A Hot Dozen: Wedding Trends for 2017

Savvy brides and grooms watch wedding trends carefully when planning their destination weddings.They’re the coolest things ever.  They’re the hottest things ever.  Wedding trends.

It’s the end of the year, and the wedding trends predicted for 2017 are solid at this point.  There are trends that will still naturally fall away, but the team has predicted their favorites as front runners.

Of course, we’ve all been holding our collective breath, waiting for Pantone to announce the Color of the Year and release their color palates for 2017.  We’re thrilled with the palette, and beyond in love with the color of the year – Greenery!

After exhaustive research, and convos with wedding planning professionals andLots more greenery will be strong in wedding trends for 2017. wedding style makers, we’ve come up with the twelve strongest wedding trends for 2017.

Here they are:

Elegant metallics.

Brides continue to embrace copper, rose gold, and pewter because they’re so versatile.  Not only metallics work with other colors for a look that’s at once relaxed and fun, they are ideal tones for a black-tie evening.

Here’s a tip that has been echoed by numerous wedding style makers:  Use shine strategically.  Metallic linens on every table is too much: better to save the shine for the head and display tables.

Blush and Peach are colors that are likely to stay strong as wedding trends for 2017.Neutral colors.

From charcoal to blue-greys, or grey-browns, wedding planning professionals and style makers predict this color palette will be perfect for the bride who wants to achieve a classic, sophisticated feel that won’t seem dated or look too trendy in years to come. Don’t forget to add a dash of something brilliant to really make your wedding style pop!

Modern & Industrial Vibes. 

Wedding trend and style guru, David Tutera, forecasts a mix of metallics and whites to top the palette charts of 2017/2018, but forget the brilliant golds and shiny silvers. Industrial and elegant are both big in wedding trends for 2017.

Softer, brushed metallic popping from bright white, off-white, and even cream accents are a color combo made in heaven, and will totally help to achieve those “contemporary yet city hip vibes” that will be so on-trend. Combine this color palate with industrial and modern theme and décor touches for a fashionable yet sophisticated look.

 Surprise settings.

Today’s couples want a wedding that will blow their guests away, and one of the key elements to an unforgettable event is the choice of venue. Any place with a large plot of land or a distinct building — or both — will allow couples to really Florals in bold, rich colors will be strong in wedding trends for 2017.personalize their wedding and help them tell their unique story.

Swoon-worthy blooms.

Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are going to be the top-requested flowers from coast to coast — and for good reason.  They epitomize romance.

Peonies, are going to be in high demand, with one planner noting that some brides will time their weddings to take place when peonies are in peak season. Loose rose petals, used as a “garland” or runner atop tables – with greenery – or scattered among floating candles, is another trend that’s coming on strong.


Tall glass trumpet vases are making a comeback. These allow for large, lush Bringing an air of whimsy is huge in wedding trends right now.arrangements that sit above guests’ heads, so it’s easy for conversation.

Wedding trend watchers – like us – and wedding style makers are seeing a renaissance of linear, more tailored centerpieces, as opposed to the loose, “fresh-picked” style that’s been popular in recent years. These structured arrangements fall in line with the trend toward a more classic wedding look overall.

Are we losing the loose, fresh-picked trend?  No way!  With the two hottest theme trends being Boho Chic and Vintage, we’ll continue to see both ends of the spectrum when it comes to wedding trends in florals.

Florals that make a statement are a huge wedding trend for 2017.The Day of Stationery. 

Hot trend:  Couples are asking for menus that anchor a table setting. a custom laser-cut acrylic or mirrored charger plate with the menu printed in the center, for example, is a conversation piece that’s also functional.

Wedding invitation styles often mimic what’s happening in fashion and home décor.  For 2017 that means mixing two patterns, like stripes and florals, on the backs of cards or on envelope liners, as well as textured paper.

The Food. 

Wedding food is getting a fresh update for 2017!  One of the best ways couples can share their story with guests is through food. Whether you want to serve An element of pure romance will be bigger in wedding trends in 2017.dishes that represent your culture(s), that are reminiscent of the place where you fell in love, or that fit into your venue choice, caterers are working with couples to develop a custom menu.

With more couples infusing pride of location in their hometown celebrations, local flavors are taking the spotlight. In Vermont, maple flavoring can make several appearances in the menu. Gulf shrimp is on display in various parts of the South, and so on. (The trend carries over to drinks.) It’s an extension of the farm-to-table trend that popped up a few years ago, and lots of fun for your guests.

Wine-and-cheese pairings have become a familiar site at cocktail receptions, but the idea of matching different foods with different drinks is being carried over to other types of beverages and appetizers. It elevates the guest experience

Naked cakes with some height to them will be strong in wedding trends for 2017.

by keeping folks active and engaged.  Some duets to consider: wine and pasta, cake and craft beer, margaritas and guacamole, or for a wedding brunch, try mimosas and pastries.

The Drinks. 

What’s old is new again. Signature cocktails and his-and-her drinks have become reception staples. But in 2017 bartenders and mixologists are moving away from the very sweet and/or colorful adult bevvies in favor of old-time classics, including the Moscow mule, a Pimm’s Cup, and the sidecar.

The Cake. 

Traditional cakes are reclaiming their spot at the top of the wedding dessert chart, but there’s plenty of room for other delicious treats.Weddings in natural settings are a hot wedding trend right now.

Tall cakes that look as if they leapt off the pages of grandma’s wedding album are suddenly in vogue. After the last few years of pies, cake pops, doughnuts, and cupcakes, there’s been a strong shift in wedding trends back to tiered wedding cakes.

There’s something nostalgic to people about wedding cake.  As for the height aspect of the trend, tall cakes lend visual interest to a dessert table and allow for some very creative artistry — anything from hand painting to jeweled accents.  And don’t discount a tall, naked cake.  That trend is not going anywhere soon.

With wedding cakes once again the favored sweet, couples are opting to let guests cozy up to a cake table with several varieties. In addition to covering the flavor bases with vanilla and chocolate, top cake and filling flavors include coconut, hazelnut-almond, pink champagne, key lime and salted caramel.

Nature based weddings are huge in wedding trends right now.The Pictures. 

Be it a moving or still photo, DIY or pro, there are wedding trends in photography that are also coming into focus.

A huge trend that we are loving is the newest takes on the traditional photo booth. There’s the slo-mo booth, the animated GIF booth, the flip-book booth and others.  All are amazing ways to keep guests fully entertained.  Most booths will text the content directly to smartphones, so your friends can share immediately on social media — and you get copies of everything at the end of the night.

Instagram video edits are an increasingly popular package option from videographers.  These 60- to 90-second films have the look and feel of a cinematic trailer and are wonderful representations of the day.Strong florals used as a backdrop will be strong in wedding trends for 2017.

Couples can’t get enough of the unique perspectives offered by drone technology for both videos and aerial stills, and pros are following suit, offering packages that include drone footage as an add-on option. Professional-quality, user-friendly drones are available for non-pros (and perhaps a wedding guest), such as EHang Ghostdrone 2.0, which is controlled by your smartphone via the EHang Play mobile app.

The After-Party

is still a thing.  Once the first dance, parent dances and universal crowd-pleasers are over (think “uptown Funk” or “Twist & shout”), here’s how to keep everyone on the dance floor.

Depending on the budget, some couples are hiring a traditional live band for the early hours of a reception, then switching to a DJ who bills him or herself as more of a club DJ than a wedding DJ. Or they’ll do the opposite, having a wedding DJ get the party started, followed by a rockin’ live band to keep the Pale pink is a color that will likely stay strong in wedding trends for 2017.partiers going until last call.

There’s no reason a wedding DJ can’t keep the dance floor packed.  Ask your DJ to stagger the playlist for the first hour, which will keep multiple generations happy, and then transition to a hipper set of songs.

Lounge areas have been an important decor element at wedding cocktail hours for years, but as after-parties come into fashion, wedding planning professionals find themselves setting up more lounge-style seating vignettes closer to the dance floor. They’ve also been known to change the lighting so the room or tent has more of a club feel.

While you might be bummed to hear this at first, we really believe guests should stay put after the reception, and you can bring the “after-party” to the party.

Have your guests to stay in one location, and keep the energy escalating and flowing.  The wedding is the main event, so why risk losing the party vibes withTaller cakes and naked cakes continue to be big wedding trends. a venue change? Couples can create movement and energy in one environment with lighting, entertainment, opening up a different bar or dessert station.  We love this idea — the more “wedding time” the better!

So, there you have it.  A dozen fab wedding trends for 2017 that we absolutely love.

Get to planning, all you lovely brides and grooms!  Once you’ve chosen your date and your venue, it will be time to consider wedding invitations and all the other elements for your hometown or destination wedding.  Get in touch!  We’re here to help!  Fran is on board to help make this process painless, and give you the wedding stationery suite of your dreams!

In the meantime, check out our fabulous image collections here.  Keep the creativity flowing!

We know your special day is going to magical, memorable, and just the best day ever!





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