LGBTQ Weddings: What’s trending for 2019

LGBTQ Wedding TrendsA lot has changed over the years for couples planning their LGBTQ wedding.

And a few rather fundamental things haven’t changed at all.

About a third of LGBTQ couples are choosing to have destination weddings.  About 63% of LGBTQ couples are doing honeymoons, but only about 25% of those are in the U.S.  LGBTQ couples are on the move as far as honeymoons go, and they’re going to exotic places.

They’re going to really cool places for their honeymoons and destination weddings, too. 

LGBTQ couples want resorts, properties and vendors that are marketing themselves as LGBT-friendly. The top destinations chosen for LGBTQ couples for their weddings are Europe, followed by Mexico, the Caribbean, and some U.S. destinations, like Florida.

LGBTQ couples are very independent—and are much more likely to pay for their weddings themselves than opposite-sex couples.LGBTQ Wedding Trends

LGBTQ couples are older when they’re getting married. The wedding party size and guest count size is smaller than opposite-sex couples. Many of these are because these couples are not always inviting extended family or even necessarily immediate family—but instead their chosen families.

LGBTQ couples are more “traditionally untraditional.”

In general, lesbian brides are “more bridal.” Many of them were raised with the idea of the fairy tale and are much more willing to be traditional than gay men.

It’s very interesting to see which wedding traditions are followed. Straight couples, even the ones that are having the most creative and non-traditional weddings, are still following so much of the gender-based gender traditions.  Lesbians are about half-and-half. And gay men are far less likely to do things like dance with their parents or even have a first dance, get dressed and ready separately.

LGBTQ Wedding TrendsMany same-sex couples, especially if they don’t have gender roles in their relationship, are looking to avoid gender roles in their wedding.

We’ve got some fun new trendy twists for our LGBTQ couples.

Great entertainment has been booming in the wedding industry for several years and will only continue to grow and expand with new and exciting features. Services like the ones offered by chocolate 3D carvers or ‘print yourself in 3D’ are booming and we expect more and more LGBTQ couples to hire these services to provide their guests with very unique gifts.

On the other hand, many of the engaged couples LGBTQ Wedding Trendstoday are children of the ’90s and are looking to remember the good old days through music.

Couples are looking to re-live memories from youthful days and enjoy music that they would have grown up with.  It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of ’90s and early 2000s throwbacks and mash-ups entering bands’ sets, with an emphasis on those guilty pleasures from school and college days!

Perhaps one of the more ever-evolving areas of weddings is styling and decor.

Trends come and go so quickly these days that it can be hard to keep up.

The good news? There are experts throughout the industry that help keep everyone up-to-date and often ahead of their clients.

LGBTQ Wedding TrendsWe’ll see a mix of quirky elements and avant-garde vessels for flowers, plants and candles.  These would have previously been more at home in an interior design brief but now feature heavily in the LGBTQ wedding planning and design process.

The romance and intimate feeling that garnered lots of interest in 2018 will continue to lead LGBTQ wedding décor when it comes to lighting. Couples are liking more the warm feeling and not to over-produce with the lighting.  Lots of chandeliers in different sizes and forms, soft lights–and lots of candles, of course–can’t miss!

LGBTQ destination weddings continue to thrive, with more and more acceptance happening globally.

So where are our LGBTQ couples jetting off to?

Hawaii continues to reign for the top locale for LGBTQ destination weddings and honeymoons.LGBTQ Wedding Trends

With areas like the Caribbean being notoriously anti-gay, particularly toward men, Hawaii remains a safe, tropical option for a destination.

More U.S. favorites include San Francisco and wine country areas such as Napa Valley, Sonoma and Carmel Valley, California, although the recent wildfires have left some couples searching out Plan B.  However, for wine lovers who are looking to give their guests a personal experience, these are the perfect spots.

The guest experience is very high on the priority list, and wine country weddings are going to be attractive to couples who love wine and want their guests to experience “their” love as well.

Other ideas to further personalize your LGBTQ ceremony are:

LGBTQ Wedding TrendsDouble Ring Ceremony. Before the double ring ceremony, the rings are passed around among friends and family for them to make a silent wedding wish.

Shell Ceremony. At the end of the ceremony everyone will walk to the shoreline. On the count of three the shells are tossed into the sea, symbolize a one-word wish, desire, or intent for the couple as they embark on their new journey together as a couple. This is especially nice at places like Sanibel or Captiva Islands in Florida, where the beach is awash with shells.

Sealing a wine box containing love letters on their wedding day. The box contains a bottle of wine and a love letter written by the bride and groom and are individually sealed in two different envelopes. The box is sealed after the double ring ceremony and is placed in their home to serve as a reminder of their love commitment to one another.

They can open it on tLGBTQ Wedding Trendsheir 5th wedding anniversary reading the love letter from the other, while enjoying the wine.

Acknowledgement of loved ones who have passed. Early in the wedding ceremony, the officiate would honor loved ones who have passed and were close to the couple.  This can be general and all encompassing, or it can be specific where the name of the person is mentioned as well as their relationship to the bride or groom.

Carrying out a tradition in your ceremony used by your parents or grandparents. Some couples get married on the same date as their parents or grandparents. The brides may wear pearls from the past generations, while the grooms may be adorned by some other heirloom accessory.

Vintage weddings have become a popular theme.  We are seeing vintage gowns, as well as couples choosing to have their ceremonies at a venue that has great history. LGBTQ Wedding TrendsThe use of a vintage vehicle for the arrival of the couple, and the departure of the brides or grooms adds a charming and memorable touch.

So many great trends and ideas!

Be sure to visit our curated collection of wedding images here.  Let’s keep you guys inspired and motivated!

Once you’ve got your date and location, the next step is Save the Date cards, LGBTQ wedding invitations, all your Day-of stationery and more.  Get in touch with us here so we can schedule some time for you to chat with Fran. She can help you with color, design, paper and so much more.

Your Happily Ever After is just around the corner.  We simply couldn’t be happier for you two!

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