appropriate (not too dark!) by adding a bit of brightness by way of ink color or a punch of metallic.

Make your wedding invitations an unexpected delight by choosing a bold envelope liner.  This inner wedding invitationslayer is the first thing guests will see when they excitedly tear open your invite. Liners are a great finishing touch and the perfect place to add fun design elements, like a sketch of the skyline, or a personal detail, like your wedding date. Pair with a colored envelope for really eye-catching mail. 

Forget patterns and cute motifs. 

This trend is straight from the hand. Pretty penmanship, ornate calligraphy and fanciful flourishes are aplenty. Calligraphers are creating new, modern hands that feel totally fresh (this is not the calligraphy from your grandmother’s wedding invitation). Try the trend by having just your names hand-lettered. 

Watercolor is a subtle way of adding color to your paper has a delicate, romantic feel when fashioned in pastels, or a bold and wild vibe when brushed with bright hues.

Choose wedding invitations that suit your overall wedding style.

Add the design to elements of your invitation suite, like the reply card or your envelope liner. Or make it the backing of your wedding invitations — traditional on the front, color party on the back.

Orient your guests with a hand-drawn map of your hometown or chosen destination spot on the outside of your wedding invitations.

wedding invitationsUse the design for your save-the-dates to build excitement or include cards in welcome bags highlighting area attractions. Add personal details to the map’s design, like icons for your ceremony and reception locales. If you’re a playful couple, take this trend one step further by creating an old-fashioned treasure map. 

It’s hard to compete with the glitzy trend of foiled metallics.

Gold foil is popping up everywhere, from wedding invitation text to small escort details. Be adventurous with a heavily patterned gold design or use the technique to highlight your names or your wedding date. Silver foil is a close runner-up, and copper is not far behind. Consider mixing two metallic foils for a daring design.

Bold is the key to making the Moody Romance theme work! 

Wedding invitations with dark backgrounds and bold patterns really set the tone!  It’s a bold move to choose this style and one that will certainly make an impression.

Geometric touches paired with greenery/floral is so 2019!  It’s a hot look for a boho chic, modern, orwedding invitations minimalistic wedding.  The graphic and bold aspect of the geometric print is offset by the softness of the botanical touches and it just “works”.

Adding a ribbon, a wax seal, a belly band, a jewel…the list can go on and on but adding a little something extra is all the rage for 2019.  It adds personality, textural interest, and a layer, which is always a win!

We also put together some fabulous curated collections of images over here.  These will help keep you motivated and inspired.

Be sure to check out the shop – where all the cool kids go to find their stationery. 

It’s going to be some work – we’re not going to lie to you.  But with some patience, you’ll navigate it all like the rock-stars you are.  Piece of (wedding) cake!

We’re thrilled to be here to help you get to Happily Ever After.


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