You’re going to love these wedding stationery trends for 2019!

Every year we are pleasantly surprised with the rich array of wedding trends, and nothing is truer than when it comes to wedding stationery!

It may seem early to be talking about wedding stationery trends for the next year, but – girls! – Barcelona bridal fashion week is literally right around the corner!  All the trends we expect to see next year are starting to float to the surface. 

Some are fresh and new, others will be carry overs from this year.  Either way, our girls and guys who are just getting engaged (or will be this spring and summer), need to know what’s going to be hot!

After talking to our community of wedding planning professionals, looking at what was hot at the end of last year, and what’s popular with couples now, we’re ready to make some predictions!

Destination wedding invitations

A picture can paint a thousand words, so it’s no wonder landscape invitations are set to be huge in 2019. From skylines that have a personal meaning to bespoke landscapes relating to the wedding venue, these kinds of invitations work particularly well if you’re having a destination wedding.

The writing is on the wall

And hand lettering is the name of the game!  Calligraphy was made for wedding invitations and swirling typography and hand-written calligraphy continues to be a hugely popular choice for wedding invitations. It often looks most effective when names or dates are given a flourish of calligraphy rather than using swirly letters for the entire invite.


For 2019 you’ll see a return to handwritten wedding invitations. It’s a lovely way to add a personal touch. Your handwriting can be incorporated into your invitation design and can be copied and printed onto luxury card, combining other invitation trends as well. One nice way to embrace the handwriting trend is for both the bride and groom to contribute their handwriting, perhaps writing each other’s names.

Map it out 

Destination weddings can make more of their unique location by using a map design as part of the invitation. This approach is really effective. Choose from ordnance survey style maps or hand illustrated ones that can add a personal touch.

It’s in the stars

Invites with a cosmic touch are ever more popular. From special constellations to moons and stars picked out in foil, the universe is your oyster when it comes to wedding stationery and invitations with a celestial mood.

Tile with style

If you thought tiles were simply something for the kitchen or bathroom, then think again. Huge in Portugal, tile inspired wedding invitations are a unique way to add some rustic charm to your wedding invitations.

In the dark

Romance can have a mysterious side, so why not go for a darker color scheme? There’s a rise in demand for darker palettes, with typography picked out in silver or gold foil. The result is a wedding stationery suite that is both striking and sophisticated.

New ways with color

It may sound simple but using colored inks on a plain background can be a very effective way to make your invitations stand out. Choose from white gloss ink on colored card or a matte textured ink in a contrasting color to make your words really pop!

Go big with florals

There’s so much more choice than mere florals in 2019. For a flower themed invitation, you can now pick from botanical drawings to cactus prints and palms or pressed flowers. You can even have invitations made on seeded paper that can be planted to grow flowers for bees!

Foiled again!

Foiled invitations aren’t going anywhere and are the easiest way to add some wow factor to your wedding invitations. From Midas borders to silver foiled lettering to dots and designs picked out in rose gold, there’s no limit on your invitation shine factor.

Fading in

Ombre invitations are a great way to showcase your color scheme in a refined way. Ombre looks particularly good on watercolor invitations, so you can combine two trends in one.

All tied up

From velvet or silk ribbons to natural twine, hand tying your invitations is guaranteed to make a very smart impression. It’s a great opportunity to make a hint to ‘tying the knot’ and these curated image collections have tons of creative inspiration for hand finished invites with impact, plus tons more.

Raised impressions

Blind embossing involves leaving a textured impression on the paper. The results are attention grabbing. From pillowed borders to the echo of rose petal confetti to bold embossed typography, there are so many original ideas to explore with this trend.

Different surfaces

One sure way to set your wedding stationery and invitations apart is to print on something other than typical card or paper. Choose from non-traditional materials like wood or plastic or use an unusual sort of paper, like transparent paper set against a thicker more luxurious paper style. There are lots of unique alternative ways to invite your guests to your wedding. 

Taking a new shape

Your invitations don’t have to be square or rectangular, they can be any shape you like! Thinking outside the traditional format of wedding invitations is going to be a huge trend for 2019. From circular to triangular to heart shaped, the options are limitless. 

Outside the box

Get away from the envelope tradition and try something new. From wrapping your invitations up as mini parcels or gifts, to sending magnetic invites, or even message-in-a-bottle invites, think 3D and you may just surprise yourself (and your guests too!).

If you’re having a destination wedding or a wedding that binds different cultures why not look to the past for inspiration?

A tradition hailing from the Greek island of Lesvos involves sending special favors with wedding invitations, presented in a beautiful package. Extra details like these can make all the difference – if you have a beautiful package, even the addition of some hand tied string can elevate it to look even more appealing.

Wedding stationery trends are a lot to absorb, and some of us are much more visually driven.  That’s why the team put together this curated collection of images, so you can really see what we’re talking about.

We know this day is going to be your Best Day Ever!  Navigating wedding planning is not without its challenges, though.  We’re here to help!  Fran is just amazing with design and color, papers, and everything else you haven’t even thought of yet.  Get in touch and schedule some time to chat with her.

You’re at the very beginning of a fabulous adventure that starts with wedding stationery.  And we’re thrilled to be a part of it!


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