Marrying away? We’ve got some fantastic locations for destination weddings!!

destination weddingsMarrying away from home – and destination weddings in general – have become more and more popular in recent years, and with good reason.

It’s less stressful, often cheaper, and can be ultimately laid-back, elegant or intimate.  Destination weddings offer a lot of flexibility for today’s couples who know exactly what they want for their special day and aren’t given to settling.

Our team has pulled together some things to look at with regard to a fantastic beach destination wedding much closer to home.  We also have some thoughts as to why marrying away, yet still in the United States, is a great idea for a lot of couples.

Pulling together a destination wedding in another country, however, can come with some specific challenges that can make even the sweetest, most low-key brides into Bridezillas in a split second.

The obvious challenges are language barriers, sourcing great vendors, time differences, currency exchange, and international marriage laws.  To say nothing of the fact that global air fare can get really expensive and everyone in your party is going to need their passports.

Couples are able to have their dream day destination weddings, and still have all the romance, whimsy and memories without leaving the country.

The states bordered by the ocean – and there are several them – all offer a ton of choices for the beach- or ocean-bound couples.

As we’ve said before, beach destination weddings are simply the best.

destination weddingsYou need not be bound by the idea of a white sand beach, however.  Outdoorsy couples are opting for some really interesting locations, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences not only for the wedding couple, but for their nearest and dearest in their wedding party.

Our first stop looking at destination weddings is the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest.

You’ll find them in the northwestern most area of Washington State.  This smaller group of serene, tree covered islands offers a rare diversity of locations at which to marry, from the coastal to the pastoral.

You and your fiancé will enjoy a glimpse of tranquil island life, and a number of location choices from rocky beaches reached only by kayak to gorgeous Victorian chapels.  Activities for your destination wedding weekend include whale-watching, hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking and more.  Read about the glorious San Juans here.

The Northern California coast is a fantastic destination weddingsplace, offering just a ton of fabulous locations for destination weddings.

As far as the absolutely glorious, you won’t find better than Northern California, and in particular Redwood National Park, with its abject beauty and the oldest and tallest trees on earth.  Find out more about the Redwoods, and other sweet destination wedding locations on the Northern California coast by visiting here and here.

Marrying couples have long viewed Hawaii as the end all, be all for destination weddings.

Why not get going on that early with a destination wedding ceremony followed by that special time after with your life partner?

destination weddingsThere are so many options available within the Hawaiian Islands.  For instance, you could choose to take a boat trip to one of the many hidden waterfalls that dot Kauai, then head back to the beach for a little post-wedding snorkeling and a super tasty feast for you and your wedding party.  Just look at some of these options!

On the opposite end of the spectrum for destination weddings, we have Alaska.

Adventurous couples are finding that Alaska offers quite a lot to feed their gypsy souls.  Looking for the event of a lifetime?  Juneau is one of very few places on the planet where your ceremony can actually be held on a glacier!  Invitations by R Squared would like to recommend that the bride’s dress not be a stark white, however, so that she doesn’t vanish against the ice.

Offbeat brides seeking adventure are choosing dresses in jewel tones and evendestination weddings red for their face-of-the-glacier ceremonies!

Activities for your wedding party include hiking pristine rainforests, amazing mountains, wildlife viewing, whale watching and much more.  We found some great resources for you here and here.

<h2>If tropical destination weddings are more along the lines of what you seek, don’t forget about Puerto Rico.</h2>

With its Caribbean flavor, cultural diversity and vibrancy, Puerto Rico offers a lot that cannot be found on the mainland, but as an official unincorporated territory, your wedding party won’t need a passport to travel there.  Here are some ideas for a Puerto Rican destination wedding.

You can choose a beach ceremony or something more traditional in one of the hundreds of years old churches.  Activities run the gamut in Puerto Rico.  Everything from casinos and nightclubs to hiking, biking and even some more extreme adventures.

So.  You need not leave the country to experience all the magic and wonder of a distant, amazing and completely memorable destination wedding location.

For some great ideas on the “nuts and bolts” of putting your wedding together, do be sure to visit our collection of curated images over here for inspiration!

Now that you’ve got direction in destinations, choose a date, and move on to choosing stationery.  Check out these fabulous Save the Date cards, destination wedding invitations, and more.

Questions?  We’re sure you have them!  Get in touch with us; we’re here to help!  Fran is ready to talk themes, colors, and fonts.  Don’t let all of the planning leave you feeling stuck!

We know that you’re going to have simply the most magical and amazing destination wedding.  Truly, your Best Day Ever!


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