Out of State Planning – Las Vegas Weddings

Couples soon to be wed in Las Vegas sometimes have misgivings if they are coming from another town, especially if they are bringing their bridal party with them. Here are the tasks of several members of the bridal party to help answer some of those questions.

Las Vegas Weddings – What are the Brides Duties?

In some areas, a garter may be worn to be removed by the groom at a later time after the ceremony. The bride should decide what her color theme will be before making any further plans. She must decide whether to have her hair up or down. The most beautiful woman in the ceremony should invariably be the bride.

Las Vegas Weddings – What Does the Groom Pay For?

Grooms should talk to their bride to determine when and where they will give each other wedding presents. Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for the flowers and the tuxes. Grooms can be just as nervous as the bride. The groom is in charge of buying the ring for the bride.

Las Vegas Weddings – What Role do the Bridemaids Play?

The Western bridesmaid tradition seems to have originated from later Roman law, which required ten witnesses at a wedding in order to outsmart evil spirits believed to attend marriage ceremonies. The maid of honor, nowadays, often helps to decorate the car for the newlyweds. Traditionally bridesmaids were chosen from unwed young women of marriageable age. The principal bridesmaid is called the maid of honor (or matron of honor if she is married).

Las Vegas Weddings – How to Choose the Best Man

The Bride The role of best man was introduced by the Germanic goths at approximately 200 AD. The Bride The Bride

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