LGBTQ tropical destination weddings we love

LGBTQ tropical destination weddingThere are so many romantic and exotic choices when it comes to tropical LGBTQ destination wedding locations and venues!

Omigosh, we had so much fun exploring some super fun and amazing locations for your LGBTQ tropical destination wedding, we nearly didn’t know where to start!

We’re bringing you the top picks for all of us at Invitations by R Squared!

And we’ve got some fabulous tropical and beach themed choices for wedding LGBTQ tropical destination weddinginvitations and stationery right here!

We do make every effort to bring you information that is up to date, however, resorts, wedding packages and laws do change.  Things change in the wedding world pretty quickly, and we cannot guarantee that all information we collected regarding rules, regulations, and marriage requirements at particular sites are completely accurate six months after we gathered it.

Before making marriage decisions on a specific LGBTQ tropical destination wedding locale, we highly recommend you speak with a wedding planning professional, who has staged events at your location of choice, to verify rules at a particular destination before finalizing your travel plans.

After a LOT of discussion, here are our favorite LGBTQ tropical destination wedding locations:

Our first stop is Central America.

LGBTQ tropical destination weddingGifting couples with more diversity per square mile than any other destination on earth, Costa Rica is a veritable wonderland for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers. Those couples seeking an eco-friendly experience with their LGBTQ tropical destination wedding are in luck!

Whether you want to scale a waterfall amidst the chatter of monkeys and toucans in a rainforest or sip fair-trade coffee at a San Jose café, there’s endless experiences waiting for you in this stunning landscape.

Bordered by the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Central America is home to scores of wild, breathtaking beaches. From the striking black volcanic sands along Costa Rica’s famous surf towns to the powdery white beaches along Belize’s Caribbean waters, there is a spot along the water for every type of beach lover.

If you prefer to be on land, there are verdant LGBTQ tropical destination weddingmountains and hundreds of national parks that are perfect for horseback riding, hiking, zip lining and cave exploration.

Central America is also rich in history and culture, so exploring Mayan ruins or visiting a neighborhood festival are great ways to mingle with the friendly and warm locals. In short, you can expect the unexpected on a trip to stunning and wild Central America.

You can read more about some fabulous LGBTQ tropical destination wedding locations right here.

Another location that we love for a LGBTQ tropical destination wedding is just about anywhere in the Dominican Republic.

LGBTQ tropical destination weddingThis country is home to both Atlantic and Caribbean-facing beaches, with colorful resort towns and plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts.

Many travelers enjoy Santo Domingo, the colorful capital city with plenty of nightlife options. On the Caribbean side, small resort towns are perfect for snorkeling and diving, while the Atlantic coast has surf and fishing towns amidst plush tropical rainforest.

The country is home to many natural wonders. White-water rafting in Puerto Plata is a great way to get adrenaline pumping and see towering rainforest canopies, while Punta Cana is home to Hoyo Azul, a chilly, neon-blue lagoon that’s perfect for diving into on a hot day.

The Dominican Republic is also known for its underwater caves and mangroves, which make for memorable underwater excursions.

On land, the island has some of the best golf courses in the Caribbean, includingLGBTQ tropical destination wedding the famed Teeth of the Dog course in La Romana. Or, if you prefer seclusion, there are miles of coconut palms and small towns to explore. Whatever you chose in the Dominican Republic, you can be sure you will find great beaches and a chance for romance and exploration.

What’s not to love about planning a LGBTQ tropical destination wedding in Argentina?

Much of Argentina’s beauty can be found in its varied countryside.  In fact, Argentina has so many different environments, we found it challenging to choose a few to talk about for planning LGBTQ tropical destination wedding events.

LGBTQ tropical destination weddingThese range from glacier-filled Patagonia to wine country and stunning national parks. For hikers, wine-lovers and pure adventure travelers, there’s nothing else in the world like it. Still, we won’t judge if you do head back to Buenos Aires for an extended stay. This classic and iconic city offers endless pleasures, whether you dance at a tango club or explore its chic shops.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Argentina since July 2010. To marry, one member of the couple must appear at least 10 business days before the intended date of marriage at the civil registry’s office. Passports and blood tests at a local hospital are required. Divorce and death decrees are required if there has been a prior marriage.

When planning a LGBTQ tropical destination wedding, it may be important to consider who is on your guest list, and possibly plan an event that doesn’t require a passport.

Like the U.S. Virgin Islands.LGBTQ tropical destination wedding

This group of three small islands is an equally amazing choice that couple love, because they can totally saturate themselves with relaxation and romance.  Perfect for a LGBTQ tropical destination wedding!

The word “exotic” absolutely defines the Virgin Islands, and romance is definitely the order of the day.

The historic and culturally relevant locations abound, combining tradition and island life.  Couples can choose one of these, or opt for a barefoot event on a white sand beach bordered by turquoise waters and palm trees.

A short flight from Puerto Rico in the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix is known for its old plantation homes, rum factories and tropical botanic gardens. With its medley of French, English and American cultural influences, St. Croix is a charming, if eclectic island, with idyllic beaches and beautiful, historic towns.

LGBTQ tropical destination weddingSince St. Croix has quite a few ecological preservations and is home to endangered turtle species, nature-based excursions, and eco-conscious LGBTQ tropical destination wedding events are popular.

The island is known to be very welcoming, boasting a few LGBTQ-centered clubs and hotels.

With 65% of its land covered in pristine national park and secluded beaches, St. John is perfectly remote and uninhabited.

Still, there are many luxurious accommodations to help you appreciate the natural beauty in style—think upscale boutiques and romantic waterfront restaurants. While not known as much for its LGBTQ scene as the other islands, St. John is a great option if you are looking for seclusion and relaxation on your getaway.

St. Thomas has a history dating back to 2500 BC, when the island was first LGBTQ tropical destination weddingsettled by Indians.

Fast-forward a couple thousand years and a few pirates later, St. Thomas is a cosmopolitan Caribbean hideaway with beautiful beaches and duty-free shopping.

Known to be friendly and welcoming, there are a number of LGBTQ establishments in the Frenchtown section that are lovely for your LGBTQ tropical destination wedding event.

There’s also plenty of architecture to explore, including marveling over striking Georgian-styled cathedrals. If you’re looking for a view, be sure to climb the famous 99 steps of the Charlotte Amalie for a breathtaking Caribbean vista.

All the locations we’ve explored here are LGBTQ tropical destination weddingsuper friendly and boast vendors that you’re going to love!

So, now it’s time to choose.  Eco-conscious?  Adventure?  Pure romance at sunset on the beach?  Religious?  Traditional?  So many choices!

Be sure to visit our curated collection of LGBTQ destination wedding images (and SO much more!) right here.

Once you’ve got a couple nailed down, along with a date, get in touch with us!  Fran is here to assist you with save the date cards, wedding invitations, and your other stationery elements.  We can help incorporate your wedding colors, combinations of fonts, and more so that ultimately, you’ll have a LGBTQ tropical destination wedding invitation that is truly a keepsake!

This is going to be your Best Day Ever, filled with romance and magic and everything good!

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