So … Planning a LGBT destination wedding?

gay destination weddingEver since the Supreme court ruling, we’ve been over-the-moon excited for all the happy, loving couples that can now plan their fabulous celebrations of their love.

We’re aware that there are a few considerations that straight couples don’t have to think about. One of those is the last name a gender-specific couple chooses to identify with after their marriage ceremony.

Kelly Utt-Grubb of The Name & I is a professional in the area of naming consultations, helping many gay and lesbian couples to create their new last name. In addition, she assists transgendered people in choosing a new, significant name after their transition. Some same-sex couples opt to keep their existing names at the time of the marriage, and change it later once childrengay destination wedding invitation arrive on the scene. There is a trend, however, to create a new family name prior to the arrival of children. LGBT couples are breaking new ground in so many areas, and name-making is one of them. Since they are not bound by the same traditions, we’re seeing a lot of different variables – combinations of the two names,hyphenated names, and altogether new names.

Sometimes families don’t react so well to name changes, and for many reasons. We encourage couples to go with what feels right for them. It’s your love, your marriage, and your life. We support you 100%!

Now, let’s talk about green weddings! This is possibly the biggest, hottest trend to come forward in the wedding world in ages, and LGBT couples are leading the way with this trend. What is a wedding, after all? It’s a big celebration to honor the beginning of a new lesbian destination weddinglife-path. Marriage is about sustainability. Why not make your celebration one that celebrates ALL of sustainability? Many couples, both LGBT and not, love the idea of a socially conscious, environmentally friendly, and cruelty free event. An eco-conscious wedding celebration – either hometown or a destination wedding – is just as easy to plan and pull off as any other wedding, and is also budget-friendly.

The first thing most couples look at with an eco-friendly or sustainable destination wedding event is the food. Sustainably produced food just tastes better! If you’re planning a hometown event, you can, of course, avail yourselves of the local farmers in planning and request that your caterer utilize what’s in season. If your event is a destination wedding, your planner will be able to assist you in selecting the vendors that are most closely in line with your feelings aboutbeach destination wedding hosting an eco-conscious wedding. There are even destination wedding planners who specialize in exactly this kind of event. Check out this one, and this one! Another great resource is Local Harvest. They will be able to provide a catalog of farmers in your immediate area.

Another fabulous way to incorporate local sustainability – whether it’s hometown or away – is with your floral arrangements. You’d be shocked at the conditions under which imported flowers are produced! Many farmers also have a cut-flower plot on their farms. Given enough time for planning, some farmers will actually grow what you need for your event. Start talking to your local farmers right around the same time you’re lesbian destination wedding invitationsending out your Save the Date cards. If you and your fiancé are off to a far-flung tropical location, you should make sure of what’s available locally at your destination of choice prior to sending out your same-sex destination wedding invitations. If you’ve opted for an exotic tropical location, there are likely scads of options for your floral requirements.

You know that old saying, “Something old, something new…”? Well, what could be better than vintage wedding attire? Some brides-to-be are all about couture, and that’s perfectly OK. It’s your day, do it your way. For those brides looking at eco-conscious sustainability, a dress or suit for your partner that has history and flair could be just the thing you’re looking for to bring your personal style to the forefront. A really sweet waygay destination wedding to incorporate both families into the event is to discuss family heirlooms and how those might be utilized in your upcoming celebration. Our team found this fabulous resource for gently worn wedding attire for everyone in your party.

(hyperlink to Encore Bridal)

When looking at bridal party gifts and favors, there are so many fun and fresh ideas, it’s hard to know where to start. First, stop by here, at our Pinterest board for some fantastic ideas. Then head on over here to check out these fun bamboo and sugarcane based products. And here, too!

lesbian destination wedding

Tree Beginnings is a company that specializes in eco-friendly destination wedding favors. So many cool, new ideas! We just love it!

Of course, all of us at Invitations by R Squared       are always thrilled to hear from all the fabulous brides- and grooms-to be. We couldn’t be happier for you. Some of our favorite weddings have been the style forward, eco-conscious events put on by our LGBT friends, celebrating the love of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see more of them!


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