Save The Date Cards & Wedding Invitations: What’s hot?

lovely couple at their woodland wedding.You’re engaged!  That’s awesome!  You’ve chosen the location.  You guys have picked a date.  Now, it’s time to look at wedding invitations and all that goes with them.

At Invitations by R Squared, we know when it comes to Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, and the brides choosing them, no two are the same.  There’s so many choices out there that work for most tastes, but melding personal style and wedding style with just the right wedding invitations and stationery is going to be one of the most important wedding planning decisions a bride-to-be can make.  This choice sets the tone of the entire event.

Timing the mailing of all the elements of wedding stationary can be tricky. destination wedding in an enchanted forest. Save the Date cards can sometimes be confusing, especially when it comes to etiquette and timing.  It’s not very complicated.

The team has assembled five key points when considering Save the Date cards:

Wedding Guests Only – It may be tempting to send Save the Date cards to every coworker, long-lost friend, basically everyone you know.  Don’t do it! Save the Date cards are “pre-invitations,” so only send them out to people you’re sure you’re inviting to the wedding. No invitation? No save the date.

Take Your Time – It’s fine to send out save-the-dates as soon as you know you’ve booked your ceremony venue. However, because this usually happens A seaside destination wedding.waaaaay before you’ve finalized your guest list, wedding save the date etiquette dictates you ONLY send one to people you’re absolutely, completely, 100% positive you’ll be inviting.

Once you’ve figured out the rest of the must-have guests, you can send out a second batch of save-the-dates if you want to (although there’s no rule saying everyone must get one – a wedding invitation only is perfectly fine).

Guest List First, Save-the-Date Second – Establish your guest list before you put your save-the-dates in the mail. The absolutely worst save the dates etiquette blunder you can make is to send your save-the-dates out to people who end up on your B-list. Then you’re either roped into inviting them or you have the dreadful task of explaining why they aren’t invited after all. Which gorgeous bride on a mountain top.brings up our next point…

If They Got a Save-the-Date, They Get an Invitation – Don’t be a rude bride. If you sent someone a save-the-date, you should invite them to the wedding, even if your guest list has changed in the interim. Period.

As wedding stationers, all of us at Invitations by R Squared understand the importance of getting the look and feel of your wedding invitations just right;

after all, your stationery plays a huge role in narrating your wedding day. Save the Date cards and wedding invitations are a lovely way of creating anticipation and setting the atmosphere for your day.

gay destination wedding in Switzerland.As part of our work, it’s really important that the entire team keep up to date with future wedding trends, and – as always – we want to share some of the best with you.  Some are new trends for 2017/18 and some are trends we love that have been popular in the past, but still seem to be timeless, and very much loved by brides and grooms everywhere.

Here are some of our favorite wedding invitation and stationery trends:

Gold accents – Everyone loves a bit of sparkle. A few touches of rose gold, antique gold, or brilliant gold will add a classy feel to your wedding stationery. Accents of gold can also be used to complement most stationery suites, and hand illustrated designs can beautifully frame the body of an invite.

Monograms – Monograms are another fantastic way to add your own “brand” destination wedding at sunset by the pretty much anything at your wedding. Elegant monograms included on stationery items will add an extra personal element and it’s so versatile that it can also applied to pretty much anything to do with your wedding: Napkins, wedding favors, gift boxes or bags, and cuff links or ring bearer pillows are just a few ideas that work well at any wedding.

Leafage – The garden party, Boho chic, woodland wonderland wedding themes are taking front and center for the coming year.  We’re seeing the back-to-nature trend going strong, and believe it to be one of the most loved stationary trends of this year, and beyond. Wedding invites with green leafage will set the tone for your rustic wedding, adding a natural and fresh feel to your wedding stationery.

new england coastal beach wedding.Having a beach destination wedding?  Consider designs that bring a feeling of the tropics, with palm trees, jungle leaves, anthuriums, and plumeria blossoms.  Menus, table numbers and place cards with the same motif will ensure that the same theme is carried across your wedding day, too! Just add plenty of greenery and flowers on your tables and the look will be complete.

Bright colors – We have a feeling that 2017 is the year to be brave with your Save the Date cards and wedding invitations.  It’s still just a little over a month before Pantone names the color of the year, and brides will be looking at Pantone suggested color palettes.  Style-makers are predicting brides will be drawn to bright colors for the coming year.  Of course, this is a turn-around from this year’s Rose Quartz and Serenity ensemble.  Bright tropical designs, like these, are great for a fun-filled summer wedding.

destination wedding in las vegas.Envelope liners – These are a great element for adding a bit more personality to your stationery! Envelopes often get overlooked when planning wedding stationery orders, but coordinated envelope liners can really boost the “Wow!” factor to your wedding invitations and Save the Date cards.

Succulents – These pretty little plants are quickly becoming big favorites with many brides. Fashion forward brides are adding them to their bouquets, centerpieces, and tablescapes. With such gorgeous colors spanning shades from deep green to pale pink, and a whole bunch in between, it’s no surprise! We’re seeing brides and wedding planners alike choosing to incorporate these little delights into the designs of their wedding invitations and stationery suites as well.

lgbtq+ destination wedding.Watercolors – We’ve talked about them before, and watercolor wedding invitations and wedding stationery is a trend we just adore!  From soft-washed cakes to dipped invitations, watercolor wedding ideas of all kinds have been popping up and grabbing our attention.

Fancy Calligraphy Fonts – 2017 is trending to be the year for personality and creations.  Illustrated, watercolor and simple calligraphy styles are going to be all the rage this year. We expect to be seeing this trend carry well into 2018 as well.

Minimalist Designs – As we said above, we’ll see a strong trend in 2017 in calligraphy script fonts, and there is nothing shows off calligraphy better than a minimalist design.  This draws the focus to the letters and words, rather than adestination wedding feast.ny images or colors.

Floral – Blossoms.  Especially larger floral designs on wedding invitations will be high profile in 2017.  Floral wedding invitations of all kinds are perfect the Boho chic theme trend, as well as garden party, woodland, and the ever-popular vintage wedding theme.

Rustic Tags – For those couples having a farm, barn, or western themed wedding, using wooden tags, color-coordinating ribbon, lace band, or fabric accents to tie up your cards will be high on the list of first choices.

We know planning a wedding can be challenging.

destination wedding in Scotland.You know we’re here to help, right?  Just get in touch to schedule a consultation with the Fabulous Fran; she’s amazing.  Let’s help you find your direction for your Save the Dates, wedding invitations, and the rest of your stationery suite.

In the meantime, do check out our mood boards over here.  The team is always updating these boards with the best images and resources around.

We’re super thrilled for you guys, and we know your wedding is truly going to be the best day ever!



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