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wedding invitationsYou’re engaged!  There’s going to be a wedding!  Congratulations! 

The best news ever! 

Now, the planning starts, and Invitations by R Squared is here to help. 

A destination wedding, you say?  Our absolute favorite! 

The first thing you would want to look at, now that you’ve chosen your location, is Save the Date cards and invitations.  Many brides are concerned about the efficiency of the Save the Date card. 

We’re here to help you navigate some of the new, contemporary destination wedding etiquette involving Save the Date cards and invitations.

Destination weddings take planning. 

Your Save the Date card is the “first contact” bringing the announcement of your special event!  Save the Date cards give your guests ample time to plan, mark their calendars, save money and make the necessary arrangement needed to travel to join you for your destination wedding. 

Generally, couples send out their Save the Date cards six towedding invitations eight months before the event. 

With everyone having such busy lives, the trend we are hearing from destination wedding planners across the country has moved into the “eight to ten months” time frame. 

There are a lot of super fun options, as well as more traditional and formal selections, for Save the Date cards.  A wedding stationary package that ties everything together with a common theme reflective of the style and personalities of the wedding couple is always a fantastic idea. 

When your celebration is destined for a far-flung location, your guests will most certainly appreciate having as much time as possible to secure airfare, passports, accommodates, transportation to and from all the involved airports, possibly time off from work and more. 

They will be doing a lot of planning to join you on your special day, and they will appreciate the consideration you’ve shown by granting them as much notice as possible. 

wedding invitationsFor more details on destination wedding etiquette in general, and wedding stationary etiquette specifically, surf on over here; there’s some great information!

Keep track of who receives a destination wedding Save the Date card.  All those people will also be receiving a wedding invitation. 

The actual invite should be sent three to four months prior to the date.  Smart brides include everyone in their invitation list, including parents and the wedding party.  Including everyone right from the start helps keep you organized, keeps confusion (and thus stress) to a minimum and is much easier to navigate without worry that an important someone didn’t get all of the information they needed in time to join you for your destination wedding. 

A few more tips with regard to wedding stationary:

  • Save the Date cards are a fun way to include your guests in the event right from the beginning.
  • If you are going to use a gift registry, do not include it on your Save the Date cards. Bear in mind wedding invitationsthat the folks joining you have already spent a bundle getting there.  Tradition and etiquette indicate that, when planning a destination wedding, couples forego the gift registry.  If a guest wants to gift the newlyweds, that’s great; but don’t expect them to.
  • Be sure, when placing the order for your Save the Date cards and destination wedding invitations, that all of the pertinent information is included, such as your names, the date, the city, the state or country where the ceremony will be held, and possibly more specific location information (which is particularly helpful for beach or adventure destination weddings).
  • If you are building a wedding website, as many savvy couples do, include that address with the information on your Save the Date cards so that your guests and family can keep up-to-date on any planning updates that need to be shared.
  • Include the phrase “invitation to follow” on your Save the Date cards. This way, there will be no confusion as to why this particular piece of destination wedding stationary does not include as many details as an invitation. 
  • wedding invitationsThe most important thing to remember is clear communication with your guests.
  • Additional pointers for contemporary wedding stationary etiquette can be found here.

Invitations by R Squared is here to help, continually bringing today’s contemporary brides and couples the best possible information, inspiration and wedding stationary to make planning your destination wedding as seamless and stress free as possible. 

Our shop offers a really fun selection of destination wedding stationary, including some new and fabulous LGBTQ offerings.  Be sure to come by and take a look here.  Also, Fran is available to chat with you about colors, papers, fonts, and all things wedding stationery!

Our collections of wedding images also have tons of really great ideas and inspiration for brides and grooms of all kinds!  You can see those over here.

Again, congratulations on your engagement and remember we’re here to help.

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