Some of the COOLEST destination wedding locations in the West…

Here at InvitatiCalifornia-destination-weddingons by R Squared, we’re aware of many recent engagements, upcoming engagements and upcoming weddings. This means your wedding planning will soon be at the forefront of your thoughts and dreams. First – the destination wedding location. Many of today’s brides are hip and savvy, perhaps a little bit edgy, and for you – we know you want something romantic, different and altogether memorable. You want the perfect destination wedding location. Not just any run-of-the-mill place. Putting this list together has been a joy and here’s the results: some of the coolest places to get married on the West Coast!

Treehouse Point, Issaquah, Washington. There is nothing more unique and amazing than choosing a destination wedding that includes an exchange of vows in a treehouse. Located about thirty minutes from Seattle, this magical destination location is nestled in a lovely forest setting and offers overnight accommodations for both you and your guests. Truly, the most unique of experiences. Take a look for yourself, here.

Beaulieu Garden, Rutherford, California. Everyone loves a garden wedding, and THIS place takes the proverbial wedding cake. Atvineyard-destination-wedding this location, your destination wedding is in the Napa Valley. The entrance to the garden is a quarter-mile park-like drive lined with giant sycamore trees, canopied over the road to the estate. This place is truly stunning and limits the events it holds there every year. Do visit their website and be prepared to be blown away.

Union Hill Inn, Sonora, California. The words “rustic” and “refined” don’t often exist, truly, in the same environment, but at the Union Hill Inn, you get charm, warm and cozy, elegance and exclusivity. The area is packed with a variety of activities for your guests, from shopping to historic sites to day trips to either Yosemite or Lake Tahoe. Read more about this delightful destination wedding venue here.

Bear Flag Farm, Winters, California. If your dream wedding is a cowboy rustic event, look no further that the idyllic destination of Bear Flag Farm. This is another venue that limits the number of weddings held each year, giving you the specialness and attention wine-country-weddingevery bride deserves. This venue is placed within acres of lavender, fruit orchards and heirloom vegetable crops. There is also a small vineyard, lending a feeling of Tuscany to this very special location. You can learn more about Bear Flag Farm here.

Huron Substation, Los Angeles, California. Are you an edgier bride, seeking an urban yet elegant destination wedding venue? The Huron Substation could be the place for you! This is an actual historic monument, built in 1906 and is the second oldest building of its kind in the city. Old brick, steel beams and arched windows are prominently featured. To find out more about this most unique and historical location, go here.

440 Seaton, Los Angeles, California. Urban and off-beat brides love the urban warehouse environment presented in downtown Los Angeles’ 440 Seaton. This is a major favorite with the off-beat and somewhat alternative couples seeking edge and elegance in the same venue. This space is 100 years old, very urban, with an atrium reminiscent of the cathedrals of Europe. This location presents literally dozens of opportunities to design a magical and memorable celebration.

Rim Rock Ranch, Joshua Tree/Pioneertown, California. Is Boho-chic your personal style? If Bohemian is what you’re going for, there is no better place to swap vows with the love of your life than the Rim Rock Ranch. This place was built in 1947 and was set up to house old Hollywood glamour whilromantic-California-weddingst they shot literally dozens of westerns in the close-by Pioneertown. This destination wedding location features four cabins, a house, a vintage Airstream trailer and a modern venue all situated on a perfectly beautiful property, amazing for destination weddings of all sizes year round. Find out more here.

At Invitations by R Squared, we adore helping all brides, from the most traditional to the edgiest and off-beat, straight or gay. Let us help you make your day the best day every. Check out our shop here, for the coolest in Save the Date and wedding invitations. And over here, you’ll find inspiration at our Pinterest boards. Our team has worked hard to pull together some really amazing images to help inspire you in the planning of your magical day!

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