LGBTQ Destination Weddings

South  and Central America – especially Costa Rica – offers some of the most beautiful locations to host your LGBTQ destination wedding!

Word came down in November of 2018 that same-sex couples in Costa Rica will have the right to get married by mid-2020, the nation’s constitutional court has ruled, a first for socially conservative Central America.

In a majority decision, the court backed the opinion of the San Jose-based Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which said in January that countries in the region should legalize same-sex unions. Outstanding news for LGBTQ couples planning a destination wedding!

We’re so excited, and you should be, too! Every victory for marriage equality is a victory for same-sex couples around the globe.

With all of these wedding bells ringing for same-sex couples around the globe, many a betrothal is followed by an even more daunting question: Where to get hitched?

The world map shows marriage equality dominating the Western Hemisphere and Europe, though countries like South Africa and New Zealand are in the mix too, with Taiwan, Mexico, and several Eastern-European nations expected to join the party soon.

We’ve picked a few of our favorite places friendly to same-sex couples and LGBTQ destination wedding events, and here they are!

Australia – One of the newer countries to the LGBTQ destination wedding party arrived in late 2017, when Australia’s parliament voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage after a hugely successful public referendum.

The challenge now is zeroing in on the perfect spot for a down-under destination wedding. Sydney and Melbourne are obvious choices thanks to their vibrant queer communities and urban glamour.

But whether a couple prefers a cosmopolitan or rural locale, they’d be wise to check out Sydney-based Equally Wed, an online resource of LGBTQ-friendly venues, services, entertainers, and other professionals keen to help craft a perfect affair.

Argentina – Argentina was the first Latin American country to establish marriage equality back in 2010. Since then, LGBTQ travelers have fallen for this broad-minded country, especially its capital city.

Buenos Aires appeals for its beauty, history, and gastronomy—and since it’s in the Southern Hemisphere, an October or November wedding brings fresh blooms and warmth, without the North American spring-wedding craziness.

Check out the gay-friendly Faena Hotel in the chic Puerto Madero neighborhood for waterfront views and a choice of event spaces, each offering a positively romantic, Argentinian atmosphere.

Martinique – The Caribbean region has been slow to embrace marriage equality, but the French territory of Martinique stands out as a top tropical spot for full legal ceremonies.

The island is among the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, offering lush forests, sandy beaches, and incredible Creole culinary culture. Thanks to its heritage, Martinique islanders speak French and spend euros, and they welcome couples to the isle’s gay-friendly shores.

Brazil – South America’s largest nation began welcoming LGBTQ destination weddings in 2013, building on a civil-union law instituted in 2004.

While the big cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo may seem like obvious choices for celebratory occasions, another, more intimate option awaits. Trancoso is an off-the-radar beach town in Bahia that’s home to two LGBTQ-friendly hotels.

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa offers both beach access and a central spot in the historic Quadrado (town square).

There’s also Estrela d’Agua, a casual beachside resort with bungalows, suites, and dreamy open-air gathering spaces to enshrine a bit of coastal nature in every wedding memory.

Puerto Vallarta – Though civil unions are legal, full marriage equality has not yet arrived across Mexico. But 12 states have legalized it, including Jalisco on the Pacific coast.

That makes gay-friendly Puerto Vallarta prime territory for a breezy wedding on the beach, at a posh resort, or at a venue that offers both.

Almar Resort is the city’s only “luxury LGBTQ” beachfront hotel and can host large or small ceremonies in its big, open-air banquet hall, especially with the help of its in-house wedding planner—who will ensure all goes as smoothly as white ocean sand.

Tahiti – If you’ve always wanted a wedding that’s so far away you may as well stay for an extended honeymoon, Bora Bora may be just the ticket.

It’s northwest of Tahiti and part of French Polynesia, so LGBT couples have been getting hitched there since 2013 (under French law). Planners at know the ropes and help navigate the logistics of a South Pacific ceremony, as can the gay-friendly wedding coordinators at luxury resorts like the St. Regis, InterContinental, or Four Seasons.

Spain – Spain is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world for LGBTQ destination wedding parties.

Many of its big cities host annual Pride events, as well as LGBTQ film festivals,  music festivals, and cultural celebrations.

In 2017, WorldPride went even further, helping to solidify Madrid’s place as a European queer capital. And since Spain was the third nation to institute marriage equality way back in 2005, it makes sense that couples would want to tie the knot there.

Sitges, just south of Barcelona, is an enchanting locale that’s a prime spot for nuptials thanks to its prime coastal spot, and legacy of artists who long ago established the town as a free-thinking creative hub.

These days, resorts like Dolce Sitges offers LGBTQ-specific wedding coordination that lets couples mark their big day with a dose of Iberian elegance.

Once you choose a location and a date, you’re going to have to start looking at LGBTQ destination wedding stationery, including Save the Date cards and wedding invitations. 

You may need a little support with this process, and you can find that here.  Let’s schedule some time for you to chat with Fran.  She can help you incorporate your colors into your wedding stationery, choose papers and fonts, as well as a whole world of embellishments that are available.  

We have also put together several collections of trend-forward wedding images over here.  You’re gonna love these!

This is going to be the most amazing, most magical event of your life.  We’re so happy and excited for you.  Love always wins!

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