You’re going to love the hottest wedding trends for 2018!

2018 wedding trendsWedding trends come and wedding trends go.  What’s hot at the beginning of the year’s wedding season could easily fizzle by Spring.

We might be a little hyper-focused on trends, but we do love love.  And we love everything about planning a romantic and magical wedding event, starting with keepsake Save the Date cards and wedding invitations.  There’s some cool ones here.

Today we’re going to talk about the wedding trends predicted by wedding style makers and influencers to be the hottest for 2018.

Here’s what we’re loving right now, and we’re certain that you’re going to feel the same.

Glamor is back, and its white hot!!  Vintage is not new in weddings, but it is a 2018 wedding trendstrend that isn’t going anywhere.

All that is old is now new again and nothing is truer in wedding trends than vintage inspired weddings.

Whether it’s the antique furniture used, or the table wear your dinner is served on to unique seating or getting married in a Victorian building. The color palette can vary from Blush Rose (to this day the “it” wedding color) and shades of grey to Mauve, peach and mint! These soft tones mixed with a splash of gold or copper can really set the scene for vintage glamour at your wedding.

With so many classic color combos that are hot wedding trends right now, you can really make it your own.

2018 wedding trendsWe’re also a little food-centric here at Invitations by R Squared.  One of the best ways couples can share their true love story with their guests is through food. And this is going to be one of the hottest wedding trends of the year!

You may want to serve dishes that represent your culture, that are reminiscent of the place where you fell in love, or that fit into your venue of choice. Many caterers are working with couples to develop a custom menu that is unique to them. Guests are still getting their beef, fish and vegetarian options, but with a special take on the classic.

Incorporate all of the elements from your wedding invitation suite into your menus.  Yep.  Make them a keepsake item.  Make them personal, and make them yours.  It’s all part of making a magical, amazing, and altogether memorable wedding event.

Who doesn’t love wedding cake?  And these2018 wedding trends wedding trends in cake and desserts are sure to be show stoppers!

Even though there are plenty of wedding styles and color themes to pick from sometimes picking the type of cake to tie in with everything can be a challenge.

Who says you must stick with tradition?

Although traditional cakes are reclaiming their spot at the top of the wedding dessert chart, there is still options for you if you want to be unique with your wedding cake.

The wedding cake world is a place of extremes when it comes to wedding trends.

2018 wedding trendsThere has been a trending movement away from the multi-tiered constructions of years past.

Now, the pendulum is swinging the other way and it’s “Go big, or go home!” in wedding cake world.  Think textures, colors, and metallic accents.

Remember we said that the wedding cake world held some extremes?  The other side of the coin is the minimalist cake design.

One of the hottest wedding trends in cake in recent years has been the naked cake.

While we still love it, this cake has moved into the area of the semi-naked cake.  Add a very thin layer of something sweet – like caramel or ganache – applied unevenly over the standard naked cake and you have – the half-dressed wedding2018 wedding trends cake.  It’s fun, and tasty, and a wedding trend we expect to hang around a while.

With either a half-dressed wedding cake or a more traditional multi-tiered confection, the technique of “dripping” is a very lovely addition to any cake.  This decoration on a wedding cake is anything but ordinary, and is crazy on trend.

These creative cakes will look amazing at your reception and you’ll almost not want to cut into them. The perfect thing about them is they can be as lavished or as simple as you like, with so many toppings and color options to choose from, you can really go wild on design!

And then there are those who say, “Ditch the cake.”  A wedding trend whose time has come.  Yes, that’s right, ditch the cake!

Although there will always be a place for the traditional wedding cake, in recent years more and more couple are embracing the alternatives with the most popular being loads of cupcakes displayed on a multi-tiered stand.

There are so many other creative options including doughnuts, cookies and even cheese!

Wedding trends really do touch every aspect2018 wedding trends of an event.  Wedding flowers are no exception.

Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are the top-requested flowers from coast to coast for weddings— and for good reason.

These types of flowers ooze romance and go with a vast number of color schemes. Peonies, are in high demand, with many couples opting to wait until their peak season to have their wedding.

Loose rose petals, used as a garland, runner along the tables or scattered among floating candles, are another wedding trend that’s coming on strong too.

Among some of the more popular wedding trends we have found is the greenhouse wedding.

This one is still going strong, and wedding style makers are predicting it to be a 2018 wedding trendssolid theme in 2018.  Many couples have worked plants into their everyday lives, connecting them with nature and finding balance in several areas.  Bringing this living element into a wedding event brings a whole new level of connection, agency, and balance to a very special day.

When it comes to wedding trends in décor, expect to see some stronger and edgier in vision and theme, with many couples choosing unexpected elements.

2018 wedding trendsAfter years of pretty vintage wedding ideas and gorgeous rustic wedding venues being in vogue, many smart and savvy couples will be looking for something quite different in 2018.  Something with a little more edge.

Warehouse wedding venues are set to be huge as a venue of this type can really work with gold and other metallics that are being brought into the current wedding trends we are seeing. You can glam up the location with candles, fairy lights and lots of gorgeous floral arrangements too.

These are the most solid of all the wedding trends trendsetters and influencers are talking about.

As we said, though, wedding trends come and go – and we’re here to keep you 2018 wedding trendspdated as events unfold.

What isn’t ever going to go away in the wedding world is the need for memorable keepsake wedding stationery suites.  Challenged with all the choices?  Get in touch with us here to schedule a consultation with our very own Fran!  She’s the best, and you will love the attention to detail she gives to every couple in helping them navigate this important aspect of any wedding.  Let’s create something amazing together!

In the meantime, we’re sure you’re looking for some inspiration!  Check out this curated collection of trendy wedding images!  You’re going to just LOVE these!

We’re so happy about your big day.  It can be nothing other than your Best Day Ever.

2018 wedding trends


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