Wedding trends come, and wedding trends go …

wedding trendsBut the truly memorable trends are those where our couple leave the indelible mark of their identity upon them.

We’re over halfway through 2018, and – as always – we’ve been watching the “hot” wedding trends for the coming year shift, dwindle, or outright disappear.  Happens every year.  Some of the trends that linger are quintessentially memorable. 

Others, not so much.

When you’re planning your wedding, and you find a trend that you just LOVE, but you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, how do you make that trend yours?

You and your fiancé bring yourselves to the table and ask yourselves, “Who are we as a couple, and how can we create our wedding to reflect that?”


There are as many answers to that question as there are couples planning weddings in 2019 and beyond. 

What you will need are some inspiring ideas that will your wedding trendsstamp of individuality and run with it.

We’re always watching, always reading, and ALWAYS talking about weddings.  ALL kinds of weddings.  And what made this or that event unique.  Oh, and let’s not forget the hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding trends that come up on our radar every year. 

We pulled together some of our favorites, knowing that you will want to take them and turn them into something that is all YOU.  Make your OWN trend!

We love all of these.

Wedding arches are symbolic gates to a new life that newlyweds will begin after the exchange of wedding rings.

It is a wonderful symbol of well-being, family happiness, and change.

How does a couple go about choosing a wedding arch? 

Consider form and dimensions first.  If your fiancé is of medium height – enough height is six feet or so.

Often the arch width is standard – three to four feet, but it can be adjusted depending on the ornaments you choose.

wedding trendsWhat will the frame be made of?  Usually, it is made of wood or metal.

In nice windless weather, it is just fine to use the metal-plastic because you can make any squiggle out of it, however, it is less stable.

If wind is in the forecast, the ready frame will need to be further strengthened (for this purpose the ends are immersed in containers with cement, and then carefully decorated).  If you are using a wedding planner, this is a simple question.

You can decorate the wedding arch at will: balloons, branches, feathers, cloth, paper garlands, etc.

But the most common and popular variant is real flowers.

Ask your florist or planner and they will recommend the optimal option for your ceremony.  The blooms with the most shelf life are alstroemerias, roses, orchids, freesias, and carnations are considered the most long-lived.

Velvety fabrics – velvet, crushed velvet and even corduroy – bring to your décor an element that will create a warm, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere.

Old chairs with corduroy finish will help to provide a banquet hall with home trends

On the tables and window sills, you can lay out stacks of different sizes books in soft cloth covers.

Luxurious velvet curtains on the windows and contrasting ties with lush tassels bring an air of elegance, especially if those tassels contain a metallic element.

You can ask your planner to organize a comfortable rest zone surrounded by the same books and miniature tables.

Cover banquet tables with classic tablecloths and set them with vintage cutlery, which can be wrapped in wide velvet ribbons.

Bringing an organic backdrop into a separate area (corner or wall) where you and your guests can take special, whimsical and/or goofy pictures.

The backdrop is a logical continuation of the wedding theme.  If your theme is vintage, you might consider a backdrop of vintage furniture pieces with vases of all sizes filled with roses and peonies, or dahlias. 

If you’re having a beach destination wedding, you can easily request a beachy backdrop of a small rowboat, some oars, fishing net and other oceanic accessories.

wedding trendsA backdrop tied to your theme will give you an original space for pictures with family and friends.  It also makes for a fine keepsake of a memorable event. 

Besides, taking some fun photos will help keep your guests entertained both before the ceremony itself, and during the reception and after party if you choose to have one.

There are about a bazillion trends in bridal fashion as well.  So many, in fact, that we are only going to touch briefly on a few.

Of course, there are many ways to tie your bridal fashion into your theme, even if you’re using mx and match for your bridal party.

While tiny little blossoms have dotted the dresses of seasons past, for the 2019 wedding season designers opted for a lusher take on florals. Rather than opt for an oversized bouquet, designers seem to prefer the idea of flowers taking center stage–from embroidered skirts, bodices and veils to plush appliqués.

When styling this trend, keep the flora and fauna minimal elsewhere–read: skip the flower crown (in fact, skip those altogether, no matter what you wear) and opt for a petite nosegay for your clutch.

Festive occasions call for something, well, trends

Ample doses of sparkle feel spot on for the aisle, when all you’re looking to do is pop champagne and dance the night away. While subtle gilding is chic, stronger metallic color ways are replacing pastels for the bride looking to infuse a hint of color without donning brights.

The royal wedding is now part of wedding history, and designers brought the excitement for all things regal, elegant, sophisticated and conservative-with-a-twist.

While Meghan Markle’s gown remained under wraps right up until her big day, almost every designer offered up a traditional style that could suit the future Duchess–or you, after you’re done swooning over what she wore down the aisle on May 19th.

Here’s one that we really love!

Remember last week we were talking about destination weddings in Japan, and how absolutely magical they are?

Now this is a new one for us, and probably for you, too. It’s the Japanese idea of ‘Wabi-sabi’, an ancient philosophy which finds beauty in imperfection.

wedding trendsFor this, décor is pared down to a minimum and colors kept to muted tones. Everything on show needs to look pre-loved and used so mismatched crockery, tables that look as though they have hosted hundreds of meals over the years, maybe your grandmother’s table linens, are all fabulous ideas here!

This isn’t a look for anything new and shiny. Maybe time to dig out some family heirlooms?

We love all these trends, and we hope you will, too.  Make them your own; bring your couple-style to the wedding and infuse it with a magic all your own.  If you’re still in need of a little nudge, we’ve put together some amazing collections of images over here to inspire you!

You can even tie everything together with your Save the Date cards, wedding invitations and day-of stationery. 

There are a lot of choices over here

Get in touch!  Fran is ready to talk with you about all things wedding stationery!  She’s a huge talent, and can help you sort through colors, embellishments, papers, fonts and more!

Your day is going to be everything you two ever dreamed it would be.  Truly, your Happily Ever After.

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