Your complete “Day of” wedding stationery guide

wedding stationeryWe’re just a tiny bit obsessed with wedding stationery here at Invitations by R Squared!

Beautiful wedding stationery sets the tone for the event – there’s nothing like receiving a gorgeous invitation in the mail to build the excitement for the guests.

It also gives a great idea of the style of event you are planning – a festival style, a city chic event, elegant and formal, or a super-chic Bohemian style do…

Often, it’s the thing that gets left off the budget, or consigned to the “Oh, sure, I can do that myself.”  Here’s a newsflash: unless you’re a graphic designer – No. You can’t. wedding stationery

You’ll end up with funky – and not the good funky – results. For the sake of a few dollars, do the rest of your wedding justice, and invest in good wedding stationery!

This week we’re concentrating on all you need to know before choosing your wedding stationery!

First, we thought it would be useful to put together a list of all the different bits and pieces of wedding stationery that you may need depending on the type of wedding you’re planning. That way you can think about it all well in advance and won’t miss anything or have to make any last-minute rush orders.

wedding stationeryBefore the Wedding

While most people think of the wedding stationery as being the invitation and the various bits at the ceremony and reception, there are several items of stationery you may require to get your party started.  These are all optional, but may be of interest depending on the celebration you’re planning… 

Engagement Party Invitations

To announce the couple’s engagement or an invitation to the engagement party. Be sure to only invite those guests who you plan on inviting to the big day.

Be My Bridesmaid Cards

You’re going to need your best girls around for help and support – sending a Be My Bridesmaid card is a lovely gesture.

Bachelorette Party Invitations

If you’re having a theme for your bachelorette party, it could be fun to send a card to your girls to set the tone.

Save The Date Cards

A Save the Date signifies to the guest that they are invited to attend your wedding stationeryevent and should “save the date”.

Save the Date cards are not official invitations, they simply give the bride and grooms names, the date and some brief details of the location, town or area town the wedding will be held and notification that the formal wedding invitation will follow.

Save the Date cards are perfect for couples who need to give their guests advance notice of the wedding, particularly useful if you are hosting a destination wedding or are inviting guests from abroad so they may begin to make travel plans.

wedding stationeryWedding Invitation Set

Invitations are the most important piece of your wedding stationery. They invite your guests to your wedding ceremony and the following reception and inform them of the date, time etc.

RSVP Cards (Wedding Acceptance/Wedding Regret/Response Cards)

Sent with your invitations, these cards allow guests to tell you whether they are attending or not.

Direction Information (Maps & Accommodation Information)

Maps and direction information is useful to help out of town guests with the location of your church/ceremony venue and reception venue.  Accommodation information contains contact details and web references for local hotels or B&B’s for guests who may require it.

Evening Invitations/ After’s Invites

For additional guests that may not be attending the ceremony. Eveningwedding stationery Invitations are formal invites for the wedding reception and celebration only.

Wedding Events Itinerary Insert (Optional)

This card lets the guests know if there are other activities planned prior to or following the wedding ceremony and reception, such as a welcome party, a dinner the night before, or a second day BBQ. Particularly useful for a 2 or 3-day wedding, or if the wedding is a destination wedding.

Order of Service/Ceremony Booklet

The order of service/ceremony booklet is used for the wedding service and contains the names of the bridal party, name of the officiant, the plan and songs, music etc. These differ greatly between various religions and can also be used for civil ceremonies.

wedding stationeryAdditional information could be added to make the program more personal to the day such as quotes or poems, bios of the bridal party,” in memory of” tributes to loved ones who have passed on, or a thank you to the parents and guests.

The Wedding Program/Reception Program (Optional)

This informs guests of how the evening/reception will unfold from the meal to the speeches that will be made, the cutting of the cake and the first dance. At Irish weddings this isn’t very usual, but sometimes is written as a blackboard sign. Helpful if you have lots of things planned, or a venue with many rooms.

Seating Plan/Table Plan

Seating or table plans are on display at entrance of the reception area and wedding stationeryshow your guests a plan of the table layouts so they can easily find their seat. These can correspond with the place cards or escort cards and the table numbers (names).

Place cards

Place cards are placed at the seat of each guest and inform him or her where to sit. These can form part of a favor left for each guest.

Escort Cards (optional)

The same idea as place cards, escort cards are more usual in the US, but allow more creativity than place cards so are starting to be seen at Irish weddings. They are used to assign each guest to their seat at the wedding reception. This can correspond with the table/seating plan.

Table Numbers/Table Names

Placed on each table, table numbers or names are used to identify the table to your guests, so that when they pick up their escort card, they can immediately recognize the table card that matches it.


wedding stationeryThe Menu Card informs the guests of the meal ahead. It can contain the food options or the set menu and choices for those with dietary restrictions.

They are not essential for a buffet or if you are having a relatively short wedding reception with appetizers.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are sent to your guests shortly after the wedding, thanking them for their gift and for attending your wedding. Thank you cards are also used to thank bridesmaids, flower girls and the host of your hen party.

Wedding Announcements

To announce the couple’s marriage to family and friends if couple have a small intimate ceremony or elopement ceremony.

Change of Address Cards (Optional)

Change of address cards can be useful if the bride or groom has changedwedding stationery their residence following the wedding.

If you’re planning a lot of venue decor ideas at your wedding, like having a sweet bar or dessert table, a photobooth, baskets in the bathrooms, a fingerprint guest book etc., then you need to think about appropriate signage and stationery for it.

There’s nothing worse than a hand scrawled or word/clipart sign to ruin all your great work.

wedding stationeryWorse, with no signage people mightn’t even use what you’ve created. Common things you may need include:

Wishing Tree Tags

Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Favor Tags

Sweet Buffet Tags/Labels

Signage (this can indicate buffet choices, drinks choices, men’s and ladies’ rooms -basically any spot you can think to customize)

Printed materials are one of the top five things you need to address when planning your wedding.

A wedding should tell a story. Well, your story begins and ends with your printed materials! Make your choices carefully!

We know this is a lot to take in.  And we’re here to help! 

Fran is here to chat with you and help you untangle all that sometimes comes with building your wedding stationery suite.  You can get started here.

We’ve built some collections of wedding images over here.  You may get some ideas, direction, and inspiration from these. Our team has worked wedding stationeryhard to pull together these collections in the hope that we’ll help keep you motivated in the right direction.

This day. 

Your Best Day Ever. 

The “happily ever after” you’ve both dreamed of.  You’re going to make it happen.  And it’s going to be awesome!



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