Tips for the Perfect Same-Sex Destination Wedding

hawaiian gay beach destination weddingAt Invitations by R Squared, we LOVE love!! While we talk about love and weddings, and weddings being celebrations of love, whether they are straight and traditional destination weddings, or the party-of-the-decade LGBTQ wedding in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, the fact remains that the LGBTQ community is still battling some significant challenges with acceptance by the world-at-large. There are issues that straight couples will probably never, ever be faced with. Our team combed the internet searching out and compiling some really great advice for meeting those challenges gracefully.

One day, all weddings WILL be weddings; not LGBTQ weddings. But until then…we’ll be working diligently to help those couples navigating this new terrain…hawaiian lesbian beach destination wedding

Looking for LGBTQ-friendly vendors? Let’s say you’re looking at bakeries to create the cake that everyone will be talking about for a decade. Get your hands (or your browser) on a wedding directory, bridal association or internet vendor listing and select the section that holds the kind of vendors you seek. On your browser, open as many tabs as you can manage. Look at their website and see how it’s written. Watch for gender-neutral language or cakes that were created for other LGBTQ couples. If you find any references whatsoever to “marriage is between a man and a woman,” move on without hesitation. Carve the list down to three or four. If you can’t really determine if they are truly LGBTQ-friendly, send them an quebec gay destination weddingemail and ask. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll receive an annoying response from which you will move on.

Not interested in investing a bunch of time in sleuthing? That’s totally fine! Our team found a handful of stellar folks who are ready, willing, and able to help you out! This site has sourced a ton of LGBTQ friendly vendors, as well as this one, this one, and this final one. Among these four, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. If not, any of these gay destination wedding professionals will be more than happy to direct you to other of their many resources.

Now, someone to marry you! How do you find an officiant who will be open to yourgay destination wedding in mexico ceremony in all the ways you need them to be? There are two sites, here and here, that have search engines for officiants, with past reviews.

There is always the really awesome option of having a friend be your officiant. They can get ordained here, and will be allowed to legally sign your wedding documents.

Here are some questions you may wish to consider when interviewing a prospective officiant:
gay beach destination wedding• What is their position on LGBTQ marriage?
• How many LGBTQ ceremonies have they performed?
• What are their fees?
• How do they like to structure the ceremonies?
• Do they have any readings, scripts or samples that you can review?

As we know, not everyone is completely supportive of same-sex marriages. Even more sadly, some families are not very supportive at all. In some cases, one partner’s family may be over the moon about the engagement, while the other’s not so much. We talked with some LGBTQ wedding planners and were able to collect some stellar advice and tips.

Here’s this:Gorgeous couple at lesbian destination wedding
Discuss with your partner your respective feelings. If there are issues that need to be addressed, they’re best dealt with via awesome and authentic communication. That way you can plan as necessary. You can surround yourself with loads of loving and supportive people who will be there to help navigate the wedding milestones.

Be mindful of the wording on your Save the Date cards and invitations. The words “Together with our families” may not be entirely true, but if your families are made up of folks that you’ve chosen as family, as well as blood-relatives, you’re being genuine. Check out some really darling LGBTQ Save the Date and destination wedding invitations right here.

gay destination wedding in floridaWalking down the aisle has been a time-honored tradition at weddings. There are many ways to make this tradition singularly yours and your fiance’s. You can walk together, or be escorted – either as a couple or on your own by a significant friend or family member. The possibilities are literally endless. Make it how you want it so that your day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Again, with tradition. Traditionally, the wedding guests are split into sides (bride and groom, groom and groom, bride and bride). If two collections of people are coming together to celebrate the coming together and blending of two families, why have sides at all? Everyone can sit together, which can help avoid any awkward bare spots on one “side” or the other.

Mind your manners. There are possibly some people who you both may wish to avoid having at your event. With the aforementioned less-than-supportive parents, you may not wish to send along an invitation. Yes, you might not want to deal with the sting of a sad call or email or RSVP rejection. It might work well to know thateuropean destination wedding lesbian you and your partner have done everything you could to make those unsupportive souls as welcome as possible. Always take the high road. Later, when you two are celebrating your ten year anniversary, and they’ve finally accepted the love that you share, there will be no guilt to be found for not sending that invite.

We know that planning any wedding can be interesting and challenging, and a destination wedding is not exempt from this. The LBGTQ landscape is thankfully changing and becoming more open and accepted. We are thrilled that everyone who is in love and ready to marry now has the right to do so.

Now that your engagement is official, you and your fiance have settled on the perfect place to host your destination wedding, be sure to start looking out for the perfect Save the Date cards and wedding invitations. Here is a great place to start! If inspiration is what you seek, do check out our inspiration boards right here at Pinterest. Our team has put together some fantastic images to excite and inspire you and your fiancé. Congratulations and we are so very happy for you!


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