romantic lgbtq wedding

Romantic LGBTQ Destination Weddings

All of us at Invitations by R Squared are just over-the-moon about adorable couples and romantic destination weddings! Perhaps you and your fiancé are recently engaged, or still in the beginning planning phases.  Either way, we know you want romance.  We know you want your best day ever to be … well … your best … Read more

Planning your dream LGBTQ wedding

We’ve got some things for you to ponder when planning your dream LGBTQ wedding. At Invitations by R Squared, we LOVE love, and we love weddings.  All weddings, and everything they represent.  Love, commitment, life, adventure, the Happily Ever After.  We also recognized that LGBTQ weddings can present some specific challenges.  We’re here to help … Read more


Navigating your LGBTQ wedding plans

Planning a LGBTQ wedding has never been better! So many amazing avenues and opportunities to create your dream wedding present themselves in today’s wedding world. There are still challenges, to be sure, and our couples come to us sometimes with questions about save the date cards and wedding invitations.  Questions about who to invite.  Questions … Read more

same-sex wedding

Same-sex Weddings

If you’ve never been to a same-sex wedding, we have some potentially bad news: They’re not all that different from straight weddings. Still, weddings between same-sex people are still fairly rare and, chances are, you might have some burning questions about what to expect from your first one. While the basic structure of the wedding … Read more

LGBTQ Wedding Guide

LGBTQ weddings closely mirror opposite-sex weddings in most ways, but there are some extra steps for many couples. A gay wedding is pretty much identical to a straight wedding in the most important way — legal status — thanks to the landmark Supreme Court decision that recognized marriage equality for all 50 states in 2015. … Read more

LGBTQ Wedding Trends

LGBTQ Weddings: What’s trending for 2019

A lot has changed over the years for couples planning their LGBTQ wedding. And a few rather fundamental things haven’t changed at all. About a third of LGBTQ couples are choosing to have destination weddings.  About 63% of LGBTQ couples are doing honeymoons, but only about 25% of those are in the U.S.  LGBTQ couples … Read more

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