Destination Wedding Trend Update 2016/2017

scotland-destination-weddingAt Invitations by R Squared, we all believe it’s never too early to start planning your 2017 destination wedding. It is – after all – a whole lot closer than you think.

You will likely change your mind about some of the details of the wedding between now and the wedding date, so you can throw all kinds of fabulous ideas around, and create vision boards but leave smaller details to nearer the time. In the meantime, start saving, as the more money you save the closer to your dream wedding you will get. You may also need to settle on the venue and your actual location for the ceremony as the popular places nearly always get booked well in advance. This would also be the time to select your Save the Date cards, destination wedding invitations, and the other elements of your destination hawaiian-beach-destination-weddingwedding stationery suite.

Book a venue if it is very popular, has a waiting list and the price is right … and do it quick! Check your contract details carefully though in case the price is not locked for the year you book. If it is an estimate, you may find the venue charges will be different as the date of your event grows closer.

Our team found that many venues accept advance bookings which is why they have a waiting list. It is a good idea to take out insurance for wedding bookings should it not go ahead for any reason and you lose your deposits.

caribbean-beach-desintation-wedding-in-the-waterBuild a destination wedding vision board. To see some examples, view some vision boards right here. A vision board will help you coordinate the colors for your wedding and bring the wedding elements together to form a whole magical picture.

Decide if you would like a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter 2017 wedding as the time of year often influences the color and clothing themes for the wedding as well as the locations and venue.

The team at Invitations by R Squared has scoured the globe, checking in to seelesbian-beach-destination-wedding what the hottest trends are for the coming year, so all you brides-to-be can get a jump start on your destination wedding planning.

Color predictions and trends are always interesting. For the coming year, dusty pastels are being paired with moody jewel tones like burgundy, emerald and plum to create a romantic Victorian color palette. This color palette is also popular with the edgier, off-beat brides who are looking at adding a steampunk or storybook theme element to their events. The dark hues are reminiscent of the naturally changing surroundings, while the weathered pastels add just a touch of warmth. Accenting your color palette with sunset-beach-destination-weddinga metallic like brass, rose gold or yellow gold. Rose gold has been the hottest trend this year so far, and we’re not expecting to see that change.

Trends in cakes continue to shift as smaller, less complicated offerings move to the forefront. Naked cakes continue to be hot, enhanced with natural elements. Expect to see more sugared, edible flowers. Cutting the cake is a tradition that many are reluctant to step away from, so expect to see smaller cakes, and absolutely stellar offerings in dessert alternatives. Our prediction: Pie. Pie is going to be hot this year as the second-string dessert, behind the cake. Opt for seasonal offerings inwedding-rings-at-a-beach-destination-wedding pie. Even with a destination wedding, pie can be made from local, ripe and flavorful offerings that bring the flavor of your locale to your event.

Destination weddings are about embracing the whimsy in the air, and what better way to do that than with a destination wedding stationery suite of elegant fonts and motifs full of graceful imagery and fun. Another big trend? Stamps. Not your average post office stamps, but ones that coordinate with your theme in fun, bright colors. Beautiful fonts don’t have to stop at your stationery. Weave it through your reception details. A big blackboard displaying your menu is both useful and decorative, or go with calligraphy-adorned table numbers, place cards or signage ireland-seaside-destination-weddingleading guests around your venue. Be sure to stop by the shop, here, and see exactly what we’re talking about!

Clothing trends are always difficult to predict and change like the tides of the ocean at a beach destination wedding. Brides planning fall and winter events are seeking to doll up their wedding day look with the glamorous addition of faux fur. Whether it’s a trendy coat or sophisticated wrap-style stole, faux-fur accessories lend an air of old-world glamour to a bridal look, instead of weighing it down like other winter outerwear. And – BONUS! – these wedding day accessories can continue to be worn for years to come. Keep the style of your dress in mind when picking out a coat. A cropped shape will cover your arms and torsobower-setting-thailand-destination-wedding while showing off your figure, while a lengthy hem is ideal for a slim A-line gown.

Floral trends continue to hold solid with freshly picked, wild-looking bouquets are still the reigning royalty in the land of florals. Centerpiece arrangements are still looking more green and leafy. Think succulents, eucalyptus, wheat greens, acacia and fragrant bay leaf branches.

Destination wedding décor is another area where trends seem to move pretty quickly. Our team found that, where your wedding theme is more formal, tall candles and ornate candelabras are making a comeback. If you want to keep things rustic and natural, bring the outdoors in with napa-valley-destination-weddingleaf-adorned branches. For a rustic theme, round out the Nature inspired decorations with a favor table overflowing with juicy apples and other seasonal fruits. A nice touch would be to stock it with mini bottles of wine or boxes of macarons.

Believe it or not, destination wedding trends are an ever-changing kaleidoscope of elements. Invitations by R Squared is always happy to bring you the most up-to-date information to help in YOUR planning. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a consultation in choosing the perfect destination wedding stationery suite. Also, our team has put together some of the most amazingsunset-mountain-top-destination-wedding imagery ever to inspire your creativity in planning your perfect destination or theme wedding. Come over here, to Pinterest, to see what we have for you! Of course, we’re thrilled to hear of all the fabulous destination weddings being planned for the coming year, and we couldn’t be happier for all of you!


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