LGBTQ wedding

LGBTQ Destination Wedding Planning Tips

LGBTQ weddings have been drawing lots of attention with good reason.  Ever since the fabulous SCOTUS ruling that all fifty states must recognize same-sex marriage, LGBTQ couples have been embracing their new-found legal freedoms in droves.  The team at Invitations by R Squared has done some research for you about LGBTQ weddings and LGBTQ destination … Read more

destination wedding trends

SPECTACULAR Destination Wedding Styling Trends for 2019

  We can hardly believe it’s fall already! We have spent this last destination wedding season wrapped in lovely pastels and greenery of our summer destination weddings. We’re beginning to transition into fall, winter, and now looking at the 2018/2019 destination wedding season. And that means taking a forward look to trends, and what’s being … Read more

destintation wedding

Dreamy Destination Weddings

You said “Yes!”  You’ve got the ring – now it’s time to jump into the destination wedding planning! First step: Decide where in the world you want to go for this magical event. Second step: Choose a date.  Is a winter wonderland wedding your heart’s desire, but you don’t want to freeze your tookus off?  … Read more


THE hottest locations for your LGBTQ destination wedding

Same-sex couples can now enjoy their LGBTQ destination weddings in an incredible variety of spectacular locations all over the globe — from the world’s most beautiful beaches to the side of a volcano to a game reserve surrounded by wild animals.  Invitations by R Squared is more excited about destination weddings than ever before, and … Read more

wedding cake

Who doesn’t love wedding cake?

When it comes to weddings, the wedding cake is almost as important as the dress. People have come to expect “oohs” and “ahhs” from the great pastry that awaits tasting after the entrée plates have been cleared. Like many things in the wedding world, wedding cakes tend to have trends. Here’s a look at the … Read more

destination wedding

Hot Destination Wedding Locations

Do you think that you must leave the country for that magical and memorable destination wedding?  Nope.  You don’t.  The U.S. offers some spectacular wedding destinations, guaranteed to be the romantic and gorgeous wedding experience you’ve always dreamed of!  Each one is unique in character, boasting tons of atmosphere and culture, to make your destination … Read more

wedding invitations & stationery

Hot wedding invitation trends

If you have just become engaged, are madly in love and happily planning away, or if you are at loose ends for amazing wedding invitations that don’t want to make you heave, then hopefully you will find this wedding stationery information helpful. If you have an innate sense of style, then mass produced – printed … Read more


Fabulous LGBTQ Weddings

We’re screeching up on a whole new season of LGBTQ weddings. Winter will be upon us before you know it.  Winter brings with it the joys of holidays, the woes of weather and the abundance of lists: bests and worsts and, of course, trends. The team at Invitations by R Squared loves love, and – … Read more


Bridal fashion trends that 2019 brides want to know

Is it an exaggeration to say that Instagram has changed weddings and bridal fashion? Now that every event on the path to getting married is up for documentation—the proposal, the engagement party, the bridal shower, even the cake tasting—brides are under a lot of (perhaps self-inflicted) pressure to wear the perfect look for every occasion, … Read more

winter destination wedding

Winter Destination Weddings

It’s been pretty hot across the globe this summer.  Time to think about that winter destination wedding you’ve been planning. Here at Invitations by R Squared, we love every wedding … Spring weddings, beach weddings, fall weddings with the turning leaves … If it’s a wedding, you know we’re going to love it.  As lively … Read more

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