LGBTQ destination weddings … in Florida!

LGBTQ weddingAs of June 26th, 2015, same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 US States. A victory for the LGBTQ community! 

Say good-bye to commitment ceremonies and hello to weddings!

With so many LGBTQ couples getting married, a man and a man or a woman and a woman joining in matrimony is a step in the right direction away from age-old customs and judgements.

With your wedding only a plane flight away, your Save the Date cards and maybe even your wedding invitations in the mail, you can still make it be everything you and your partner dreamed of.

Every couple has their own journey to the aisle and it is that story that brings a wedding to life.

More LGBTQ destination couples recognize this and make choices that break away from the standard destination wedding packages in favor of taking details into their own hands, capturing their love story in a unique and highly personal way.LGBTQ wedding

Whether it’s ethnic attire, sentimental personalized vows, custom favors or local foods, personalizing your wedding will allow you to make the memories last a lifetime. Each detail of a LGBTQ couple’s wedding day should be a thoughtful expression of their love for each other.

LGBTQ destination weddings bring together guests from all over the world, and couples are recognizing this unique opportunity by planning group adventures and activities that offer amazing and entirely memorable experiences. 

LGBT families come in all shapes and sizes.

As a result, we’re seeing a significant increase in interest for LGBTQ family-friendly resorts. 

These offer LGBTQ couples the opportunity to bring guests of all ages. This is particularly favored by couples that like to include their own children, or plan to invite guests and their children.

So whether it is a volleyball tournament on the beach, a snorkeling adventure, zip lining, a catamaran cruise, parasailing, wiLGBTQ weddingne tasting or a tour of local historical sites, local adventures are the perfect way to make the journey even more special and memorable for your guests.  Planning ahead for these adventures by pre-booking is an important (and cost effective!) strategy. 

Wedding photographers are also joining in on the fun, as LGBTQ couples are now hiring professionals to capture every adventure as it unfolds.

Destination weddings don’t just offer one special day – they bring a completely unique wedding and travel experience for the LGBT couple and guests alike.

LGBTQ couples now can share their love across all borders, celebrating their vows in a loving environment among family and friends.

Love is love no matter who you are, no matter who you love.

Let’s talk about one of the most awesome areas for your LGBTQ destination weddLGBTQ weddinging – Florida! 

You and your partner have fallen in love and now you want to commit to one another a lifetime of love and happiness. Your choices? Marry in your hometown or head to the warmest spot in the country and pay tribute to your relationship with a romantic Florida beach LGBTQ destination wedding.

You can elope to Florida for a romantic sunset wedding, just the two of you, and have a romantic exchange of promises barefoot on the beach.

Or you can source one of the many stellar wedding planners to make your dreams come true with an elegant Florida beach wedding – complete with officiant, photographer, beautifully decorated arbor, music, flowers and as many guests as you desire to share your special day with, in any style that reflects your personality and that of your partner.

Tide the Knot Beach Weddings offers the best in Florida beach weddings and vow renewals at a variety LGBTQ weddingof Gulf Coast venues.  Visit their website here.  Many people have fought hard the past few years to see Florida and all other states stand up for equal rights. Tide the Knot brings you a wonderfully caring team of professionals that take an epic amount of pride in making your dreams come true helping you build your Florida beach destination wedding.

We have worked hard to put together some really awesome collections of images for you, offering great collections of ideas and inspiration.  Please visit them here.  You won’t be sorry.

The entire team here at Invitations by R Squared wishes all couples the happiest of wedding days.  Particularly with LGBTQ weddings, where couples and many others have fought for the right to legally have their weddings recognized, we want to extend our extra special best wishes for your magical day. 

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