Let them eat … wedding cake!

We love cake … Wedding cake that is!

Thought wedding cakes were simply white, iced, and made up of three (maybe four) tiers?

Think again!

Just like so many elements of weddings these days, wedding cakes are a chance to inject a little fun and personality into your day. But likewise, that makes it harder to decide which wedding cake style is the one for you.

To make it just that little bit easier to find your perfect slice, we’ve gathered all our delicious wedding cake trends together in one place. (Warning: This round-up might just give you a toothache!)

Like all things in life and fashion, when creativity really pushes the limits, new ideas are popping up all over the place and we’re expecting fireworks at every turn, there’s a return to the original and best.

So, it is with wedding cakes now, where the latest trend is also the oldest – white wedding cakes are back in fashion.

They may have been around for years, but they’ve never looked so good!

In recent years talented bakers have come up with amazing cake designs from geometric shapes and ombre patterns to rustic naked cakes. As lovely as colorful cake creations are, there is something truly elegant about a perfect snow-white wedding cake.

The beauty of having a white wedding cake is that the simplest additions to make it a bit more personal.

We gathered the best examples of just have lovely a white wedding cake can be. So, if you’ve been struggling with all Pinterest overload, completely overwhelmed by the options, then maybe simple is best…

Classic white fondant cakes tiered 3, 4 or 5 levels higher (anymore and you’re into Kate & Wills territory) is a bona fide tradition, dating back over 100 years.

But for the new versions, the decoration is simpler, and a little hint of color is all you need to let the white shine through. These smooth fondant cakes are really about perfection, so if you’re thinking of a white cake like these get a professional involved. It’s all about a steady hand and a spirit level, and DIY jobs just aren’t going to achieve the same level of finish.

One of our favorite parts of the wedding day is the wedding cake.

Not only is it a delicious treat for your guests, it also doubles up as a beautiful feature at your wedding reception. There are so many ways to get creative with the wedding cake and for us, the more whimsical the better!

Why not impress your guests with an all-black wedding cake?

Bold and different, black wedding cakes have been popping up on our radar recently and we are in love.

You can go in a lot of directions with a stunningly beautiful black wedding cake or one with just a hint of black. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this delicious trend.

From gorgeous chalkboard styles to beautiful hand-painted versions, black wedding cakes really are a thing of beauty. Pop on some florals to up the girly glam.

Love the idea but not keen on an all-black wedding cake?

Then, why not try a version with just a hint of black? From polka dot and glitter to graffiti and floral, there is a black detail wedding idea for every couple.

With metallics being oh-so-trendy right now in fashion and interiors it’s not a surprise that we started seeing more and more of them appear at weddings.

We think 2020 couples will be going gaga for these shiny sweets. 

Molten yellow gold is a most striking look for a cake, especially when it’s made with high layers, which are so en vogue among wedding cake designers right now. Whether it’s a full gold cake, or just the addition of detailing such as stripes, metallic confetti or gold leaf – there’s a real “look at me” factor with these cakes – guaranteed your guests won’t have seen one of those before.

A hint of metallic can be just as effective as full color and no matter your style or preferred look.

Just talk to your cake designer about what your overall look for the wedding is going to be and I’m sure they’ll welcome the creative challenge to make something that fits your plan.

Hope you’re as inspired as we are by these golden (and silver) wonders! 

We fell in love with this idea when we first heard about it earlier this year, and just knew we had to find more to share with you guys.  Stunning cakes inspired by lace, doilies, applique and crochet. We have fallen in love with this trend!

If you have a favorite piece of lace, be it your grandmother’s heirloom, the lace on your wedding dress or your favorite vintage market find, you could ask for your cake to mimic the look of your fabric for your big day.

Topped off with fresh or sugar paste flowers these cakes have a wonderful shabby chic feel to them. Perfect for a lovely and romantic Boho wedding.  We love the look of accents of lace and lace trims, rather than an all over lace pattern. So simple yet oh so pretty!

Marble Wedding Cakes have been popping up again and again and are one of the most beautiful wedding cake ideas for 2020. These striking cakes incorporate the design trend of all things chic and marble and come in just about any shade you like.

Already, 2020 has seen so many bold and brilliant new wedding cake trends.

One trend that is big on whimsy is the flowerfetti cake.  Flowerfetti cakes are cakes decorated with edible flower petals either scattered like confetti or with full blooms strategically placed. A colorful, textural, flavorful not to mention pretty and simple way to decorate your wedding cake.

The longer you spend in the world of weddings the more fascinating it becomes, with all the individual elements you can choose and make your own, there’s no end of new ideas and inspirations coming across our desks, and your screens.

This trend has come and gone and now returned. We have always liked this idea, and the vast options it brings with it. 

Yep. We’re talking about hand painted wedding cakes.  Honestly, we are loving this trend.

It’s been around a while and we’ve seen it popping up time and time again. The reason why? It’s a simple and easy decorative idea to jazz up and personalize the plainest of wedding cakes, from pretty florals to contemporary graphics and scripted prints there are lots of choices.

As if wedding cakes couldn’t get any sweeter you can customize your cake with hand painted initial illustrations, a scripted quote or even some sweet words that represent you as a couple.

One of the themes we often see in the hand-painted cake trend is intricate flowers.

If you’re dreaming of a vintage or country garden theme, a hand-painted floral design would fit in perfectly. The perfect way to evoke that summer garden party vibe on the day.

From the super girly to the highly graphical geometric shapes and more contemporary design are still a favorite among today’s savvy couples.

Graphics can be minimal or colorful and both options are the perfect cherry on the top (excuse the pun) at a contemporary wedding.

The beauty of hand painted wedding cakes is that they can be as decorated or as simple as you like, you can also add embellishments like flowers, cake toppers and initial letters to take a simpler painted design to another level.

A few years ago rustic style, naked cakes took the wedding world by storm and while they remain a firm favorite of ours here at Invitations by R Squared. Style makers and influences have predicted of the last couple of years that the naked cake would be on its way out. We also have the half-dressed cake, which is more than naked but not completely so.

This delicious cake trend has gotten an update with cake designers the world over now creating naked ombre wedding cakes.

Beautifully designed naked cakes with ombre and rainbow-style sponge layers, so clever and so pretty!

This look is created by simply adding natural food coloring to the layers of your wedding cake to create a dramatic organic visual ombre effect. To show you just how fab this cake trend is we have rounded up 10 of our favorite ideas from cake designers from all around the globe…

Let’s be honest: the wedding cake is one of the best parts of the wedding reception!

The floating layer cake trend is one we didn’t even know we were missing from our lives until we saw it!

Adding a non-cake layer between one or all the layers creates the prettiest “floating” illusion and makes it feel more artsy and modern.

If you don’t want a white wedding cake but don’t want to over-do it on color, pastels are that perfectly happy medium! A touch of pastel on your wedding cake with fondant or hand-painted details will elevate your cake design with a fresh twist.

Fruit might not be the first topping that comes to mind when you think of wedding cakes, but we think it’s time it joins the list. You can create so many looks with the simple addition of berries, figs, or citrus and it adds another textural component your guests are sure to love!

We sincerely hope that wedding cakes adorned with florals will never, ever go out of style!

For 2020, though, we’re thinking the floral accents should be larger and more vibrant than ever before. We’re talking cascading down the sides, covering the top, and essentially looking like a floral arrangement of its own.

Last but certainly not least is the “go big or go home” wedding cake that features a different texture and design on every single delicious layer!

If you just can’t decide on one design, you love the eclectic look, or you want your wedding cake to be the focal point of your wedding reception, this trend is for you!

We know you’ve got lots of decisions ahead of you. Don’t let it overwhelm you! Check out these collections of curated wedding images right here.

Also, choosing your save the dates and wedding invitations can have their own challenges. Don’t let it be that way. Get in touch with us here! We’ll schedule some time to chat with Fran, and we know that she’ll be able to address all your questions and concerns.

Your day is going to be amazing.


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