Bridal fashion trends that 2019 brides want to know

Is it an exaggeration to say that Instagram has changed weddings and bridal fashion? Now that every event on the path to getting married is up for documentation—the proposal, the engagement party, the bridal shower, even the cake tasting—brides are under a lot of (perhaps self-inflicted) pressure to wear the perfect look for every occasion, … Read more

wedding dresses for 2019

We’re loving these 2019 wedding dress trends!

Even if it’s a year off, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your wedding dress! Although 2019 might feel like a long way away for many, those planning to get hitched in a couple of year’s time will find the date rolls around all too quickly. For brides organizing a 2019 wedding, looking … Read more

Trends in Wedding Dresses 2018: The Ones We Love

Rejoice! The spring 2018 bridal fashion season has something for everyone. So many glorious wedding dresses! No joke: If you want to saunter down the aisle J. Lo-at-the-Grammys or Rihanna-at-Coachella style with a deep plunge to the pelvis, hip-high slit, exposed back, peekaboo paneling or bedazzled illusion effects (or all of the above), go for … Read more

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