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western destination wedding invitationInvitations by R Squared LOVES love, and we love helping brides and couples in the planning of their destination wedding stationery packages, Save the Date cards and wedding invitations. Couples always have questions about how to present their wedding stationery is the correct manner, and we’ve gathered some of the most common of those questions to share with you to help you with your stationery planning tasks.

Q: My partner and I are paying for our own wedding. What is the best way to word our invitations to reflect that?

A: You have a couple of choices. The first is:

Rebekah Ellysse Glenn
Andrew Michael Herring
request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
Saturday, the nineteenth of October
two thousand and eight
at six o’ clock

Or you can say something like:

The pleasure of your company
is requested at the marriage of
Rebekah Ellysse Glenn
Andrew Michael Herring, etc.

Q: We will be having only three children in attendance at our wedding aswedding cake with beach theme ring bearer and flower girls. Besides those three, we only want to have adults at our ceremony and reception. How can I gently communicate this to my guests without offending anyone?

A: Even though you plan to have children as part of the actual wedding party, your invited guests should not assume that their children may also attend your event. You may want to enclose a handwritten note to relatives and friends explaining that as much as you would love to invite their children, you simply cannot do so because of space or cost limitations. It’s best to make certain, well before the date of the actual event, that all of your guests understand and will comply with your wishes. If your destination wedding location offers childcare, be sure to let your guests know, in the event that they are planning a mini-vacay for their families.mountain top destination wedding

Q: My fiancé and I are planning a destination wedding with only our immediate families in attendance. Two weeks after we return, my parents are hosting a reception for our other relatives and friends. How should the invitation be worded?

A: It’s certainly a nice gesture for your parents to host a reception for you after the actual wedding. We’re certain that those who didn’t attend the wedding will love having this opportunity to celebrate and wish you well. Here’s one way to word the invites:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson
invite you to join us
as we celebrate the
marriage of our daughter
Andrew Herring
with a reception
on Saturday, (date/time)

Another option:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson
request the pleasure of your company
at a reception
in honor of
Mr. and Mrs. (your married name), etc.

Q: We plan to hold a day-before late afternoon dinner party and a barefoot beach destination weddingpost-wedding brunch during our weekend-long celebration at our destination wedding. Is it OK to enclose the invitations to those events in our wedding invite, so we know best how to plan for the food?

A: Yes, it’s perfectly fine—and think of the money you’ll save on postage! If you plan to ask the same guests to the late afternoon dinner, wedding and brunch, then combine your pre- and post-wedding events on one invitation insert card and enclose it with the wedding invitation. And you can make things even easier by using one RSVP card for all three events. Here’s an example:

Please respond by June 5th
M______________will attend the wedding
M______________will attend the barbecue
M______________will attend the brunch

Q: My partner and I are having a small, intimate destination wedding, winter weddingwith only very immediate family members and a few close friends in attendance. If people ask me if they’re invited to the wedding—and they’re not—what should I say?

A: Just be gracious. Let them know how flattered you are that they would like to attend your wedding, and then explain that as much as you would love to have a huge crowd, you’ve decided that a smaller gathering is more suitable. You can elaborate further — limited space, budget constraints, large families—or simply leave it at that. And if it’s someone you really would have liked to attend, promise to have him or her to your home after the honeymoon to look at your wedding photos or video. If you are having a reception at home when you return from your honeymoon, assure them that they will be invited to that event.

Q: My fiancé and one of my brothers do notvintage las vegas destination wedding get along. In fact, my brother has historically been problematic to deal with; he is always nasty and mean-spirited. Should I include my brother in the wedding or even invite him at all?

A: You don’t have to include your brother in the wedding, but you should invite him. He’s your brother, after all, and regardless of how difficult he may be, he still warrants an invitation. Not to extend one will cause greater problems down the road and damage any chance of ever salvaging a relationship with him. People do change, and he may be going through a difficult time. Years from now, neither of you would want to look back on your wedding day and realize that you didn’t invite your brother because he was being a jerk at the time. So, extend the invitation and let him decide whether or not to attend.

las vegas destination wedding invitationQ: My fiancé’s parents have been divorced for over 20 years, and although both have remarried they haven’t seen or spoken to each other in all that time. I’m worried about how they might behave toward one another at the wedding. What is the best way to handle this situation?

A: If your partner’s parents haven’t spoken in all these years, we certainly understand why you’re a bit nervous. Assuming there is a good relationship between you and your partner and your partner’s parents, simply let them know how you’re feeling. It will help a great deal if they realize that you’re anxious about their comfort in attending your special event. They won’t want to upset you and will likely make every effort to be on their best behavior.

No matter how you choose to make these ideas your own, incorporate your desert or western destination weddingdestination into the style and content of your wedding stationery package. It will create an inspiring extension of your wedding that will leave guests feeling prepared and appreciated, from their first impression to your final thank you. Invitations by R Squared is here to help you every step of the way. And speaking of inspiration, our team has put together some great images over at Pinterest for your viewing. Visit our shop here to view some trend-setting destination wedding stationery packages.

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