Destination or hometown wedding: Invitations & stationery

Destination wedding invitationsAre you planning a destination wedding for 2018? You’re going to need save the date cards, destination wedding invitations, and the other elements that make up a stellar stationery suite.

We checked in with our friends in the wedding world to find out about some of the hottest wedding trends across the board – but mostly in wedding invitations and stationery.  We gathered our favorites from what we collected as we look forward to the 2018 wedding season.

While the wedding world constantly changes as unique and creative ideas surface, there Destination wedding invitationsare several trends  – including wedding invitations – that you can expect to see staying around.

As the huge engagement season closes and the wedding planning phase starts, we share these wedding trends with you as you look for your own wedding inspiration.

For adventurous couples or those who just crave their toes in the sand, a destination wedding is the ultimate way to tie the knot. Whether your spectacular choice of venue includes umbrella drinks, sunshine, mountaintop views, or ocean breezes, away from home destinations make for the ultimate wedding venue, and your invitations and stationery suite should totally reflect that.

Destination wedding invitationsBut just how does a bride invite her guests to pack their bags to follow her sometimes halfway around the world for a faraway wedding?

Why, with fabulous themed save the date cards and destination wedding invitations, of course!  And don’t forget about those cool boarding pass style invitations!

Lots of destination brides have a love for travel, but not all of them are looking for the barefoot-on-the-beach wedding dream.

Consider venues as unique as your own style.  These destination wedding Destination wedding invitationsinvitations are just the thing to get your guests excited for your mountaintop nuptials, countryside ceremony, international reception, or beachy big day.

From travel themed wedding stationary — like boarding pass inspired save-the-dates and passport replicas — to tropical invites in red hot hues, here are a slew of suites perfect for your destination wedding!

Know Your Theme – Whether planning a casual affair or a grand event, establish the tone of your wedding before you select your invitations.

The overall look of your invitations will give your guests guidance as to what type of event you are hosting.

Destination wedding invitationsGeometrics – Set your invitations apart with a unique shape or experiment with horizontal designs.

Remember, the shape of the invitation is consistent with the formality or informality of your wedding.  Check out our state shaped wedding invitations for a unique silhouette for your big day!

Facets, squares, triangles.  Shapes are being incorporated into modern wedding invitations. Bold lines give each element a contemporary, edgier feel.  Blend the graphics with bright colors to create an eye-catching design. This trend is perfect for a nontraditional celebration in a loft or gallery.

Letter Perfect – Blend your fonts.

No longer restricted to the flourishing letters of old, choose more modernDestination wedding invitations lettering for the invitation, or restrict cursive fonts to the header.

The pairing of clean lines with soft, curving letters makes for an interesting contrast, but never use more than two fonts.

Embellishments – Experiment with texture.

Weave ribbon through the top of the invitation, use a color border around the edge, insert a personalized logo, or use a photograph as a watermark.

Still one of the hottest trends in wedding paper – metallic foils.  Bright gold, rose gold, and silver are all hot, hot, hot.

Mood Setting Colors – Skip the white or ecru invitations and opt for something bolder.

A bold and moody palette has evolved in wedding paper with deep plum, dark Destination wedding invitationsnavy and even black taking center stage. Jewel tones are a perfect choice for fall and winter weddings.

Keep the look wedding appropriate by adding a bit of brightness by way of ink color or a punch of metallic.

Envelope Liners – Our own Fran, as well as stationery designers everywhere are having fun with envelope liners.

This inner layer is the first thing guests will see when they excitedly tear open your invitations. Liners are a great finishing touch.  They are also the perfect place to add cutting edge design elements, like a sketch of the skyline, or a personal detail, like your wedding date. Pair with a colored envelope for a destination wedding invitation that is truly a keepsake package.

Calligraphy and Handwriting Inspired – Destination wedding invitationsForget patterns and cute motifs.

Pretty penmanship, ornate calligraphy and fanciful flourishes are aplenty. Calligraphers are creating new, modern hands that feel totally fresh.  Try the trend by having just your names hand-lettered.

Watercolor – We all seem to love watercolor at Invitations by R Squared.

Luscious colors for Caribbean beach destination wedding invitations, or jewel tones with earth tones for a fab enchanted forest destination wedding in Europe, would be gorgeous and on-trend.  Both combinations are hot right now.  Get in touch with us!  Fran is ready to talk colors and papers and fonts!

Destination wedding invitationsThis subtle way of adding color to your paper has a delicate, romantic feel when fashioned in pastels, or a bold and wild vibe when brushed with bright hues. Choose something that suits your overall wedding style.

Monograms – Custom monograms are taking on a whole new look, with elements that are meaningful and representative of the to-be-weds.

Steal this idea for everything, from your wedding invitations and cocktail napkins to personal stationery for after your “Thank you” cards.

Maps – Orient your guests with a hand-drawn map of your chosen destination spot.Destination wedding invitations

Use the design for your save-the-dates to build excitement, or include cards in welcome bags highlighting area attractions. If you’re a playful offbeat couple, take this trend one step further by creating an old-fashioned treasure map.

Metallic Foil – It’s hard to compete with this sparkling trend.

Metallic foil is popping up everywhere, from invitation text to small escort details. Be adventurous with a heavily patterned bright gold, rose gold, or silver design, or use the technique to highlight your names or your wedding date. Copper is not far behind in popularity. Consider mixing two metallic foils for a daring design.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is that couples are bringing much more of themselves to the event. From serving sweet, single filtered bourbon for the toasts because you two got engaged in Kentucky to handing a special family recipe to your caterer to be served for dinner, couples are personalizing their wedding events to be unique and memorable.

Destination wedding invitationsOur number one rule for our couples when it comes to whether they should include something, is if it’s important to you then the answer is YES!!

Be unique, be different, but most importantly of all BE YOU! Your guests will know it and love your wedding even more.

We have curated some collections of images here to help keep you inspired and moving forward.

No matter where you’re tying the knot, these destination invites will have your guests cashing in their vacation days, packing their bags, and booking their tickets to your Best Day Ever.


Destination wedding invitations


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