LGBTQ Destination Weddings – What’s hot, what’s not

LGBTQ-destination-weddingWhen it comes to LGBTQ destination weddings, and wedding trends, finding out what’s hot and what’s not can be challenging.

We’ve done some research about LGBTQ weddings and LGBTQ destination wedding planning.  As we suspected, planning a LGBTQ destination wedding brings with it most of the same elements and challenges as planning any other wedding, with some very unique exceptions.  

LGBTQ-destination-weddingFirst of all, EVERY wedding is going to cost money. 

Your LGBTQ wedding – whether it’s a hometown affair or an exotic destination do – is going to very likely take everything you’ve got.  Tradition – well, traditional tradition anyway – dictates that the parents of the bride pay for the wedding.  Yeah, we know.  Under some circumstances, you might have to say, “Good luck with that…” and move on to plan B.

Our team learned that some vendors are so thrilled to be involved in all these LGBTQ weddings, that they are actually offering discounts for being who you are!  Seriously. They’re just wanting to celebrate right along with you, so – if it comes up – take the discount!

Next, let’s talk about who you’re going toLGBTQ-destination-wedding invite to this clambake. 

Choosing your Save the Date cards and destination wedding invitations is going to be easier than building your invite list.  Just saying. 

The guest list for any wedding is a challenge.  Planning an invitation list for a LGBTQ destination or hometown wedding presents a whole different set of challenges.  You know what we mean. The complications of family members who are less than enamored by your sexuality.  There will be those. 

What our team found with regard to this is the overwhelmingly frequent LGBTQ-destination-weddingpiece of advice:  “Invite who you want, even those who might be uncomfortable, and give them an out by urging them to attend ONLY if they’re comfortable in doing so.” 

This day is about the love you and your partner share.  Surround yourselves with those who will celebrate freely with you, and keep that in mind when planning your invite list.

We must say this:  Dear lesbian couples, if you are both going to wear dresses for your fabulous destination wedding event, please know that white comes in probably 92,000,000 variations. 

If you’re hoping to match exactly, you may wish to rethink that.  Also, theLGBTQ-destination-wedding predicted trend for 2020 for LGBTQ destination weddings is COLOR!  Big, bold color.  Jewel tones.  Ruby red, amethyst, sapphire and emerald.  Wearing dresses?  We say, one of you rock white and one of you go for a bold color statement.

Wait.  One of you is planning on a suit, you say? 

On occasion, unless you have a tailor or seamstress in possession of magical powers, you may find it challenging to make a suit designed for a male-bodied human really work for a female-bodied human.  The team found some great resources here and here, where you can find suits for any human.

LGBTQ-destination-weddingAnother wedding trend for 2020, across the board, not just for the LGBTQ crowd … and this is BIG people … the distinct lack of gender divisions in the wedding party. 

It doesn’t matter, really, if your do is LGBTQ or straight.  If you’re having a wedding party, then make it A PARTY, with your nearest and dearest.  If your best friend is a guy, then he’ll be the head of your wedding party.  It’s all about the love people!

A few brief words about décor.  There is no difference.  Sure, there are trends in color, style, rustic chic, metropolitan elegance, themes and more.  But at the end of the day – when it comes to décor – a wedding really IS a wedding, straight, LGBTQ, hometown or destination wedding.  Check outLGBTQ-destination-wedding our collections of wedding images over here for some stellar inspiration.

When the time comes to choose your Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, and day-of stationery, we’re here to help.  Reach out.  We’d love to talk with you!

In the meantime, here’s a whole bunch of curated images to keep you inspired and moving forward.

We LOVE love and we say at Invitations by R Squared, “Three cheers for marrying whomever you want, however you want!”




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