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elephant-ride-destination-wedding-in-cambodiaThe team at Invitations by R Squared was wondering about the new, popular locations for destination weddings.  They started talking to planners, brides and grooms, and did their research, and found that THESE five places are the NEW popular destinations for destination weddings.  If you are looking at a destination wedding, you may want to consider one of these locations.

Lots of brides, both edgy and traditional, are pulled to remain on familiar soil when it comes to their dream day.  For others, the reasons for marrying away are plentiful.  First of all, destination weddings are traditionally cheaper mostly because the wedding party is so much smaller.  So, go ahead, gather those who are the nearest and dearest to you.  And … really … how incredibly romantic is itmoroccan-beach-destination-wedding to get married in another country, right?  Add to that a choice of a really outside-the-box destination and the appeal increases by about a hundred times, yes?

Countries like Italy and France are, indeed, gorgeous and are very popular wedding destinationsYou can secure cheaper airfare, to be sure, but you’ll ultimately pay more for the price of the wedding due to the popularity of these destinations pushing the prices higher.

Consider a location where the destination wedding industry is not quite as embedded as it is in other locations.  This does not mean you can’t have your dream wedding; you can!  Totally!  And while you’re at it, you, the love of your life and your guests will get to experience a culture and country that you might not have ever destination-beach-wedding-in-cambodiathought of choosing for a traditional vacation!

Destination:  Morocco.  Yes, you heard us – Morocco.  Exotic. Extravagant.  Atmosphere for days.  Amazing architecture, dramatic vistas and romantic garden locations.  Read about destination opportunities in Morocco here.  And, while you’re at it, check out wedding planners, Boutique Souk, over here.

Destination:  Slovenia.  Slovenia offers romance, fairy-tale atmosphere and all the storybook whimsy any bride could ever want.  The cities are beautiful, the countryside dotted with castles, and locations steeped in wedding traditions, like the groom carrying his bride up the steps of the Church of the Assumption of Mary on an island in Lake Bled.  That’s ninety-nine steps, folks.  Afterward, when the wishing bell has been rung, the happy coupledestination-wedding-in-cambodia journeys back across the lake in a gondola.  Read about the breathtaking beauty of this country and the destination wedding opportunities available here.  For some assistance getting started, you can hire a planner.  Primavera Bled is the most popular one in the entire country.

Destination:  Cambodia:  Who doesn’t love an exotic beach location for a destination wedding?  Right?  Dreaming about more exotic than exotic?  Looking for pure magic?  Look towards Cambodia.  This country has endured years of hardship, but has really become a destination wedding location that has come into its own in recent years.  South East Asia, in general, is breathtakingly beautiful.  The people are warm and welcoming, the romance is palpable in the air and the food?  Would a swoon be appropriate here?  The food is nothing short of amazing.  There are plenty of exotic beach locations that are so isolated, they’re practically your own slice of paradise.  guatamala-destination-weddingCambodia doesn’t just get under your skin; it soaks into your soul.  Marry in Cambodia and you will forever carry a piece of it with you.  There are islands that are fabulously magical, temples and the most stunning settings on the entire planet for your wedding photographs.  Hot air balloons, floating structures, and a host of places that a just pure magic.  Read more about Cambodia for a destination wedding here.

Destination:  Southern England.  Most brides don’t have the British Isles at the top of their lists of destination weddings.  And they should.  Climate change has given the southern part of the island perfection in a wine-region destination wedding.  There you will find gorgeous vineyards and glorious summers.  Sussex and Kent both boast fantastic wines, greatcambodian-beach-destination-wedding food and stellar hospitality.  Start with the English Oak Vineyard here to see what you might expect from a Southern England wedding destination.

Destination:  Guatemala.  Between Belize and Mexico, you will find Guatemala.  You will find a variety of environments, from volcanic highlands to Mayan ruins to the cozy beach vibes of Puerto San Jose.  Guatemala really does have it all.  With its proximity to the United States, this country is not nearly as remote as one would think.  There are many places in Guatemala that would be dubbed “perfect” because the settings are just so magical.  Read about destination weddings in Guatemala here.  And be sure to check out I Do, Guatemala over here.

sunset-at-guatamala-beach-destination-weddingHere at Invitations by R Squared, we LOVE love, especially when it’s outside the box.  Be sure to stop by the shop here and take a look at the whimsical keepsake Save the Date cards and wedding invitations to be had.  Looking for more inspiration?  Stop by our Pinterest boards here.  Our team has worked hard to comb the web and bring you the things that just really sing when it comes to wedding inspiration.  And, remember, we’re here to help.  Get in touch, and let’s talk wedding paper!



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