Who doesn’t love wedding cake?

wedding cakeWhen it comes to weddings, the wedding cake is almost as important as the dress.

People have come to expect “oohs” and “ahhs” from the great pastry that awaits tasting after the entrée plates have been cleared. Like many things in the wedding world, wedding cakes tend to have trends.

Here’s a look at the current wedding cake trends happening in bakeries across the country:

Drip cakes are a blend of both chic and relaxed style.

Featuring an icing, glaze, or other topping that has been poured over the top of the cake, so it drips part way down the sides like paint, this type of cake is both unique and stunning.wedding cake

Some people may scoff at the idea of a black cake at a wedding, but recent trends would disagree.

Brides and grooms are showing a growing appreciation for the absence of colors, particularly as it relates to wedding cakes. When done well, a black wedding cake can emphasize any color scheme, accommodating pastel palettes, metallics or enhancing rich royal colors.

Hand-painted wedding cakes require the hands of true artisans.

Although it may be difficult to find someone who specializes in this form of art, the outcome will surely be worth the search.

wedding cakeWith a hand-painted wedding cake, you’re guaranteed to have something that’s 100% original.

Even if you use an existing design as a suggestion, the artist will never be able to replicate the sample piece exactly. This means your cake will forever be its own piece of art.

Wedding cake design has come a long way in recent years.

What was once a simple sheet cake is now a tower of decadent filling, embossed by some of the most intricate, creative cake work known to mankind.

3-D textures run the gamut from simple to extremely complicated, but all the while, each added layer adds an attention-grabbing element that people will remember.wedding cake

If the idea of filling your guests’ mouths with too much icing is too much for you to bear, you may want to consider a nearly naked wedding cake.

We know.  It’s been said that this is a trend that’s on its way out.  Influencers have been saying that for a while.  But you know what?  Why not take the idea and add a new trend to it – making it completely your own!

Thanks to just the right amount of icing, each slice is covered with enough flavor to tempt the taste buds without requiring an unwarranted scraping-off-the-top wedding cake ritual to remove the excess icing.

wedding cakeCombining two or more trends can create a truly unique work of edible art, like the wedding cake we saw a couple of weeks ago, where the couple did with a golden dripped, nearly-naked cake.

It was to die for.

Eating wedding cake is one thing that will never go out of style.

We don’t discriminate against flavors, whether it be buttercream icing or fondant, or how many calories it is. We WILL eat it.

However, eating wedding cake is extra special when it looks as good as it tastes.

Unconventional cake shapes is an emerging trend in the wedding industry. Sharp angels are complemented with bold marbled colors.

We don’t think there will ever be a time whenwedding cake floral arrangement on cakes isn’t trendy.

Play with textures using berries and green foliage or keep thing classic with beautiful blooms. Love it or hate it, this trend isn’t going anywhere.

Keeping within crisp white color scheme can look flat unless you play with texture. This trend keeps everything thing aesthetically clean, but still interesting.

Splashes of rustic color are a vibrant wedding trend for 2019. We are seeing cakes with brushstrokes of watercolor or shards of sugar crystals in bold colors.

This trend is solid gold! Gold accents in any shape or form is a strong wedding cake trend for 2019.

Spell out your love for each other with a letter cake. This cake is a new trend that is wedding cakeespecially good for people who aren’t fond of fondant as these cakes are usually naked from icing.

Now that we’ve talked about wedding cake, let’s talk about some other options in sweet treats for your guests.

Lately, the trend toward edible desserts has leaned toward single-serve items that can be enjoyed in a bite or two.

Although brides and grooms seem to be running toward this one-bite-fits-all-option, the tradition of the cake seems to maintain its importance in weddings.

If you’re going for single-serve dessert options, you can still have a cake for ceremonial purposes; a cake in which you cut the traditional first slice and save a piece for your first anniversary.wedding cake

Don’t forget—your wedding cake should be about you and your spouse. A little bit of personality, a ton of flavor, and just the right amount of design will leave you with a cake you’ll remember your entire life!

The deconstructed wedding cake is making a huge come back. 

Why not offer a variety of flavors in your deconstructed wedding cake, perching them on pillars of varying heights, amid a sea of yummy single serve sweeties?

While we were asking around about trends in wedding cakes, we were also able to pick wedding cakeup some details on what we can expect to be making the move OUT of popularity in 2019 weddings.  And we’re going to share a little with you!

Don’t feel pressured to have a first look.  Guests more and more want to see your excitement the first time you see each other, too!

With today’s couple being as busy as they are, expect all-inclusive options to really hit their stride in 2019. 

Today’s smart brides are seeing that all-inclusive does not mean ‘cookie cutter’ and they’re committed to making fewer decisions but still have a memorable bash.

Short engagements will be on the decline for 2019, as couples are opting for a longer engagement.  In fact, this Spring, we found that they were already planning weddings for the end of 2019.

Even though Ivory and White are the most widelywedding cake available colors in wedding dresses, we are seeing brides gravitate toward colored gowns. 

There are brides wanting a total shift from white to a black wedding dress and there are others who are wanting just a splash of color by choosing a colored lining such as blush or lavender under lace.

Colored wedding dresses are both unique and captivating.

The rustic concept is evolving so we’ll see less of baby’s breath and burlap as we make way for a refined look that leaves more room for elegance.  We expect brides to move wedding caketoward a more industrial look, focusing on raw spaces filled with metallics and hard lines, and paired with lush greenery and soft florals for balance.

Copper and pastels are out, with bright, rich color in all aspects of the decor coming to the forefront in the form of table settings, candles, linens, and, of course, florals. 

And while farm tables have been a staple in the last few years, more couples are opting now for luxe linens to adorn their tables.

Instead you will see brides ditch the shabby and roll on with just the chic!

While buffets will never totally disappear, we believe that couples will spread out the food displays by creating more stations. This gives more of an experience for guestswedding cake and by having stations like an Oyster or Raw bar paired with a carving station. Sides can be pre-set on the table as family style.

Brides and grooms are now asking their siblings or just a friend to be their MOH and Best Man for an intimate experience

The last two years have been all about greenery only weddings –either to save money or create an immersive garden experience.  For 2019, we are seeing more couples wanting a lot of lush, beautiful blooms instead of all the greenery.

It’s a lot to think about, all these wedding things. 

You’ve got a location, you’ve got a date.

What now?

wedding cakeWedding stationery – Save the date cards – wedding invitations. 

There are some helpful blog posts here to help you with timing for mailing these items, but you might not have even reached the stage where you have chosen these things yet. 

Drop us a note here, and let’s have you chat with Fran.  She’s awesome with colors and papers and design.  You’re going to love her!

Also, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out this collection of curated wedding images.  You may find an idea for the perfect wedding cake!

This day.  This day is going to be your best day.  Your very own Happily Ever After!


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