Destination Wedding Trends: Looking Toward 2017

sedona-arizona-destination-wedding-dinnerDestination Wedding Trends:  Looking Toward 2017

It’s hard to believe that we’re already half-way through 2016!  Just where does the time go, and why does it seem to pass so unbelievably quickly?

With the super-fast passage of time also comes the super-fast changes in trends.

The team at Invitations by R Squared is always excited to see, discover, and make their own predictions regarding the upcoming trends.  Here are some that we love:

The beauty bar is a trend that we expect to be seeing a lot more of.  Especially for the destination weddings coming up next year.  Having a hair and makeup professional on hand to provide touch-up services throughout your event is a thoughtful offering for your guests.  Learn more about this cool trend right here.

destination-wedding-settingHolding your ceremony at a magical location, hosting cocktails immediately after, and then traveling a bit for dinner and dancing the night away is something we saw a lot of this year, and it not a trend that we expect to be going anywhere except moving up the list in popularity.  One of our team tells us of a couple who married aboard the stern-wheeler, The Cotton Blossom, boarding in St. Louis.  They enjoyed a fabulous, nostalgic Southern hospitality inspired wedding, mingling and cocktails on board, and then an incredible dining experience, including dancing the night away in the French Quarter.  Other scenarios include a romantic exotic beach ceremony, sea side cocktails, and a trip to a lovely restaurant to enjoy a delicious ethnic local dinner.

Since destination weddings generally include a much smaller bridal party, we’re gorgeous-destination-wedding-gown-paris-franceseeing many couples opting for one maid of honor and one best man, for a total bridal party of two.  It saves on the budget, and makes for a much more intimate event.

Earlier in the year, we were seeing predictions involving lots of pastel colors with metallic highlights.  Since trends shift about as quickly as the tides, no one here is really surprised that the predictions are now leaning more toward bold and bright.  The metallic trend is still hot, especially with rose gold and silver, either of which is a stellar highlight for the brilliant jewel-tones we are expecting to see in 2017.

Trends in food have definitely shifted for the coming year.  Couples, especially alice-in-wonderland-destination-wedding-dessertscouples hosting a destination wedding, are leaning away from the traditional formal sit-down do, and moving toward a more family style dining experience.  It’s more relaxed, intimate, and personal.  Even though many couples are going for the non-traditional for their events, there is a homey and traditional feel to sitting down to eat in celebration of the beginning of a new life journey.  You can read more about trends in wedding food here.

The cocktail reception is still hot for 2017, with unique nibbles and tidbits, spoon foods, and eat-when-you’re-hungry opportunities.  This scenario offers more time for celebrating, dancing, and hanging out with your guests.

There has been lots of commentary from the wedding planners with whom the teamdestination-wedding-dessert-trends regularly checks in about cake and desserts.  The candy buffets that have been popular in the last several years are well on their way out.  Macarons, fancy cookies, and even fruit filled hand pies are making welcome appearances at wedding dessert bars everywhere.  Large and elaborate cakes are also on their way out, giving way to smaller cakes, naked cakes, and even pie.  And who doesn’t love pie?  Arranging the dessert bar to provide packaging for sweet treats grant guest the option of saving that treat for later.  You can learn more about trends in desserts and cake over here.

The farm-to-table and local seasonal trend is still going strong, and is now including destination-wedding-bridesmaid-flowersthe wedding florals.  Many couples are concerned with reducing their carbon footprints, and express concern over ensuring that their florals are pesticide-free and locally grown.  Old-fashioned, field-wild and heirloom blooms are making a big comeback, accented with the popular trend in succulent accents.

Wedding favors are making a big shift as well, with more and more donations being made to charities relevant to the brides and grooms.  Thoughtful favors that guests appreciate, want to take home, and cherish are big as well.  Those kinds of favors are a direct reflection of each unique couple.  Perhaps the most popular trend in wedding favors, that we expect to see continue for some time, is the potted destination-wedding-in-paris-franceplant, succulent, or even small orchid.  This is truly a favor that will bring back the wonderful memories shared at your special event.

As weddings, couples, and trends continue to evolve into more whimsical, memorable, personal, and unique events, guests are being given much more consideration.  Family and close friends are much more in focus, rather than a massive guest list and large events.

When going through your planning process, and – of course – wanting your event to destination-wedding-antique-brooch-bouquetbe uniquely your own, some of these trends may come into play for you.  Once you’ve settled on a date, and a location, do get in touch with us to chat about choosing your destination wedding stationery suite.  In the meantime, go check out the fabulous inspiration boards the team has built over here, at Pinterest.

We are so happy to support the awesome couples planning destination wedding events in 2017!  We couldn’t be happier for you!



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