The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2017

the boho themed wedding is a wedding trend that will be huge in 2017Every month it seems wedding trends shift a bit.

Some disappear entirely, while some of the hottest wedding trends start pushing forth like tulips in the snow.

The team at Invitations by R Squared is positively obsessed with new wedding trends.  We may be in the home stretch of 2016, but we’re looking toward 2017 and what trends the year will hold.

Here are some of the hot wedding trends that we are totally loving right now:

Modern couples are opting for stately furniture pieces at the ceremony and reception.

vintage wedding trends include formal furniture in the wedding decor

Imagine modern couches and armoires on a beachside bluff! Even though it may be difficult to find a furniture rental company at your destination, if you work with the resort’s on-site wedding specialist, this should not be a problem.

Ask your wedding planner or the vendor supplying your bartender to create your very own signature drink!

Write a list of some of your favorite flavors and textures and let the bartenders work their magic. After, come-up with a clever name. Guests will surely be impressed! You can read more about signature cocktails right here.

The beauty bar wedding trend is still hot, people.

whimsical wedding parties are on point with 2017 wedding trendsCouples will have hair and makeup specialists on site during the reception for guests to enjoy touch-ups throughout the night.

Some couples are getting married at very unique and adventurous venues,

before heading to the dinner and dancing at a separate reception space, or having the ceremony and cocktails at the in a romantic garden setting, before heading into a ballroom for dinner and dancing.

Couples of all kinds are opting for one maid of honor and one best man in total.

pure romance as a wedding theme is one of the biggest wedding trends for 2017Or one man of honor, or one best girl-friend.  Don’t be afraid to shake it up.  Brides, if your best friend is male, don’t feel as though you still need to choose a female to stand up for you in your ceremony.  Learn more about this fabulous wedding trend here.  It’s all about the love!



Colors sometimes feel tricky for some brides and couples.  This year. we’ve seen cool, softer colors, but 2017 is gearing up to be bold and bright by incorporating red, yellow and orange into bouquets and centerpieces, this adds pop without overdoing the decor. Also, couples are adding a touch of metallic to their attire, their centerpieces, linens or other decor for a bit of bling.  We can’ta whimsical wedding feast that is so on for wedding trends wait to see what Pantone is going to do for the color of the year at the end of next month!

Yes, there are trends with wedding food, too.

Lots of them.  No more traditional sit-down dinners. It’s family style for a more relaxed, personal and intimate wedding. Long tables bring back memories of the days when that style of dining was a typical Saturday night. Another hot trend is cocktail-style receptions. This is a more mix and mingle, eat-when-you’re-ready approach, giving more time to the reception, dancing and enjoying your guests.

Say “buh-bye” to candy buffets and large dramatic wedding cakes

the naked cake is still huge in wedding trendsand hello to mini treats and dessert bars as a late night snack or for pack-and-go at the end of the night. Oftentimes these menu options are family favorites or from a local bakery.  Also, the naked cake, decorated with seasonal fruits and flowers, is not going anywhere soon.  This cake fits almost any décor, wedding style, and personality.  It’s just that versatile.

Traditional veils are still in,

but there’s a new trend in veil-wear. A body veil is sort of like a sheer cape, being worn on the shoulders and going to the floor. In some cases, they’re long enough to trail behind the bride like a train.

Oh, your bridesmaids and their dresses?

Keep the color and length the same, but fit the dress to the body. Let the style enhance your gorgeous bridesmaids, and dress them in garb about which they can feel fantastic!  This trend has been around, but hasn’t quite taken off like it will in 2017.

Couples are following the farm-to-table movement with flowers,

showing more concern over where the flowers are grown and what chemicals farm-to-table wedding receptions are a big wedding trend that is gaining strengthare used. Heirloom flowers grown without pesticides are becoming popular. As people are taking better care of themselves, they don’t want the pesticides at their tables or in their bouquets.  Many local organic farmers offer flowers along with their stellar veggies.

If you’re using a wedding planning profession, or a caterer experienced in the farm-to-table movement, their expertise in this area can be invaluable.  Couples are choosing floral designs that match their lifestyle, rather than their wedding style and matching who they are as a couple. For instance, if they’re casual, outdoors people, their bouquets, centerpieces and other floral elements are more free-form and natural than structured.

simple floral tablescapes are big in 2017 wedding trends

More and more couples are going with non-traditional wedding dates.

Saturdays are fine, but are always the first date to go. Why not a Friday or Sunday? This not only gets you discounts from venues (ask before assuming), but gives you extra time with out-of-town guests on Saturday, and it gives you an extra day to enjoy being married — and additional time to pack — before you leave for your honeymoon. Many couples plan a brunch the next day for the immediate family, so your wedding day becomes your wedding weekend.

Forget the days of confetti and rice-throwing.

If it is permitted, sparklers and fireworks make for a finale with pizzazz. Be sure to choose the smokeless variety, or risk losing all those great photographs!fireworks after the ceremony are a huge wedding trend

Now that you’ve had your perfect wedding, what should everyone do in the days following the grand event?

Speak to your wedding coordinator or the hotel’s concierge, to find some fun local activities and tours in and around the resort. Create information packets for guests so they can find something to do that suits their interests. You can incorporate the packets into your wedding invitations easily.  Get in touch with us, and let’s talk about that.

Weddings are becoming more intimate.

Brides are taking their guests into consideration and making the event more about the family, rather than loading up the guest list for a large affair.

We know that there are a lot of things to think about,

unique decor is vital for keeping up with the new wedding trendselements to consider, and that planning a wedding can become stressful.  Don’t let your creativity flag!  Check out our mood boards over here, and be sure to stop by here for your wedding invitations and stationery.  Don’t forget we’re here to help!  We want your day to be magical, memorable and FILLED with love, joy, and happiness!


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