Destination Wedding Trend-Watch: Colors and Dresses and Flowers, Oh My!

destination-wedding-gown-by-christian-sirianoWhile the wedding fashion calendar has already time-warped most of us into a season in the future, the bridal market generally springs us a year – or more – ahead. Yep. We’re looking at spring and summer of 2017. Today’s smart brides plan well and plan ahead. And, if you’re planning on a destination wedding, planning is indeed what you should be doing, from choosing a venue, to choosing your destination wedding stationery suite, to the dress, the colors, and the florals.

The Invitations by R Squared team has been at it again, watching those trends. Some come, and some go. Some hang around whether we like them or not.

For spring 2017, there’s a few interesting things to note. A lot of designers have devised a way for brides to wear all of the traditional wedding accoutrements andweeping-flowers-and-feathers-at-an-exotic-destination-wedding still bare a lot of skin. We’re not sure how well this trend-prediction is going to flow, or how much longevity it’s going to have. The Boho Chic look is huge, and going strong. Don’t expect that trend to be going anywhere anytime soon.

And now, destination wedding trends in color, bridal dressing, and florals:


Our team looked at three significant elements in bridal trends, and found some fresh ideas to share in colors, dresses, and flowers.

Colors: Color trends come and go pretty quickly in the wedding world. Every year, the team has the colors about which they’re super excited, the ones about which the feel sort of, “Meh” about, and the ones that garner a huge, “No way!” 2017 is expected to bring us LOTS of pastels, with a prevalence of PINK, and every variation thereof. Blush is super popular, from the décor, to the flowers, to the dress itself.

destination-wedding-caribbeanTeam members found that there’s a lot of pale turquoise, aqua, and teal out there in Wedding Planning Land, with accents of rose, mauve, lilac, orchid, coral, and sage. Jewel tones, while still popular, are leaning more toward ruby-red, amethyst, and rich, dark greens. Still though, wedding planners and style-makers are predicting the aforementioned pastels, with accents of cream, ivory, ecru and metallics. The colors that are not making us feel warm and fuzzy? Mustard. We’ve seen it paired with earth-tones, and deep purple. Orange, usually coupled with aqua or purple. And Olive, with purple or pink. Those three? For us, not so much.

Dresses: Trends in wedding dresses also change fairly quickly; rather like the oceanlesbian-destination-wedding-in-new-orleans tides, in fact. We’re having a hard time getting behind the super-plunging neckline and the see-through illusion aspects of wedding dresses that some of the designers put on the runway in Barcelona, Milan, and New York this year. So far, the trends we bring you today are holding strong.

While pastel blues, aquas, and teals, as well as vivid lilacs and orchids did pop up throughout this year’s runway bridal collections, pink reigned supreme as the non-white bridal color of choice. From the lightest, barely there blush to embroidered florals to the ombré dessert-like layers shown us by Christian Siriano, this the Pantone-approved color is major for weddings next year.

The two classic elements of veils and trains is holding strong, thanks to the simple-florals-for-your-destination-weddinginfluence of the global bridal runway. Designers went for drama and glamour that would make for the perfect “flowing in the wind” Instagram and Snapchat moments. Veils were accented with embroidery, lace, beading, and Swarovski crystals; romantic trains ranged from a shorter church length to a Royal Wedding cathedral style.

Some team members noted that the designers played up corsetry this season by accenting the bustier top with lace, embroidery, elaborate beading and creative illusion paneling. The ’90s slip dress trend has made a return to the wedding aisle with silhouettes beyond the spaghetti-strap column: ’30s-style peignoirs, bathrobe-esque floral silk shirt dresses tied over a satin slip and others that presented an obvious boudoir-inspired collection.

With wedding dresses becoming increasingly accessible, and a strong trend towardflorida-beach-destination-wedding weddings – especially destination weddings – turning into multi-event occasions – more and more savvy brides are shopping for all of the nuptials-related obligations: the rehearsal dinner, the reception, the post-wedding brunch, and the after-party. These brides are less concerned about actual ceremony garb, and more concerned about sharing the love with their guests. Comfortable, whimsical Boho Chic wedding dressing is a huge trend, as this style can easily carry itself from a destination wedding ceremony on the beach in Cancun, to the reception party, to dancing the night away, and still look fantastic.

Flowers: There are a few carry-overs from last year that we all loved. Some of the team is over-the-moon about florals all the time, so when they were tasked with forest-fantasy-destination-weddingfinding out what’s hot, they jumped at the opportunity.

This is what they found:

Weeping arrangements – These arrangements are certainly nothing to shed tears over! With draping greens at the base of pretty, open blooms, they lend an air of natural romance greatly desired by many of today’s brides.

Succulents – A trend that is, and we expect will be, holding strong. Amid soft, full flowers, succulents lend texture to wedding centerpieces and bouquets, and are a particularly great option for simple color palettes.

Minimalist – Whether you are aiming to create a clean aesthetic or trying to keep your flower budget low, minimal centerpieces and bouquets that highlight one to natural-looking-destination-wedding-flowersthree gorgeous blooms are just as eye-catching and elegant as more decadent floral arrangements.

Smaller vases – Bud vases comprised of amber, or another color, vintage glass add a richness and nostalgia to any spread. Single unique flowers or even sprigs of ferns are all they need to be a beautiful addition to the reception, and are perfect for your rustic/western, vintage, or Boho Chic destination wedding event.

Free-form – Unconstructed, loose wedding bouquets made with an eclectic mix of blooms and greens give the impression that they have been gathered by the bride herself on her way to the altar. We loved this trend when we first saw it gaining in popularity, and we love it just as much today.

gay-destination-wedding-coloradoSo, there you go – a look at what’s trending with colors, dresses, and flowers for the coming year. If you’re in the “just getting started” phase, have chosen a date and a location for your destination wedding, the next step is finding the perfect wedding papers. Get in touch, and we can chat about that. In the meantime, here are some great options, and here is some stellar inspiration! Congratulations, and here’s to a brilliant future, together, for you two!



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