LGBT Wedding Destinations & New Traditions

Happy brides at their garden party LGBT wedding.Gay and lesbian weddings are still in their infancy, but already some trends and new LGBT wedding traditions are emerging.


Be it a new and practical option or a twist on ancient tradition, same-sex couples are getting creative with their LGBT wedding events. We love that!

The Invitations by R Squared team has rounded up a few of the charming and lovely touches we’ve seen in same sex wedding world …

The Giveaway – The age-old ritual of the bride being given away by her fatherGrooms and their wedding party at their LGBT wedding. doesn’t always translate very well into LGBT weddings, but this is a great opportunity to do things your way.

After all, why shouldn’t you both get to walk down the aisle? And why shouldn’t you get to choose who (if anyone) will walk with you? Lots of couples now link arms with, not one but, two parents as they make that emotional journey toward their vows.

Many others choose to walk solo to the spot where they’ll say their vows. After all, it’s a grown-up kind of action, so why not be independent? Whatever your decision, make sure it resonates with your personality and principles so that you can look back proudly on your choice.

What a lovely setting for a farm themed LGBT wedding.Covenants – Here’s your ‘something old!’ Covenants have been used at weddings for hundreds of years. They are large sheets of paper upon which all guests are expected to sign their names, along with the officiant, couple and ‘official’ witnesses. Why is this so popular at LGBT weddings? Well, it’s a nice touch anyway and makes everyone feel included. It can even substitute a guestbook.

A ‘community’ commitment may be particularly significant for gay and lesbian couples, who may have historically had a harder time and less support from their network. In this context, each guest being a part of the LGBT wedding is a reminder of how far things have come – and a reminder to any less open-minded relatives that love is love.

Pre-ceremony cocktail hour – A generous way to get the conversation You can see the joy at this LGBT wedding!flowing even earlier! For guests, entering a room with a load of strangers sitting quietly isn’t that appealing.

Gay and lesbian couples are increasingly opting for a cocktail hour (or half-hour) before the ceremony. It makes guests more at ease, which will add to the joyful atmosphere as you say your vows.

Two aisles – Because choosing who gets to walk down first is just too tricky! Sure, there’s rock, paper, scissors, but two walkways are now popular, particularly with lesbian couples, who are more likely to proceed down to the front of the room (come on, grooms – no reason you can’t do it too!).

Some couples choose to decorate the aisles differently, with individual touches. Your photographer will go into meltdown when it’s time to enter the room, but don’t let that stop you from adopting this touching tradition.

Two handsome grooms at their LGBT wedding.New readings – Let’s face it: if you’re a LGBT couple, you can’t sleepwalk into the done-to-death readings in the same way heterosexual couples might. While anyone can fall into the cliché trap, gay and lesbian couples often must dig a bit deeper for quotes about love, as so many refer to ‘one man and one woman’.

This extra hard work can be stressful, yes, but it can result in some of the best moments of your day in which your guests get to hear something beautiful and original. If you’re not sure where to start, check us out on Instagram for some of our favorite gender-neutral love quotes.

It’s always exciting news in the event world when a country changes its stance on Gold touches highlight this outdoor LGBT wedding.same-sex marriage, LGBT wedding events, and opens its borders to all couples, regardless of different views or values.

LGBT-friendly countries are seeing increased travel and tourism from weddings, honeymoons, conferences, and other special events.

Now, let’s look at some of the emerging LGBT wedding destinations around the world:

Could these two be any happier, celebrating their LGBT wedding?Starting off in the U.S., New York – the Big Apple – is one of the most welcoming and accepting cities in the world. In a city where individualism rings true, travelers of all walks of life are sure to find something exciting and entertaining, whether it’s cocktail hour on the High Line or tickets for the group to “Hamilton” (with a little planning of course!).

Europe.  Paris. Venice. Ibiza. There’s just something about Europe that exudes culture and history – perfect for any history buff who is after the finer things in life. Luxury hotels, iconic attractions, and savory cuisines draw in crowds from afar, making Europe an ideal location for same-sex couples to host a celebration.

With Vancouver, B.C., as one of the most liberal hotspots in North America,

Can you see the joy at this LGBT wedding?

British Columbia has quickly become a popular destination for LGBT couples to get a taste of adventure in the Rockies while retreating to fashionable cities for great food and accommodations. British Columbia also lends a bit of an Old World feel for those after a cozy, quaint retreat.

South Africa offers a wealth of activities for any adventure-seeker, as well as a lively metropolis for anyone looking for high-end accommodations, refined food, and luxury shopping opportunities. LGBT couples are warmly welcomed and are offered the whole array of experiences, whether they want to embark on a safari tour or to a getaway to a beachside cabana.

Handsome grooms at their Napa, California vineyard LGBT wedding.Don’t let the size of New Zealand fool you–this small island packs a punch, with an abundance of outdoor adventures that await every traveler. From world-class resorts to volcanic parks, there is truly something in New Zealand for every visitor. Auckland and Queenstown are equally vibrant cities to explore and tourists that are just a short flight away from Australia if island-hopping is the plan.

You’re just in the beginning planning stages, and we know that challenges can cause some stress and possibly flagging motivation.  We’ve built some fabulous inspiration boards right here to help you stay your course.  Still feeling overwhelmed or stuck?  Fly us an email, and schedule a consultation with our fearless leader, the Fabulous Fran, to help you gain some clarity and direction in destination wedding stationery choices.

Of course, the global landscape changes every day for LGBT couples, so stay tuned in the news to keep abreast of any major changes.  In the meantime, we are so thrilled for your wedding and your brilliant future together!

Two grooms embarking on their brilliant future at their LGBT wedding.

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