Tips & Trends: LGBT Destination Weddings

Tips & Trends: LGBT Destination Weddings

same-sex-desintation-wedding-in-Savannah-GeorgiaIn 2015 same-sex marriage was ruled as a constitutional right by the Supreme Court of the United States and to us at Invitations by R Squared that means LOTS MORE DESTINATION WEDDINGS!

Along with a large group finally being able to get married comes a whole gang of new traditions and trends, right down to the destination wedding stationery suite, so the team searched out some new things you can look forward to seeing at some of the weddings you may be going to (or planning yourself!) in 2017.

Walking Together – One of the biggest trends with weddings for same-sex couples so far has been either walking each other down the aisle, or having two aisles – one for each lovely bride or handsome groom to make their debut down, and then meet evening-gay-destination-wedding-celebration-on-the-Riviera-Maya-Mexicoat the altar. Many couples in general are beginning to move away from being, “given away,” because it is more than a bit dated due to its origins. Same-sex couples especially, though, are changing it up and walking together instead of picking one person to take the aisle.

Simple, Elegant Décor – No one knows about the fight for love like the LGBT community. Marriage equality has lifted a heavy weight off the hearts of many, and now they just want get married! For same-sex couples, the wedding is all about the marriage. Gorgeous décor and fancy clothing are nice, but many couples have been waiting for this day for decades, which is why many couples are going for simple and elegant flower arrangements and decor so as not to take away from the ceremony.  It really is all about them; not the flowers.

gay-couple-at-their-San-Francisco-destination-weddingLocal Getaways – Many LGBT couples have already been together in a committed relationship for years. They’ve taken the trips to the magical places.  Many same-sex couples are taking shorter honeymoons, or even no honeymoon, and opting for a destination wedding over the weekend with their loved ones.  Many simply feel they don’t need a large, elaborate event. Weekend getaways to beaches, wineries, and mountains within driving or quick-flight distance give them a few days together to reconnect are being chosen over week long vacations to Fiji.

Destination Getaways – Mexico has become the hottest trend in destination wedding locations for LGBT couples, with Puerto Vallarta the numero uno lgbt-destination-wedding-in-mexicodestination.  You’ll also find comfort that the majority of the destination wedding resort locations are very gay-friendly.

Mexico is definitely experiencing a surge of LGBT destination weddings.  Since August 2010, same sex marriages in 31 states in Mexico are legally performed.  Mexico is very accessible for LGBT couples wanting to have a destination wedding, and generally very welcoming to the LGBT community. Besides the recent legalization by many states, Mexico has always been a popular destination for same-sex symbolic weddings.

same-sex-wedding-rings-for-a-beach-destination-weddingOur team checked in with a number of same-sex wedding planning professionals to collect the best information for you.  Here are some tips for couples wanting a same-sex wedding in Mexico.

The last thing you need is to experience any kind of discrimination before or during your wedding, so begin by choosing an LGBT-friendly-destination. Obvious places to begin is places where same-sex marriage is legal, but also consider a wedding destination with a large LGBT community, such as Puerto Vallarta, and the Riviera Maya.

Plan with an experienced travel agent in the US and work with and hire a local New-york-gay-destination-weddingplanner to help you with all requirements and paperwork, as well as to assist you with local red tape. Note that some Mexican destination wedding venues do not have on-site coordinators familiar with everything there is to know about destination weddings. It is also important to note that many couples prefer to have legal marriage in states in the US which recognize them, and then follow with a symbolic wedding and honeymoon at a same-sex friendly hotel in Mexico.

All weddings, same-sex or not, are unique, so don’t be afraid to express your unique love on your ceremony and reception. Make things happen, work with your on-site lesbian-couple-marries-in-a-destination-wedding-on-the-outer-bankscoordinator, take a resort wedding package and make it your own. Do you want a two-themed-grooms’ cake instead of traditional white-one? Ask for it, and you’ll have it. All special details are usually just a phone call away, with full-time wedding coordinator teams in Mexican destination wedding resorts.

When reserving destination wedding venues, ask the resort management if the hotel-staff is truly LGBT-friendly. For you and your wedding guests, it’s important to have a pleasant accepting ambiance. You may consider traveling with key vendors such as photographers or officiates for your ceremony, this way you’re not worried with finding local talented vendors.  Be sure to check in with your hotel coordinator and tourism board if special permits are required; some places, such asfun-same-sex-destination-wedding-photography photographers need to have temporary working permits to shoot on your wedding day.

Make an effort to take good care of your wedding guests, after all they are traveling far away to celebrate your special day. Have a welcome cocktail event, schedule tours and activities; this helps break the ice with guests, and makes for a fun-filled celebration on your wedding day.  Have welcome bags in your guest’s rooms on check-in, and provide a one-place to book all necessary reservations for the wedding trip. This way they’ll be able to benefit from negotiated travel rates.

lesbian-brides-at their-Florida-destination-weddingWherever you wind up for your magical and memorable destination wedding event, you can be assured that your event is going to be truly an experience that your friends and family will remember always.  So, you’ll need to get to work on the destination wedding stationery suite soon.  There are a lot of choices right here.

In the meantime, you can help keep you and your fiancé inspired by checking out our boards at Pinterest, right here.

Still feeling pressured and confused about the whole destination wedding stationery THING?  Get in touch with us!  We’re here to help make the ceremony honoring a love of a lifetime as seamless as possible.


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