Ten tips for planning your LGBTQ destination wedding

We love love.  And we have worked very hard to gather up the best information for planning your LGBTQ wedding. 

If you’re recently engaged and have just chosen your destination location, you’ll be choosing a date soon and that means Save the Date cards and wedding invitations.  Be sure to check those out here.

We went searching to build a list of the top ten fabulous tips for planning your LGBTQ destination wedding.  You will find these tips to be helpful even if you’re having a LGBTQ hometown wedding.

Do go ahead and register for wedding gifts. 

You ARE getting married. 

Traditionally, destination weddings do not include gifts since people are investing a lot of time and money in traveling to your destination wedding.  This is a factor to keep in mind.

Do express your wishes and opinions to your wedding planner and other vendors about exactly what your expectations are for your wedding. 

If you are having a “commitment ceremony” and don’t want it referred to as a “wedding” or something like that, tell your wedding planner so she doesn’t think of it as the wrong thing for the year of planning ahead.

Do explore whether the destination you’re thinking of is known as “LGBTQ friendly.” 

The Caribbean island of Vieques has a number of gay-owned hotels and guest houses, as does the island of Culebra, and either are fabulous locations for a destination wedding

Some other destinations may not be as open-minded.  Please do your research before you hand over any funds for deposits.

Don’t be let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do or have for your wedding. 

This is YOUR day, and your partner’s.  You two deserve to have all the magic and wonder and love the same as any other couple.  You really can have pretty much have anything that you can afford.  There are no traditions to bind your ceremony or reception plan.  You get to make your own traditions and do your wedding, your way.

Take care of your documentation – as much as possible – prior to the ceremony. 

Don’t make your guests sit while you sign ten dozen pieces of paper that may be required to formalize a legal wedding. 

Do offer your parents and other important persons a role in the ceremony if they are supportive of the big step you’re taking. 

You can have them read relevant passages, or you can have them participate in a beautiful and poignant sand blending ceremony to show their support.

Don’t toss basic manners and etiquette out the window just because there’s no specific section addressing your style of wedding in most formal etiquette books.  

Send your Save the Date cards and destination wedding invitations out as soon as you have the details organized, hopefully a minimum of eight months for your Save the Date cards and four months for the destination wedding invitations and give them about eight weeks to RSVP. 

Be sure to write and send your thank you notes for attending your ceremony, as well as any engagement, shower and wedding gifts you may have received in a timely manner.

Do let your friends throw you a shower or bachelor/bachelorette party.  Seriously, let them. 

Possibly some of your friends and family will not be able to attend your destination wedding, and this is a way that they can show their love and support for you.  It’s your big day they’re celebrating. 

Don’t be afraid to bring your own style to your ceremony and celebration. 

Do a first dance and a cake cutting if you want to – And if you don’t, then don’t. 

But remember that a wedding reception is generally several hours long, and it’s nice to have a few mini-events to keep things interesting.

Consider offering cocktails prior to the actual ceremony if you’re not sure how some folks will be able to assimilate their attendance at what could easily be their first LGBTQ wedding.  

Sometimes, some of us feel like we need a drink when we have to face somewhat uncomfortable situations, right?  Well, some of your guests could feel a little bit of that as well. 

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We are so happy for you and truly wishes you the best in your planning and all the magic of your special day. 

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