Wedding Themes to Inspire You in 2019

wedding themes and trends for 2019You’ve got your date, and a destination, but the fact is you don’t have to have a wedding theme. Yet.

Choosing to set a theme for your wedding can make your wedding planning smoother, easier, and more seamless. But you’ve got to be aware of what’s trending as well.

With a wedding theme that reflects your personalities and style as a couple in mind, start thinking about all the ways you can incorporate it into your event.  Consider all the elements, from your wedding ceremony to reception, and your wedding cake to your wedding invitations.

If you are going to have a theme for your nuptials, to inspire your decision, we have put together some lovely curated collections of images.  Take a look!

Like lots of things, trends change.  Some disappear entirely, never to be seen again.  And some we wish would themes and trends for 2019

We’re going to look at a few that are out, out, out.

Flower crowns have wilted away.

Pastels are no more.

Two-piece gowns are goners.

But fear not, as “out with the old” is always followed by “in with the new.”

We’re going to talk about some trends and themes that are going to be hot in the coming wedding season.  It may be easy to say, “Oh, 2019?  That’s a whole year away!”  We’re here to tell you, it will be here before you know it!

We’re predicting these themes to be, or continue to be, hot for next year (and this year, too!)

Greenery is the hottest thing since sliced bread and it’s no wonder why…it’s beautiful, a little goes a long way, and it’s AFFORDABLE! 

When you are planning a wedding, an affordable option is going to be your best friend!

wedding themes and trends for 2019Sparkles!!!  It’s elegant, exciting, and feels fancy, so it’s no surprise brides (and guests) love all things shimmery!  From invitations to attire and linens and even cakes, a little (or a lot) of bling is all the rage!

Fine Art, just those two words alone conjure up a bunch of images, but the primary feeling is that of impressionist painters.  Think Monet, Renoir, Degas…and the way their paintings make you feel is exactly how you want your guests to feel.  From the colors to the décor and even the food, everything can set the tone!

Geometrics is a rising trend and it’s no surprise why!  This is a chic look and works if you are going high end or casual. 

“Romantic”!  Besides “fun”, this is the second most used word brides use to describe want they want their wedding to be.  A wedding should be all about the love and upping the romance factor never hurt…candles, flowers, mood lighting, music, and even food can all set a romantic tone so rev it up and make everyone swoon!

Romance noir!  (We just made that up!)  It’s a thing. It’s a little dark and maybe even edgy, but it doesn’t lack in romance, which is why this works so well.  Burgundy, marsala, and maroons give off the elegant version of “Corvette Red” and why it’s so popular.

Pampas grass is just cool to start with and elevate it for a wedding and you really have something wedding themes and trends for 2019special on your hands!  Pair it with gorgeous metallic highlights at a beach destination wedding for an element of quirky elegance.

Happily ever after.  Life is not a fairy tale, but your wedding can be. 

Having the fairytale atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of only enhances how magical – and real – love truly is.  Whether it’s your interpretation or you’ve chosen a specific fairy tale from which to pull your custom theme, the whimsy will delight the young and old at heart just the same.

Brides and grooms are going to be fearless with color in 2019.  Deep and saturated hues will reign supreme.  In that vein, warmer metallic tones such as brass and brushed nickel are stepping up for a change. 

Couples are choosing bolder and moodier colors for their wedding décor.  Pair darker colors with metallic touches and greenery/floral elements. It’s sexy and a unique way to stand out in the sea of blush and pink palettes that we’ve seen in recent seasons.

wedding themes and trends for 2019Speaking of blush and pink… don’t.

Couples are choosing to make a statement with colors and neutrals.  Frequently we see this with some variation of Pantone’s Color of the Year.  This year, that is ultra violet.  Next year?  Who knows.  You can find predictions of the direction Pantone might go here.

Wedding themes and trends are not limited to just décor and fashion.

The icing on the soft-hued cakes, literally, is no more, too.  Soft, pretty, and pink styles have been going strong for many years now.  We predict moody and modern cake design inspired by fashion, architecture, and interior design are going to become increasingly popular.

What we’re seeing for the 2019 wedding season is lots of new techniques in sleek black designs, hand-painted art, metallic leaf, chocolate brushstroke, and that minimalist clean line style to cake tables everywhere.

And speaking of bride style and bridal fashion, Skin is in! Gone are the days of heavy full coverage foundation.  Let your skin shine (not literally, of course!) through—freckles and all. 

Flower crowns, style makers and bridal fashion mavens concur, have overstayed their welcome, transitioning to an unneeded themes and trends for 2019

Two-piece gowns, too, have had their moment of fame.  Brides are bidding farewell to the two-piece look in favor of whimsical, romantic gowns featuring contrasting tones, with intricate backs and a variety of silhouettes. 

We’re still seeing the two-piece option as a popular choice for bridesmaids, though.

Statement sleeves, peplum and ruching are other details of years past, and are out, out, out. 

Big ball gowns instead have been making statements on runways, as well as sheer and sexy bodices, plus botanical patterns and lined with nude hues—all which trend toward more minimal motifs.

With flower crowns stamped as an accessory of the past, loose buds placed in braids and up-dos will take their place. 

Likewise, blooms are no longer reserved just for bouquets but instead for use in roundabout ways.

Floral designers are using 10-12″ gold hoops, adorned with a little greenery, a few blooms, and hanging ribbons, that the flower girl will hold instead of the compulsory basket of flower petals. 

wedding themes and trends for 2019Soft romantic blooms mixed in with funky stems of protea, celosia, kale flower, or even artichokes or raw cotton can make such a beautiful statement in a bouquet or arrangement. 

Mason jars, burlap, and sunflowers have been loitering for way too long and need to get a move on. 

There are so many other chic décor choices for the rustic country chic wedding theme.  THAT theme isn’t going anywhere, but the way it is presented is evolving.

Check out these collections of in-the-moment wedding images to see what we mean!

In the meantime, get to choosing that wedding location (or destination wedding location) and a date.  Then you’ll be ready to choose your Save the Date cards and wedding invitations (here are some ideas).  Finding great wedding stationery can really help you define your wedding style, and tie together a ton of elements for your themes and trends for 2019

Get in touch with us here, and Fran will be in touch to chat about all things wedding stationery.

You two are going to have an amazing, magical and altogether memorable wedding event!

Your Best Day Ever!












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