Las Vegas Wedding Bridal Party

Couples having a Las Vegas wedding often times have uncertainties if they are coming from a different state, especially if they are bringing their bridal party with them. Here are the duties of several members of the bridal party to help answer some of those uncertainties.

Las Vegas Weddings – What Does the Bride Plan?

The term bride comes from the Teutonic word for a cook. She must decide whether to have her hair up or down. Planning a wedding can be very stressful on a bride. A bride is nowadays the biggest decision maker in the wedding planning process.

Las Vegas Weddings – The Groom – Second for Attention

The groom is in charge of buying the ring for the bride. Grooms should talk to their bride to determine when and where they will give each other wedding presents. All grooms usually ask their brides what they want in a ring before they go out and get it. The tuxes and flowers are traditionally paid for by the groom’s bridal party.

Las Vegas Weddings – What are the Bridesmaids in Charge of?

In early Roman times, bridesmaids formed a kind of bridal infantry as they accompanied the bride to the groom’s village. This idiomatic usage of the word bridesmaid most probably began in 1917 when Fred W Leigh and Charles Collins composed “Always a Bridesmaid.”

A bridesmaid is many times a close friend or sister. Bridesmaids usually plan the bridal shower among other functions for the bride.

Las Vegas Weddings – The Role of Best Man

The bride’s equivalent of the best man is the maid or matron of honour. The best man supervises the groomsmen or ushers.

The Center of Attention – The Bride One of the best man’s duties include decorating the car of the married couple with soap, ribbons, cans and whipped cream.

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