Wedding Stationery Trends for 2019


Each passing year brings a rich array of new wedding styles and trends. And wedding stationery is no different!

Whether your personal style is best described in bold, beautiful statements or something a little more modern and minimalist, you can set the stage for your wedding celebration with the very latest in stationery trends. Fran has designed some very special pieces we know you’re going to love.  You can check those out here. 

Powerful Stationery Suites – Whether it’s a shared color palette or a common typeface, this trend allows bold, complex, and rather distinct designs to unify in beautiful harmony.


It’s safe to say that each piece of a power-clashing stationery suite can certainly stand alone, but the true magic happens when they effortlessly unite.

Offset and Non-Traditional Layouts – This trend might make your guests look twice, in all the right ways.

Incorporating an offset layout into your design not only encourages creativity, but it will allow your invitations to truly stand out. Offset layouts are particularly well-suited for couples who want their names or statement text to be a more eye-catching part of the invitation.


Monochromatic Linework – Often depicted through delicate, single-color illustrations of realistic flora or whimsical greenery, monochromatic linework adds both balance and visual framing to a design.

Often drawn by hand, this style can feel organic and soft, or remarkably intricate. In contrast to some more romantic or feminine designs of other trends, this style often provides a gender-neutral appeal.

Cultural Influence – A couple’s being able to pay homage to their traditions, heritage, religion, or culture through their stationery is a wonderful way to share a personal bond with their guests.

A couple’s ability to pay homage to their traditions, heritage, religion, or culture through their stationery is a wonderful way to share a personal bond with their guests.

Photo-Centric – We absolutely love any trend that reflects an added touch of personalization, and what better way than through a photo?


Whether your photo is expressive of a shared passion—like this adventure to the peak of a mountain or perhaps reflective of a particular place—like this setting with modern city flare, you can’t go wrong when it comes to incorporating a meaningful photo.

Added Embellishments – Even the most subtle of details can have a stunning impact on your overall design.

Added embellishments can relate to the paper style, such as deckled edges and edge-painting, or be in addition to the invite itself, such as wax seals, custom monograms, or custom liners and stamps.


Location Inspired – As more and more couples choose to celebrate their special day in the outdoors, we’ve seen this location-inspired trend come to life through depictions that range from Hawaiian tropics and arid deserts to rustic forests and mountainous landscapes.

These designs are perfect for paying homage to the landscape that is closest to your heart.

Moody Romance – From romantic burgundies to midnight navies, the options with dark color palettes are truly endless.

Bold, unconventional, and strikingly emotive, we love how this trend effortlessly unites deep hues and with rich textures and expressive illustrations.

Bold Graphics – Often expressed through edge-to-edge graphics, large-scale typography, and deliberate white space, this trend is perfect for storytelling.


Whether the focal point of your design is expressed through a classic, black-and-white concept or a vibrantly bold statement, this look in stationery is perfect for any thematic wedding or creative couple just looking to make a statement.

Blind Letterpress – Rather than relying on ink to create a visually compelling pattern, this trend boasts a clean and stylish stamped effect that is traditionally achieved on paper through pressure.

This trend can also come to life digitally through artful shadowing and applied textures.

We hope these design trends inspire you into the new year.


Keep in mind, no matter what style you select, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a personal touch. To help you determine your style and source wedding stationery designs that will make your hearts sing, we’ve put together this collection of curated wedding images.

You can easily change up any of these modern trends to match your style as a couple. Something as simple as a new color addition or an added design accent can help make the overall design a true reflection of you.

Now you’re started on your journey.  Let us help you navigate! Fran is amazing with design, color, papers, and more.  She’ll truly be able to help you pair the perfect wedding stationery to your magical event.

This day will be the most memorable of your life – your real life happily ever after!

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