LGBTQ Destination Weddings


Brides at their same-sex destination beach wedding.

Over 20 countries now allow same-sex marriage, as do all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. LGBT couples can take their vows literally anywhere in the world; beside a volcano, atop a glacier or in a countryside church in fabulous locations from Iceland to Tahiti. Before you can send out your fabulous Save the Date cards and LGBT wedding invitations (like these), you’ll have to choose an amazing location to hold your equally fabulous celebration.

Dozens of LGBTQ couples joined the long line of lovebirds who take the plunge each year in Hawaii’s exotic paradise. After the wedding, the honeymoon is ready to commence! Swim in waterfall pools, sway in beachside hammocks, sip celebratory tropical cocktails, ride horses on the beach. The Aloha spirit, coupled with generations of diverse populations living in harmony, results in a laid-back, no-one-looks-twice vibe. Oahu and Maui are particularly LGBTQ friendly, with many businesses, vendors and resorts catering specifically to the LGBTQ community.

The rainbow flag flies freer in San Francisco than anywhere else on the planet. For over fiftyGrooms in colorful wedding tunics. years, the Castro District has been the epicenter of American gay and lesbian culture. An unparalleled number of bars, shops, eateries and hotels cater to your community. Consider the city’s breathtaking hills, brooding fog and exquisite foodie fare as kismet. Check out all the details you’ll ever need right here.

LGBTQ-welcoming Buenos Aires is one of Latin America’s gay capitals. When you’re not carving into a steak washed down by an offering of a velvety Argentine wine, you can visit Evita’s grave, or poke around the San Telmo street market, where tango performers let loose. The city offers several places to learn the sultry dance. LGBTQ -friendly cafes and guesthouses dot the neighborhoods of San Telmo, Retiro, Barrio Norte and Palermo Viejo.

Cape Town is Africa’s gayest city, and its beauty is unparalleled. Breathtaking mountains, sculpture-lined parks and golden beaches all vie for attention. Bohocharming gay destination wedding invitation-chic gayborhoods such as De Waterkant entertain. Bacchanalian vineyards dot the outlying areas. And what other wedding destination boasts penguin visiting tours and shark-cage diving? Plan for a honeymoon on safari honeymoon and add hippos, lions, giraffes and zebras to the viewing list.

Coconut groves, blue-green lagoons and chalk-white sand make Tahiti the perfect exotic LGBTQ destination wedding location. Most hotels are geared up to perform weddings, and they don’t get any sexier or fun than at Le Meridien on Bora Bora. Spend your wedding night in a thatched-roof bungalow with a glass floor over fish-speckled water.

Located beside a glassy lake and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Queenstown is New Zealand’s most popular resort area, known for its extreme sports and adventure opportunities. After saying ‘I do’, neBrides in black and white wedding dresses.wlyweds can test their bond by jet boating, whitewater rafting, skydiving and bungee jumping.

Walk down the aisle at Top of the Rock, Lincoln Center or the Central Park Zoo. A New York LGBTQ destination wedding will require a boatload of money, but the point is anything goes in NYC. Iconic restaurants, Broadway theaters and the well-known LGBTQ neighborhoods of Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen ensure post-wedding festivities galore.

Soon after Iceland legalized same-sex marriage in June 2010, the prime minister – the world’s first openly lesbian head of state – married her partner. Iceland is incredibly welcoming to all, but particularly the LGBTQ community. Choose from a number of amazing backdrops for the ceremony: a thundering waterfall, in a rustic wood chapel or surrounded by gigantic blue glaciers.

Vancouver is lwhimsical lgbt destination wedding invitationike the LGBTQ version of Las Vegas for destination nuptials. There are easy-to-follow instructions to tie the knot in Canada here and a thriving LGBT community to drink and dine among. But it’s the breathtaking mountain and oceanic beauty that’s the huge attraction. Adventure-seeking spouses add on a trip to nearby Whistler for world-class skiing and mountain biking.

Boston draws all kinds of couples with its cobbled colonial lanes, Paul Revere-era churches, oyster houses and ocean vistas. LGBTQ justices of the peace and wedding planners abound, and ritzy boutique hotels like the XV Beacon regularly host cozy LGBTQ desBeautiful brides at their gay destination weddingtination weddings. They’ve had lots of practice: Massachusetts was the first US state to legalize same-sex marriage, back in 2004.

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