We’re loving these 2019 wedding dress trends!

wedding dresses for 2019Even if it’s a year off, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your wedding dress!

Although 2019 might feel like a long way away for many, those planning to get hitched in a couple of year’s time will find the date rolls around all too quickly. For brides organizing a 2019 wedding, looking ahead to future styles is essential if they want their décor, their menu, their wedding invitations and most importantly, their dress, to be right on trend.

If you are recently engaged and have already started planning your dream wedding in 2019, you’re in luck!wedding dresses for 2019

You are the bride who is looking for a gorgeous dress yet wanting to look fashionable on her big day. If it is the case, before you start dress shopping, get ready and learn more about wedding dress styles that are going to trend next year.

Below are the latest wedding dress trends brides need to know.

Some of them are our wedding trends predictions for the upcoming year.

They have not happened yet, and Barcelona bridal fashion week will offer the cutting edge for next year’s brides.  Of course, our favorite designers have offered us some sneak-peeks!

wedding dresses for 2019Two trends that looks like they’re going to take the wedding dress world by storm are prints and color. Fun, stylish and unique, bright, colorful wedding dresses can help brides to really stand out from the crowd.

Why choose a colored wedding dress?

Unless you’re a sucker for tradition, there’s really no need to stick to white or ivory. Colorful wedding dresses add a touch of personality and tons of modernity to an old-school tradition and prove to be a serious standout in a sea of white.

If you are getting married in 2019, it is the perfect time to embrace colored wedding gowns. wedding dresses for 2019

If you are a traditional bride, at least try on one beautiful dress in color.

Champagne is a color complements all skin and hair tones, looking soft and super romantic. If you are a fashion-forwarded bride, check out the hues of blue, lavender, gold, silver or even green.

You will 100% make a statement on your wedding day wearing a colored wedding dress.

Choosing a dress in a subtle or bold tone could help you to feel more yourself on the day and ensure your personality shines through every aspect of your celebration.

How to choose a color for your wedding dress.

wedding dresses for 2019If you’ve always had a favorite color, selecting a dress in that specific shade will be the obvious choice. Some bridal boutiques will be able to create a dress especially for you in your chosen tone. If not, they should have a collection of pre-colored gowns available for you to choose from.

If there’s no obvious color choice for your wedding dress, the rainbow is your oyster.

If you just want a subtle off-white shade, stick to a neutral or pastel palette focusing on colors like nude and pale pinks, blues, purples and greens.

Alternatively, if you want to make a real statement as you walk down wedding dresses for 2019the aisle, why not go bright and bold? Wedding dresses in electric pinks and blues, rich reds and even black are all easily available. Match your dress to your wedding color theme, or vice versa, to ensure your day has a stylish unified look.

Print and wedding dresses.

Brides who don’t want to go off-white altogether can opt to enhance and enliven their wedding dress by choosing a gown that incorporates a printed design. Floral patterns are a popular choice for brides who want to add a bit of color and visual interest to their white dress. Floral prints can encircle the waist, cascade down the skirt or cover the entire outfit.

wedding dresses for 2019If there’s another motif you’d like incorporated into your wedding dress, talk to your local bridal boutique about the available options.

As weddings continue to become more original, more unique and more creative, increasing numbers of brides will begin to shun traditional tones and go off-white instead.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

First, we think that some of the 2018 bridal trends are not going anywhere. Designers are still in love with ultra-flattering off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, but now with a turn on sleeves.

For the next season, they offered to show off brides’ shoulders in a new way – elegantly, adding beautiful sleeves. Watching new 2019 wedding dress styles, you will find a variety of off-the-shoulder wedding gownswedding dresses for 2019 with sleeves, from bouffant to slinky and lacy. Some designs create the look of the off-the-shoulder while in fact being a strapless dress.

One current trend is to wear a gown with straps that fall around your shoulders. You’ll also see vintage looking gowns featuring a ruffle that runs across your chest and leaves your shoulders bare.

Simple wedding dresses.

We believe that clean, modern cuts will win 2019 wedding dress runways. Simplicity is the key. Brides who are looking for a minimalistic, yet sophisticated look will have many options. Sometimes, you just need an interesting neckline or illusion sleeves or stunning accessory to create a unique bridal look.

Another top 2019 wedding dress trend is an alternative look after a reception.

wedding dresses for 2019A lot of brides want to switch after dinner, kick off their heels, change into the second wedding dress to feel more comfortable and have fun all night.

The second wedding dress is usually a simple gown made of lighter fabrics and can have a funky design. For example, the wedding dress with a high-low skirt will be an excellent option instead of a traditional floor-length wedding gown.

Wedding dresses with sleeves.

To look sexy on your wedding day, you do not need to show off a lot of skin. For the past couple of years, bridal designers offer more coverage featuring higher necklines and sleeves, including long, short, lace, or cap sleeve styles.

Wedding dresses with sleeves are very romantic, and this classic look will not go out of style for many years.

Structured wedding dresses.wedding dresses for 2019

It looks like everyone’s favorite bohemian style is slowly leaving the bridal fashion runways.

The 2018 bustier trend indicates that bridal designers are leaning towards structured wedding dresses. For example, a dramatic hourglass silhouette that works well with every body type presents a bridal look that is both simple and sexy.

We expect new wedding dress styles feature more architectural designs, structured shapes, corsets, boning for a polished look, best support, and added confidence. If you are that stylish bride who is looking for a modern look and appreciates structure, you will love this trend.

wedding dresses for 2019Bespoke wedding dresses.

Nowadays, every bride wants to look unique while genuinely reflect her personality and individuality. Of course, you want something your fiancé will love you in.

At the same time, you want something that will showcase who you are.

We say that 2019 is going to be the time to choose bespoke, limited designs. This design house is known for creating the most exquisite wedding dresses and bespoke accessories.

Veil Across the Shoulders.

Veils are no longer meant to simply cover your head. Modern designerswedding dresses for 2019 are showing the soft, light fabric of veils being used over the shoulders or even pulled across the shoulders in front like a backwards shawl.

This is a really unique and beautiful way to cover a low neckline during the ceremony or to add a fashion-forward detail to an otherwise traditional gown.

Puffed Sleeves.

This trend gives a nod to the poufy sleeves of the ’80s, but the fabric used isn’t as light. Today’s puffed sleeves are more like those found in Victorian times, with the structured puff often closing into a tight sleeve that can go all the way down the wrist.

This can be a very romantic style reminiscent of fashion from more than a century ago and is stunning at a formal or winter ceremony.

wedding dresses for 2019Corset Bodice.

Get ready to suck in your stomach as tightly as possible. The corset bodice laces up the back and is designed to pull you in tight.

The good news is that it can make your waist look outrageously tiny and your breasts look fantastic. The bad news is that it can be hard to breathe.

Palest Pink.

Ivory, white and champagne aren’t the only bridal colors available anymore. Color is trending in wedding gowns and can be seen in bright details or a subtle, all-over hue.

Pale pink has now taken its place among traditional bridal gown colors. The shade is usually just a blush of color, almost undetectable. It works especially well in tulle and other light, flowy fabrics.

Pearls.wedding dresses for 2019

Rhinestones have been in the sparkly spotlight of bridal gowns for a long time, but many of today’s brides are leaving the shine behind in favor of more sophisticated pearls.

You’ll find pearls decorating bodices, running down the length of sleeves and being used as buttons down the backs of gowns.

Big Bows.

The big bow is back. Once considered a relic of the past, you can now find huge satin bows on the backs of current wedding gowns.

Sometimes the bow falls across the shoulders, but the vast majority are right above your butt.

Sparkly Belts.

wedding dresses for 2019You will still see bling as a trend in gowns, but it is becoming more popular in accessories than in the dress itself.

Take a wedding gown to the next level with a sparkling belt completely covered in rhinestones or with a breath-taking rhinestone or crystal design.

Gold Details.

Colors based on metals are making a big splash in the current wedding scene, and gold is everywhere. You’ll see gowns with embroidered gold patterns on a full skirt or with gold trim at the edge of the veil or along the hem of the gown.

Elbow Length Gloves.

Long, elegant gloves haven’t been popular in recent bridal fashion, but they are set to make a comeback. You’ll find long, lacy gloves as well as gloves with beading or pearls along the length.

Use long gloves to make a casual gown look more formal.

A Touch of Black.

Black and white wedding gowns are popping up everywhere in bridalwedding dresses for 2019 fashion. The combination of black and white has always suggested formality and sophistication, making it perfect for weddings.

Black and white gowns are typically traditionally white with black details. There may be a black belt, subtle black beading on the bodice or black along the edge of the skirt.


It may not be the right choice for every bride, but fun, fabulous feathers are making a bigger and bolder statement this season.  This is a trend that has been gaining steam for a few years now.

You’ll typically find feathers on the skirt of bridal gowns. There may be just a few highlighting the bottom of a trumpet or mermaid gown, or you may find layers upon layers on a ball gown.

This is a great choice for a quirky bride with a playful side.

wedding dresses for 2019Dramatic Trains.

Drama is a buzzword in weddings today, and one amazing way to create instant drama is with a huge train.

Recent decades have seen a decline in long trains, probably because they can be impractical and require a bridesmaid to wrangle them.

A big train can be a pain, but it sure does look amazing following a formal bride down the aisle, especially in an old church or another elegant setting.

Trains can be on the dress themselves, or they can be part of the veil.

Modern brides have a choice of many silhouettes, fabrics and themes when it comes to a wedding gown. You can add a trendy touch to your special dress with one of these wedding dress trends for the 2019 wedding season.

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We know your big day is going to be just amazing!  Truly, the happily ever after you two have always dreamed of!


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