LGBTQ wedding trends for 2018 that we absolutely LOVE!

There are always tons of LGBTQ wedding trends that come and go throughout a wedding season.




Some stick around, sometimes for years. (burlap, anyone?) Since anything wedding is pretty much all we focus on around at Invitations by R Squared, it stands to reason that LGBTQ wedding trends are a huge part of that.

While we love all weddings, and look forward to the day that weddings are not classified as gay-, straight-, or LGTBQ-, we recognize that – for now – it is important to continue to promote equality in all areas for all humans.

What can we say?  We love love, and wholeheartedly believe that it should always be celebrated!

We’ve been talking a lot about LGBTQ wedding trends lately.

In our conversations with our community of LBGTQ wedding planning professionals, we’re hearing that about one-third of LGBTQ couples report that deciding which wedding traditions to uphold was “challenging.”

We say, “Watch the trends.  Talk to your partner.  A lot.  Find what speaks to you both, and make it a new wedding tradition!”

This is your time to celebrate, and make an event that is magical, lovely, and altogether memorable.

So – without further ado – let’s talk about what is expected to be amazing for your 2018 LGBTQ wedding!

The traditional Saturday wedding is changing.  Budget is often a key factor but it can work both ways. Couples may opt for a Friday wedding as it usually means cost savings and the date is more likely to be available if they wish to marry within a shorter time frame.

On the flip side, some couples choose to take up an entire weekend for the wedding.

A weekend wedding allows the couple to have a fantastic celebration but without necessarily taking any/much time off work. They can then have a honeymoon later which may suit their work schedules better.

Generally, these couples like to have a welcome dinner or lunch the day before the wedding, and brunch the day after. The welcome dinner is a fantastic idea if both families don’t know each other – and the perfect way to introduce the in-laws.

Serving locally sourced food at a wedding has become extremely popular, and is a LGBTQ wedding trend that isn’t going anywhere soon.

If you’re electing to host your wedding at a far-flung, possibly exotic location, you have a whole world of amazing regional dishes.

The rise of food festivals and baking programs have led to a rise in couples wanting to ensure that their wedding breakfast is unique to them and reflects their own personalities. Couples are also prepared to spend more on this part of the wedding as they see it as a key memory of the day.

More and more couples will already have children before they marry, so hotels need to ensure that they are catered to.

Whether it is a special children’s menu, activities or maybe even an entertainer for the day. The last thing anyone wants is a group of bored young wedding guests!

More couples are choosing smaller weddings, so a guest number between 20 and 50 is becoming more popular with only their nearest and dearest attending. This does not necessarily mean that cost is less per guest.

Couples are choosing to spend more on food, possibly also paying for the overnight stay too. This size is perfect for many boutique hotels, which have become very trend forward as couples want to create an entirely memorable event, in a welcoming and warm environment.

There are LGBTQ wedding trends in destinations, too, in the wedding world.

We are seeing a lot of couples choosing Asia.  We are predicting with all this buzz, and the crazy beauty of the Asian locations, Asia destinations will be the next hot trend for 2018, into 2019.  Think about Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Bali, Maldives, and the United Arab Emirates.

Couples looking for far-flung destination wedding sites are also seeking luxurious but removed from the hustle and bustle of popular destinations.

The décor and even the entertainment selected for weddings in now being chosen based on the culture of the land. From props, to furniture, lighting, table décor, there is a focus on tropical themes, metallic, and innovative gifts for the guests with cultural theme borrowed from the destination.

Another LGBTQ wedding trend we’re seeing – and loving – is at the other end of the spectrum.

Couples seeking a “local” village experience filled with the traditions and customs of the local destination.

We also see more of a non-traditional approach to ceremonies combining Jewish and Christian or Hindu and Muslim religious traditions to make the ceremony a more authentic reflection of their family heritage and beliefs.

With the appeal of ethnic and cultural dining experiences growing so quickly, there has been an interesting turn of events when it comes to the food served at weddings, we find that guests are more open to experimenting with new cuisines, such as game meat, which definitely enhances their entire experience. 

We’re finding that there is now more of an emphasis on food and wine pairings along with the concept of “farm to table” also being preferred by many couples on their big day.

Experiential travel was the “travel trend” for 2017, and it has had a ginormous impact on the destinations now being chosen for weddings.

What we love most about these weddings, is the wonderful energy that builds amongst the guests when they travel together. Weddings become a three-day event, with pre-wedding BBQ’s, cocktail functions and excursions.

A longer stay at the destination continues to be huge in LGBTQ wedding trends.

Couples are paying for guest’s all-inclusive experience so that all their guests can stay in one place; meaning they cover airfare and hotel rooms.  This trend goes hand in hand with the trend toward smaller wedding parties.

The guests usually tend to increase their stay at the destination and explore the destination at leisure pre-and post-wedding.

 Lots of energy goes in to planning a wedding.

And planning any wedding is usually not without some challenges of one kind or another.  In those moments where you feel your motivation and creativity flagging, check out our curated collections of images here.  You never know where the idea you need to fill a gap in your plan will come from.

In the meantime, once you’ve chosen your perfect location and a date, get in touch with us.  Fran is here to chat with you about building an amazing wedding stationery suite, complete with Save the Date cards and wedding invitations.  Check out our offerings for LGBTQ wedding stationery here!

We know that whatever your choices are for your special day, it’s going to be perfect and magical and simply your Best Day Ever!  And we couldn’t be happier for you both!


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