Day of Stationery: Wedding Invitations & Save the Date Cards

Beach destination weddings are still hugely popular; choose wedding invitations with a tropical feel.Here at Invitations by R Squared, we love everything wedding and we love love.  And – of course – we do love all kinds of wedding invitations!

Like every other aspect of the wedding world, wedding stationery and wedding invitations have their trends.  What’s hot?  What’s not?  And we’re here to tell you…

Planning your wedding before you get engaged is way more common than you might think. And, no, we are not talking about those cutouts you’ve been collecting in a folder since you were a kid.

Many couples plan their venue, first dance, What a beautiful destination wedding location!and, of course, the ring before the question is formed.

A leading wedding trend watch group recently surveyed more than 1,000 newlyweds and brides-to-be on pre-engagement and 25 percent of respondents said they shopped around for wedding invitations before they even had a ring on it.

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are typically two types of brides (or grooms), traditional and non-traditional.

If you’re a traditional bride, you are probably drawn to the more traditional aspects of weddings, including the traditional invitation. But for those The Boho chic trend covers everything from wedding invitations to wedding fashion.non-traditional brides, sometimes branching outside of the traditional invitation box can be a little bit challenging.

If you’re thinking about going with a non-traditional wedding invitation, that’s awesome and we’re here for it! We love creative and unique invitations that are different from what you normally see.

And don’t worry, you traditional brides, we’re right there with you, too. Some of us here sent out invitations are super traditional outside of the colors I used.

If Pinterest is any indication, there are tons of traditional invitation options out there. Think white card and black lettering with super flourished fonts and traditional wording. But what if you’re the bride who doesn’t want any of that?

Don’t worry. There are a lot of options.

Most brides have no idea where to start when it comes to stepping outside of Far-flung destination weddings require awesome destination wedding invitations.that traditional invitation box. When it comes to making your invitations, think of you as a couple first, and your wedding day second. Every person is unique so think of ways to incorporate your own special brand of uniqueness into your invitation.

Your invitation will define your wedding day to your guests the moment they open that envelope so think about what you want them to experience. If you’re having a casual wedding it’s completely okay to have casual invitations! Love beer? Make your invitation in the shape of a beer bottle.

Even offbeat couples will choose save the date cards and wedding invitations ... even if they're getting married at the Burning Man festival!Making non-traditional wedding invitations can even be as simple as using bright, bold colors instead of the traditional black and white. Check out our shop over here for ideas for your own non-traditional wedding invitations.

We chatted with our community of wedding planning professionals to get the scoop on what the biggest wedding invitation trends will be in 2018.

From metallics to greenery (by way of Pantone’s color of the year), you can expect to see many of these trends mirrored in the most popular registry items of the coming year.

There is a lot to choose from when looking at wedding invitations for a vintage themed wedding.Monochrome colors – After choosing your wedding color, look for shades of that color for a beautiful monochromatic look.

Touches of gold, silver, rose gold, or even leaf – For the right amount of sophistication, consider pulling metallics into your wedding invitations.

Pantone’s pick—Greenery – If it’s Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017, then you know it will be coming in hot for wedding invitations.  Of course, we have no way of knowing what Pantone will come up with next.  2018 could look like something completely different from this year’s brilliant tropical flavored palette.

Organic and wood grain textures – Getting married outdoors? We love the earthy vibes of this nature-inspired theme.

There are lots of choices when choosing wedding invitations for your Boho chic themed weddingUse of citrus elements – Perfect for a spring or summer wedding – infuse a touch of citrus details to give your invites some zing.

Now, you’ve got your location, your date, and an idea of what colors are going to be included to help set the mood for your exquisitely lovely special day.

Invitations aren’t the only consideration when looking at wedding stationery; oh, no!

Save the Date cards are hotter than ever, and really at the first look that your friends, family, and loved ones are going to have of your wedding.  Make it special.  Make it magic.  It’s the opening up to your Best Day Ever!This year's Pantone colors are perfect to include in your beach destination wedding invitations.

If you’re hosting a destination wedding event, there will be a variety of inserts you may wish to include in your invitation package.  Details about accommodations and possibly airfare.  Local activities, or planned outings can easily be included on a wedding invitation insert.  Read more about this right here.

Be sure to get in touch with us so we can help you navigate your wedding stationery journey!  The delightful Fran is here to help with all your design questions, font choices, color combinations, and more.

Invitations by R Squared also offers an array of stationery covering everything you need for the ceremony and celebration, including save-the-date cards, place Romance is big in 2018; let your wedding invitations reflect this for the reception, and even direction cards – and so much more – to match your choice of invite.

In the meantime, come visit us here to check out our curated image collections to help motivate and inspire you!

We look forward to talking soon, and we’re thrilled for you!  We just know it’s going to be the BEST DAY EVER!


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Your Save the Date cards and wedding invitations give your guests an idea of what to expect at your special day.

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