LGBTQ couples consider Mexico!

lgbtq wedding in mexicoThere are three things you know you can expect from a LGBTQ destination wedding in Mexico: glorious weather, welcoming locals, and tequila to spare!

From that starting point though, your destination wedding is bound to be colored with plenty of local flavor and charm depending on the destination you guys ultimately choose. From the epic Cancun parties to the sleepy surf and resort towns like Zihuantanejo beckoning honeymooners, there are amazing opportunities for every style, taste and budget in Mexico!

We’ve done the research for you of finding the perfect destination weddinglgbtq wedding in mexico locations in Mexico. 

Our community of wedding planning professionals have shared the most awesome information with us about where to go for your dream wedding. 

Whether it’s a vacation or LGBTQ destination wedding, the trip of a lifetime awaits you in Mexico.

Our first stop in Mexico is Cancun.


Among Mexico’s planned vacation towns, Cancun has certainly earned its reputation as an LGBT party hotspot.

Beautiful beaches and people combine to make Cancun a haven for its lively “see and be seen” culture. Still there’s more to this bustling resort town than meets the eye.

lgbtq wedding in mexicoTucked along the world’s second largest reef, divers come from all over come to experience the world-class snorkeling. If you’re a history buff, there are several Mayan monuments and ruins to explore, while shoppers will need to make time for the luxury boutiques lining the hotel district.

Legal ceremonies are not currently performed for same-sex couples in Quintana Roo, though same-sex marriages are recognized.

Next up … Riviera Maya – the jewel of Mexico

This unforgettable Caribbean coastline is home to lush jungle, archaeological ruins and unspoiled, white sand beaches.

Originally called the Cancun-Tulum corridor, this sprawling stretch of lgbtq wedding in mexicoCaribbean coastline on the Yucatan Peninsula is known for its brightly-lit reef waters and white sand beaches.

Riviera Maya is comprised of several smaller resort towns and villages, including Tulum, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, each with their own vibe. Located on the Belize Barrier Reef, snorkeling, jet skiing and scuba diving are popular excursions, as are day trips to the region’s many archaeological ruins.

The beaches of Riviera Maya are postcard-worthy, so lazy beach days will never end in disappointment.

Moving on to Zihuantanejo – one of our favorite places to wed in Mexico.

Walk the cobblestone streets of this old-world fishing village and discover the authentic beauty of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

lgbtq wedding in mexicoJust four miles away from Ixtapa, Zihuantanejo was once a sleepy hideaway for pirates and hippies. This small town has still managed to maintain its authentic charm, even with the arrival of luxury hotels and resorts nearby.

Fisherman here still meet every morning to reel in and sell their catch of the day along the pier, and there are plenty of remote beaches and quaint shops lining the cobblestone streets.

With a laidback and romantic feel, “Zihua” is a perfect option for couples looking to escape and relax.

Let’s talk about Cabo San Lucas – the party spot of Mexico.

This formerly sleepy fishing village blends stunning views of the desert, lgbtq wedding in mexicomountains, and beaches on the Baja California coast.

Cabo San Lucas, also known as just “Cabo,” is a popular Pacific-coast getaway for both Mexican and international tourists alike.

Known for its sophisticated and glamorous beach culture, Cabo has a prolific marine life, making it a natural hub for fisherman and water sport enthusiasts. You will also find top-rate amenities and services, along with some of the country’s best spas.

A stay here is not complete without a trip to Al Arco, a stunning natural rock formation that juts into the harbor just offshore.

Moving on to Huatulco.

Nine secluded bays nestled on golden, Pacific beaches make Huatulco a stunning and quiet retreat.

With a recent boom in ecotourism, it’s no surprise that Huatulco weddings and honeymoons have attracted so many travelers, especially with its undisturbed stretches of nature and eco-friendly adventures. 

Both on land and in the water, there are plenty of opportunities to see why Huatulco was awarded the Green Globe Certification for commitment to environmental protection.

lgbtq wedding in mexicoEspecially popular are zip-lining expeditions through the jungle, along with bird watching, rafting, kayaking and fishing. Huatulco’s urban center, La Crucecita, is a great place to enjoy downtime between your outdoor adventures.

If you’re planning a winter wedding but want the warmth of the tropics, look no further. 

Now is the perfect time to start dreaming about and planning your South of the Border nuptials.

There are two types of marriages in Mexico—civil and religious, and only the civil ones are considered legal for everyone, gays and straights included. Every state in Mexico has different laws governing marriage and divorce.

For now, only two spots have legalized same-sex unions: Mexico City (which is like Washington, D.C.—independently functioning government) and the northeast state of Coahuila.

We say, stick with Mexico City as it is actively courting gay and lesbian wedding couples through their Tourism office. 

Good news: you don’t have to marry a Mexican to get hitched there; lgbtq wedding in mexicoforeigners have been marrying each other in the country for years. Bad news: in advance, you must manage some very specific paperwork and applications, and have it officially translated into Spanish.

In addition, there are simple medical tests that must to be completed in Mexico (chest x-rays and a blood test) which means that you should plan to arrive at least three days ahead of your marriage ceremony to get everything accomplished. You can find out more about that here

One of the hottest tips we’ve got is for you to check out one of the boutique hotels from Grupo Habita.

Ten years ago, the company redefined South of the Border chic with the opening of Habita Hotel and later Condesa DF, both of them named to Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List. The properties are renovated to perfection, with glamorous and modern touches and terrific dining options. The hotels are extremely gay-friendly and attract the local fashion and film Chilangos (slang for residents of the city), as well as upscale travelers.

lgbtq wedding in mexicoWhile you’re waiting for your medical tests, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied.

Everyone will tell you to head to the pyramids outside the city, and to Frida Kahlo’s house—and we will, too. But here’s one more tip from a recent visit: head to the La Roma district, a gentrifyied area with beautiful streets and renovated homes, filled with galleries and shops.

A good starting point would be the new boutique Hotel Brick for an outdoor coffee—and then spend your time wandering the streets.

Once you get your location pinned down, you’ll need Save the Date cards, LGBTQ destination wedding invitations, and other elements of a stellar wedding stationery suite. 

We also know that you’re going to have a lot to juggle, and it is imperative that you stay inspired and motivated.  We’ve put together collections of lgbtq wedding in mexicoimages over here to help with that.

We’re here to help you sort it all out.  Fran is ready to chat with you, and we know you’re going to love her.  Such a talent with color and papers and fonts! 

We know your LGBTQ destination wedding is going to be exquisitely magical and completely memorable.



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