LGBTQ destination wedding on a shoestring … Here’s how!

LGBTQ destination weddingIt’s a known fact that a LGBTQ destination wedding done right can afford the marrying couple a huge savings.

Or – at least – the opportunity to splurge a bit on some areas that are very important to the marrying couple.

We’ve talked with several of our LGBTQ couples, and our community of wedding planning professionals (specializing in LGBTQ wedding planning) to search out the best kept secrets to share with today’s smart and savvy couples.

We’re sharing these LGBTQ destination wedding secrets here, with you!

We’ve invested a ton of time researching the best and most affordable LGBTQ LGBTQ destination weddingdestination wedding locations and have found that Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica offer the most wallet friendly options.  You can check out some of these here, here and here.

Geographically, traveling from the states to any of these locations is easy and fairly economical.

When it comes to Save the Date cards and LGBTQ destination wedding invitations, you can choose something you love, since you are enjoying a considerable savings elsewhere.

You get to create your party with your very closest friends and dearest family members with a LGBTQ destination wedding.

You won’t be inviting all your co-workers, the uncle or cousin that picks a fight with everyone, or your favorite aunt’s fourth ex-husband’s step daughter’s husband’s fourth cousin.  With that in mind, you can afford to splurge a little bit on some fantastic whimsical keepsake Save the Date cards and LGBTQ destination wedding invitations.

LGBTQ destination weddingCheck out what we have to offer here.

Another really big savings is the fact that you can combine your special ceremony and your honeymoon at the same LGBTQ destination wedding location.

In talking with our sources, we found that the Bahamas is an extremely affordable LGBTQ destination wedding with excellent vendors and offers sheer perfection for couples planning a “weddingmoon”.

There are over seven hundred islands from which to choose in the Bahamas and you can wed on one and honeymoon on any one of the others very economically.

Another big savings you will enjoy with a LGBTQ destination wedding is with floral décor. LGBTQ destination wedding

Destination weddings are usually in an exotic locale and with an amazing setting, who needs a ton of spendy décor?

Here’s another BIG secret to BIG savings …

Choose a date as close to or even during off-peak season for your LGBTQ destination wedding.

Today’s smart couples can totally research what the timing is for peak season at their locations of choice, and plan on avoiding that time of the year.  Some tropical locations are known for their Hurricane and Monsoon seasons, and it’s not likely that you would choose that location during those times.

However, a couple of weeks before or after are completely doable, sometimes at a significant savings.

LGBTQ destination weddingWhen one is marrying away, resorts can count on blocks of reserved rooms for groups of fifteen to seventy-five, or more, guests.

Be sure to negotiate discounts and perks for your group!  If you can arrange for everyone to fly at the same time, or perhaps in small groups, you could also enjoy a group discount from the airlines.

Some resorts offer free welcome reception and honeymoon upgrades, free nights and many other freebies for you and your guests.

Visit this website to read about some resorts offering options of this kind.

There are many very nice resorts that offer very basic complimentary or very LGBTQ destination weddingaffordable inclusive LGBTQ destination wedding packages, provided that a certain number of nights are booked or a certain number of guests are going to be booking their accommodations.

Resorts like these are the perfect option for penny-wise couples who are seeking small, uncomplicated and, most of all, affordable destination weddings.  The LGBTQ destination wedding planning expert at the Conde Nast Bridal Group recommends Dreams, Sandals or Beaches for very affordable LGBTQ destination wedding choices.

Some factors to keep in mind are:

  • Does your choice of resort require a minimum purchase of nights?
  • Will all your attending guests be able to afford your accommodation of choice?
  • If you are going to be availing yourself of a complimentary wedding package, be sure to find out the maximum guest count to ensure that you don’t wind up with a costly extra guest charge.
  • Be aware of all the extras that could raise your expenses and utilize the resort’s on-site vendors to avoid incurring additional costs.
  • Inclusive LGBTQ destination wedding packages will often include dinner reservations at a restaurant at the resort of your choice.
  • Private functions are going to cost extra.
  • Carefully consider your list of must-haves with regard to welcome and rehearsal dinners, reception or after-ceremony parties and farewell meals.

LGBTQ destination weddingThere are usually several options available at any inclusive LGBTQ destination wedding resort, and most of these are fantastic choices for seamless and stress-free ceremonies.

There are lots of couples who have successfully planned and executed truly romantic and magical LGBTQ destination wedding on the cheap.  You can, too, by following these tips, doing some rock-solid research and carefully planning your budget.

Once you’ve chosen a fabulous, exotic destination, and a date to host your event, your next step is wedding stationery!

Get in touch with us, and schedule some time to talk with Fran.  She’s amazing, and the expert you need to help with color and paper choices, wording, fonts, LGBTQ destination weddingand more!

We’ve got some beautiful offerings over here that can be customized for every LGBTQ destination wedding.

In the meantime, we’ve put together this amazing collection of wedding images.  Come see!

We know that there are challenges in planning an LGBTQ destination wedding.  We also know that love always wins, and your special day is going to be the absolute highlight of the beginning of your new journey together.

We’re over-the-moon thrilled for you.  All this magic!  Nothing short of your Best Day Ever!

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