Grab the Magic: LGBTQ Destination Wedding in the Caribbean

Caribbean LGBTQ Destination WeddingYour fiancé asked, and you said YES! Now it’s time to work on planning your LGBTQ destination wedding.

We know there’s a lot to consider when planning a LGBTQ destination wedding. First – of course – is deciding on an actual destination and a date.  Then move on to your LGBTQ destination wedding stationery suite – Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, and all the other elements you’re going to need.

We’re here to help!

We know you want magic and whimsy, romance and enchantment, and for all Caribbean LGBTQ Destination Weddingyour wedding dreams to come true.  We know that hosting your LGBTQ destination wedding at a far-flung, exotic tropical destination will allow you to grab all of that magic, and make it yours.

All of us sat down and talked.

Where would WE go, if we had the chance to do it all over again?

What would WE do for an amazing, magical and entirely memorable LGBTQ destination wedding?

Well, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for you!

We’re talking about the Caribbean!

The truth is this: the photos are hard to beat. We could go on about the glossy green mountains and silk-soft white sand beaches. And the lagoons! They are startlingly and indescribably blue, as if it’s perfectly conceivable for water to be lit up from underneath.

Caribbean LGBTQ Destination WeddingPerfect for your LGBTQ destination wedding.

The Caribbean is the sort of magical and far-flung paradise that you have to look at, preferably in person, to understand why there is nothing else like it on earth.

So, as you begin your journey with us to consider LGBTQ destination wedding venues in the Caribbean, we hope you’ll take a moment to picture yourself there. Trust us; it’s not hard to do. There are white-sand beaches with bright turquoise waters, or black volcanic beaches with dramatic waves. World-renowned surf hubs abound, as do breathtaking snorkeling coves.

You can stay at an upscale resort town or Caribbean LGBTQ Destination Weddingremote rainforest village.

In short, there is a LGBTQ destination wedding getaway for every couple and preference.

Here are a few venues that we love that are also perfect for a Caribbean LGBTQ destination wedding:

Saba – The tiny island of Saba is known mostly for its diving, hiking, and other outdoors activities, but is quickly gaining a reputation as a bastion of tolerance in the Caribbean, too. Saba was the first place in the Caribbean where same-sex couples could legally wed, has a significant gay and lesbian population of its own, and several dive operators on the island run special outings for gay and lesbian travelers.

Caribbean LGBTQ Destination WeddingSt. Barts – With its laissez-faire French culture and a myriad of private villas to choose from, St. Barts is has been called the most gay-friendly island in the Caribbean. This is the place to get lost in the Caribbean for a few days, far from the cruise-ship crowds. By any measure, with its mix of celebrities, yachters, high-end shopping and vibrant nightlife, St. Barts is fabulous.

St. Martin/St. Maarten – Both Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin have long had a gay-friendly reputation, with many private villas for rent and beaches and bars where gay and straight couples peacefully coexist.

Marriage equality is recognized here.

The U.S. Virgin Islands — St. Croix, in particular — has become a mecca for gay travelers, many of whom wind up at the welcoming Sand Castle on the Beach Resort in Fredericksted.

Gay travelers can expect a friendly and tolerant attitude throughout the U.S.V.I.Caribbean LGBTQ Destination Wedding, and if public displays of affection are not exactly embraced, the reaction is not likely to be more than a second glance. As with Puerto Rico, U.S. law makes same-sex marriages legal here.

While some Caribbean island privately welcome gay travelers, Curacao has been the most public in its embrace.

“With exceptional gay friendly hotels and attractions, [Curacao] encourages gay and lesbian travelers to visit the island and experience its ‘live and let live’ atmosphere for themselves,” says the Curacao Tourist Board.

If you want to get away from it all and spend some quality time together, head to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Caribbean LGBTQ Destination WeddingAt Caneel Bay, a resort nestled within 170 acres of the lush Virgin Islands National Park, the 21st century barely intrudes. There are no telephones or televisions in the rooms, and you can pass your time at one of the seven beaches.

Another escapist’s fantasy is the Grenadines, a sprinkling of tiny islands between St. Vincent and Grenada. Here, you can stay on Palm Island, a 135-acre retreat with just 37 guest rooms. You can hike, windsurf, snorkel, kayak or take a boat ride to the Tobago Cays, tiny nearby beach-islands with no development whatsoever – meaning they’re ready for you and your partner to discover together.

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for your Caribbean LGBTQ destination wedding.  We love all of these! Caribbean LGBTQ Destination Wedding

Once you’ve made your choice, and have picked a date, get in touch with us so that Fran can help you design your LGBTQ destination wedding stationery suite.

Be sure to fall by and check out our collections of curated images here.  We know you’ll find all kinds of inspiration there.

Any one of these choices will give you the gift of magic.  Grab it, and make it your Best Day Ever!


Caribbean LGBTQ Destination Wedding

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