Money-Saving Tips for Las Vegas Weddings

Planning a wedding is one of the most special times of life, but it can also be the most difficult because of the many details you need to take care of and the expense of all the arrangements. Brides and grooms need to think about floral arrangements, catering, photography, music, honeymoon plans, booking a church and reception hall, and dozens of other details that make weddings so special. If you pay full price for everything you want at your wedding, you may end up spending more than you bargained for. However, there are several ways to save money on your wedding expenses and still have the beautiful wedding of your dreams. Use these tips and you’ll be able to sock away those extra dollars for your honeymoon or your new life as husband and wife.


Las Vegas Weddings are often expensive due to the beautiful dresses and tuxedos worn by the bride and groom and their bridal party. Instead of buying a dress at the retail price or renting a tuxedo from an overpriced rental shop, consider saving money on the clothes worn at your wedding. If you have a relative who is handy with a sewing machine and has a track record of creating beautiful formal wear, you can save a lot of money by asking her to create your wedding gown or bridesmaids’ dresses. If it’s a close relative, you may even be able to get the dresses for just the cost of the fabric if she offers her labor as a gift for your wedding. That can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can find less expensive tuxedos at outlet stores catering to men or at online discount clothing sites. You may even be able to purchase a tuxedo for the groom that can be worn to other black tie events in the future.


Flowers can be an important part of Las Vegas weddings. Buying flowers out of season can get expensive because they need to be imported from other locations. If you stick with in-season flowers for your bouquets, corsages, and table centerpieces, you’ll be able to save money and use it for other expenses for your wedding.


In the past, Las Vegas wedding invitations had to be printed by a printer who charged a premium for engraving and other services. Invitations quickly became very costly for many couples. With the popularity of personal computers and the availability of high quality printers for the home, you can now make your own wedding invitations that look beautiful and cost much less than those printed by a traditional printer. Whether you use traditional invitation designs or come up with something whimsical of your own, you can save money by printing your own wedding invitations.

Saving money on Las Vegas weddings can help you to save money for your honeymoon or put it away for a rainy day. Knowing how to save money on the most common wedding expenses will help you to enjoy your special day knowing that you were able to save money for your new life together.

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