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When it comes to love, weddings, and especially wedding stationery, no one gets more excited than the team here at Invitations by R Squared!

Of course, we want to help and first share that there are a lot of really clear etiquette guidelines couples should follow, while still encouraging your distinctive and personal style. One such traditional rule is that invitations should generally contain only the names of the marrying couple, their parents’ names and the date, time and location of the cereromantic sunset beach destination weddingmony. Brides sometimes include a bit more information on the wedding invites themselves, like reception information or a dress code, but adding too much can make the wording look crowded and just too busy. That’s why many brides and grooms choose to add supplemental pieces of stationery to keep their guests in the loop while ensuring the invitations look uncluttered and pristine.

As far as invitation supplements go, a response card is probably the most european destination weddingimportant and the most widely included. That’s because they provide an easy way for guests to RSVP with little to no fuss, which helps the bride keep track of her guest list. Response cards should complement your invitations and other wedding stationery. Also, if you are allowing plus ones, you can indicate that on these cards so that guests can accept or decline an invitation and clearly indicate whether they’re bringing someone. Remember that adding response cards to your invites means you must also include addressed and stamped envelopes for guests to send them back in.

Reception cards are often included when the reception is at a different location than the ceremony. Like invitations, they should contain the reception’s address and time (an exact time is frequently substituted by simply saying “immediately LGBTQ destination beach weddingfollowing the ceremony”), as well as any specific attire recommendations or special instructions, such as for parking or child-care services.

Maps are becoming a very popular addition to wedding invitations, as they can be designed by the couple to include any pertinent locations that guests may need to know about. If you have several out-of-town friends and family coming to share your special day, or you have chosen to have a destination wedding, consider including a map along with any travel, parking or accommodation information they may find useful.

watercolor same sex wedding invitations
Watercolor destination wedding invitations are super hot for 2016!

While short phrases like “black tie” or “black tie optional” are easy to print on wedding invitations, many couples are choosing to move their dress code to a separate card altogether. This allows them to get a little more detailed or provide more recommendations. If you’re having an outdoor beach wedding, for instance, an attire card may warn your guests about the sand or weather and advise them to wear appropriate shoes and bring an extra wrap or jacket.

Wedding websites are becoming the norm, and it’s easy to see why. Wedding websites make it easy for guests to find any information they need, post pictures or videos, share their mailing addresses and even ask questions of the bride if the couple’s website has an option for it. However, web pages aren’t effective if guests don’t know about them, which is why couples are beginning to include cards containing the web address and some of the site’s information with their invites.

Guests of destination weddings may appreciate a card about the locale. If you and your beau are getting married at an exciting destination, your guests may wish to explore the area a little between wedding-related events. Provide a destination wedding card that contains some fun things to do or cool attractions near the hotel or resort in which they’re staying.

watercolor wedding invitations
Simple elegance and bold fonts are trending.

Remember that it’s considered bad manners to include gift registry information, even as a supplemental piece of stationery within your invites. If you have a website (or even a Facebook group) about your wedding, put the information there for guests to find themselves.

Now, let’s take a quick look at what’s going to be sizzling hot this spring and summer for YOUR destination wedding.

Color: Gone are the days when gold, red and white were the only colors witnessed on the wedding cards. A wide range of color combinations is now the latest hit. Water colors can be used to add adornments to your wedding card; watercolor creates a personalized effect and is sure to leave your guests mesmerized with its beauty.

Couples like broadcasting the big day with big, bold fonts. And so, the bride’s and the groom’s name in big bold letters is a new trend among the soon-to-be these days. Names in bold in the front page of the wedding card attracts and captivates the eye.

Monograms are never out, they have just got a bit complex these days. No more simple designs a complicated pattern is all that catches the attention.

Envelope liners are a fun element; do add them in your wedding invitations. A lot of creativity can be tried on with these liners. Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

Beautiful watercolor destination wedding invitations
Watercolors lend an air of elegance to this destination wedding invitation.

Modern weddings, whether they are hometown or destination weddings, straight or same sex, are a tremendous amount of work. It’s not just the bride and her mom doing the planning anymore. Take some of the stress off of all those choices. There are some lovely save the date cards, destination wedding invitations, and complete wedding stationery packages in the store, right here.

Still looking for more inspiration? Our team has put together some amazing wedding planning inspiration boards over at Pinterest – in fact, right here. Do go take a look; you never know where the next fantastic idea will come from.


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